Kerani Kostelic Hoshino

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A PC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse

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Bio: Female human
Environment: Frontier Colony
Upbringing: Agricultural/Rural (accepted)
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Assignment: Medical specialist on the USS Eclipse


Stress: 15 / 15
Determination: 0 / 3
Phaser Type-1 Attack: 6 Damage Dice (Charge, Hidden 1)
Unarmed Attack: 5 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal, Vicious-1)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 10 Command 4
Daring 8 Conn 2
Fitness 11 Security 4
Insight 8 Engineering 1
Presence 9 Science 2
Reason 10 Medicine 4


I'm a Doctor, not an Engineer: Once per scene, before attempting a Task using Engineering, a point of Determination may be spent to substitute the character’s Medicine Score in place of Engineering. This does not have to be linked to a Value.
First Response: Whenever you attempt the First Aid Task during combat, you gain a bonus d20. Further, you may always Succeed at a Cost, with each Complication you suffer adding +1 to the Difficulty of healing the patient’s Injury subsequently.
Mean Right Hook: Your Unarmed Strike Attack has the Vicious 1 Damage Effect.
Quick Study: When attempting a Task that will involve an unfamiliar medical procedure, or which is to treat an unfamiliar species, ignore any Difficulty increase stemming from your unfamiliarity.


Emergency Medicine
Frontier Survival
Hand to Hand Combat
Team Dynamics


I don't give a damn what others might think of me
I'll do anything for my family
Sound Body, Sound Mind
Times change, people don't


Kerani's family has bits from just about every corner of the human gene pool, but the medium-brown skin color, black hair, and facial features of her South Indian heritage dominate.

Kerani is very tall, about 6'3", and has the physique of a fitness model. While not conventionally "beautiful," she has striking features that, combined with her physicality and poise, many find attractive.

Kerani's striking appearance is amplified by her penchant for wearing exotic "updo" hairstyles of the sort that were most popular for women in the mid-23rd century. Off duty, she also likes to wear clothing similar to that era, that shows off her body to the fullest, and is often considered immodest by modern standards.


T'Rea Hoshino, a Vulcan-Human Starfleet officer who favors her human side, is Kerani's wife and the love of her life... though it didn't always look that way.

  • A female Andorian named Ishrelia zh'Akmiq, also a gifted athlete, became Kerani’s rival.
  • Rivals not only in sports, but seemingly in all other aspects of life.
  • As senior cadets, T’Rea and Kerani were both assigned to an experimental “Reaction Force” team.
  • Her teammates helped Kerani figure out some things:
    • Ish'relia's behavior was consistent with Andorian courtship rituals.
    • Contrary to a lifelong assumption on her part, Kerani wasn’t straight.
  • Prior to shipping out on their first assignment, Kerani made her romantic interest to Ish’relia clear.
  • But on the mission, T’Rea made her own romantic interest in Kerani clear, and they started a relationship afterward.

Their relationship ended a few years later, when they were given different assignments. Kerani was posted with Ish'relia, and they inevitably hooked up again. T'Rea found a new girlfriend, too. It all got rather messy, and no one really handled it well. Things then spiralled out of control, involving Andorian clan politics, tears, icepicks, and lots of drama, like a big Andorian epic or something out of Shakespeare.

Fortunately it all ended like an Elizabethan comedy rather than a tragedy, with laughter and two weddings at the end: a traditional 4 person Andorian ceremony and a decidedly non-traditional one for Kerani and T'Rea. Today it all makes for a great story, and the two families get along great.


Kerani's family are ranchers on Earth Colony Alpha 5, one of the oldest colony worlds in the Federation. In fact, it was colonized several decades before the birth of the Federation, and is one of the smallest of the (still-extant) colony worlds from that time period, with under 2 million people. Colony Alpha 5's rich soil makes it well-suited for agriculture, but it has no mineral wealth to speak of, little strategic value, and is on no significant trade routes.

Colony Alpha 5 has a small tourism industry, mostly catering to "adventure tourists" drawn to the planet's plentiful still-untamed wilderness regions. Due to a substantial population with cultural backgrounds from the Indian subcontinent, it's somewhat popular as an exotic destination for tourism, weddings, and the occasional Bollywood dramatic production. However, despite considerable natural beauty, Colony Alpha 5 never took off as a mainstream tourist destination - and most of the people there like it that way.

Many consider Colony Alpha 5 to be "behind the times," and this is not inaccurate. Kerani, like most "Fivers," is skeptical of the more utopian attitudes that are prevalent in the Federation in the 24th century.

Despite her lack of training in Engineering, Kerani has occasionally shown a surprising knack for working with machines, whether based on frontier know-how or undeveloped natural potential.

A hardy "space cowgirl," Kerani grew to be a natural athlete, mostly in individual and/or combat sports, unquestionably the most talented athlete on the planet... but she knew she was just a big fish in a small pond, and wanted more challenges, so responded positively to recruitment from Starfleet Academy. Kerani had never been an especially good student, but to her own surprise found that she took naturally to the intellectual demands of an Academy education, and that intellectual stimulation enhanced her athletic efforts, and vice versa.

She also discovered that growing up on a ranch and working with animals gave her a lot of practical experience that was directly applicable to the Medical discipline.

Success at the Academy led Kerani to embrace her differences and non-conformity. She does what she likes, and isn't easily influenced by others, traits that can also come off as stubbornness and abrasiveness.