Kess Oddwhiskers, Female Ratfolk Alchemist

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Kess Oddwhiskers Kess2.jpg


Str 10 +0

Dex 16 +3

Con 14 +2

Int 23 +6

Wis 12 +1

Cha 7 -2

AC: 10+1 Size +3 Dex+5 Armor=19

Fort: +6

Ref: +8

Wil: +6

HP: 52

Init: +4

BAB: +5 (+9 ranged)

Languages: Gnome, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Goblin


Ratfolk (+2 Dex/Int, -2 Str, Small, Slow, Tinker (+2 Craft/Alchemy, Perception, UMD), Rodent Empathy (+4 to Handle Animal vs Rodents), Cornered Fury (With no conscious allies within 30' and half HP or less, +2 to AC and melee attack), Darkvision)


Preservationist Alchemist (Lv 7)

--Alchemy (+Lv (7) Competence bonus to Craft/Alchemy checks; can use Craft/Alchemy checks to identify potions; Create Extracts (Activate 6 L1, 5 L2, 2 L3/day) Save DC 19)

--Bomb (13/day, Thrown Splash Weapon, 20' range, 4d6+6 Fire damage direct hit, 10 points splash damage)

--Mutagen (Only one dose at a time, 1 hour to brew a new dose, lasts 70 minutes, +2 Natural Armor, +4 Str/-2 Int or +4 Dex/-2 Wis or +4 Con/-2 Cha)

--Throw Anything (Int bonus do damage with Splash weapons, including Splash damage)

--Swift Alchemy (Half creation times for Alchemy)

--Bottled Ally I and II: Add SNA1 and 2 to Formulae Known

--Discoveries (6): Precise Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Stink Bomb, Infusion, Tanglefoot Bomb, Acid Bomb


Survivor, Auspicious Tattoo


Craft (Alchemy) 1 (+19), Use Magical Device 7 (+12), Perception 7 (+13), Disable Device 6 (+12), Knowledge (Nature) 7 (+16), Stealth 7 (+17), Spellcraft 7 (+16), Knowledge (Arcana) 7 (+16), Sense Motive 7 (+12)


Brew Potion, Splash Weapon Mastery (You have Far Shot with Splash weapons. Hit choice of one square adjacent to splash area with splash damage. When you miss with a splash weapon, adjust the direction by 1 point), Extra Discovery: Smoke Bomb, Extra Discovery: Acid Bomb, Iron Will

Formula List[edit]


Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Crafter's Fortune, Disguise Self, Identify, Shield, True Strike, Summon Nature's Ally I, Bomber's Eye, Reduce Person, Targeted Bomb Admixture


Summon Nature's Ally II, Alchemical Allocation, Vomit Swarm, Invisibility, Alter Self, Cat's Grace, Lesser Restoration


Amplify Elixir, Fly, Beast Shape I, Heroism


298 GP Mithral Chain Shirt +1, Dagger, Alchemist's Kit, Sling, 200 Sling bullets, 20 Groaning bullets, Explorer's Outfit, Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (Knowledge: Religion), Belt of Mighty Constitution +2, Cloak of Resistance +1, Formula Alembic, Handy Haversack, 1st level Preserving Flask, 2nd level Preserving Flask, Hybridization Funnel, Potion of Heroism, Elixir of Hiding, Elixir of Vision, Wand of Cure Light Wounds, 10 vials of Holy Water, crafted Alchemical items.

Crafted Alchemical Items: 30 Alchemical Fire, 30 Acid Flasks, 16 Alkali Flasks, 6 Liquid Ice, 6 Smokesticks, 6 Tanglefoot Bags, 3 Thunderstones, 3 Alchemical Cement, 3 Alchemical Glue, 3 Alchemical Solvent, 3 Antitoxin