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Serena Mercer[edit]

Sheltered Corporate Heiress
Keynes Serena.png


  • Infiltration
  • Body


  • Corporate


  • Wetware: First Aid


  • Brain: [ ] [ ]
  • Meat:
  • Credit: [ ] [ ]
  • Reputation:
  • Record:
  • Essence: [X]


  • Lifestyle: Medium (4)
  • Prehensile Tail (Cyberarm) (2)
  • Bone Lacing (3)
  • Claws (Cyberspurs) (1)
  • Synaptic Booster (4)
  • Toxin and Chemical Resistance (1)


Trendsetter™ Adjustable Fashion Outfit (3 gear points)[edit]

Effect: 1d3 (Infiltration), 1d3 Etiquette
Tags: Protective (Armor +1), Bulletproof, Concealable, Camouflaged (All Terrains)

AutoCoup (2 Gear Points)[edit]

Effect: 1 (Piloting)
Tags: Automatic Operation

Med Kit (1 Gear Point)[edit]

Effect: 1d3 (Wetware)

Eliza brand Digital AI Assistant (2 Gear Points)[edit]

Effect: 1d3 (Investigation-Research)
Tags: Automatic Operation


Kelly Scales[edit]

Con and Barrens


Etiquette and Media


Serena Mercer's father was a major stockholder in Eitr Pharamceuticals. He married for the sake of corporate politics, but his heart was always elsewhere, and he fathered Serena with another woman. He legitimized his daughter and made sure both she and her half-brother Brian were well provided for in his will, but died - rather suspiciously, Serena can't help but think - when Serena was still a child.

Unfortunately Serena's relationship with her stepmother Loretta Mercer was never good, and deteriorated swiftly after her father's death. Serena was still cared for - as mandated in her father's will - but Loretta only did the minimum required as her legal guardian. According to her father's will, once Serena turns twenty five she will inherit half of her father's interest in Eitr, currently held (and voted) for her by her stepmother. This will make her extremely rich, but until then her only income is from her job as a minor corporate executive.

Unfortunately for her, her stepmother has no interest in giving away so much wealth and power to another woman's daughter. She pulled some strings in the corporation and got Serena assigned to Loretta's division, and while outwardly polite does her best to sabotage Serena's career. If Serena is blacklisted by the corporation before her twenty-fifth birthday, the corporate court will happily overrule the will, and while Loretta has never sunk to outright plotting Serena's death she doesn't hesitate to give her potentially dangerous assignments in addition to the seemingly impossible ones.

Surprising both Loretta and Serena herself, Serena has actually done fairly well so far. Loretta has mostly been sending her on missions involving sneaking into rival corporations, but growing up trying to avoid attracing her stepmother's attention has left Serena surprisingly adept at taking care of herself and getting places unnoticed. She also just seems to always get lucky, or at least that's what Serena attributes it to - even she doesn't fully realize just how many cutting edge genetic enhancements her father provided his children with.

Delta Reflex Augmentation Gene Optimized Neurons - Emended Wetware Techniques (DRAGONEWT): A next generation, much more refined augmentation that gives many of the benefits of the original DRAGON package with less than half of the more infamous* side effects. Coming soon to high class medical services near you!

  • lethargy in cold environments, occasional appetite for precious metals, hair growing in the shape of horns, and infrequently coughing flaming gas are considered less infamous side effects for the purpose of this advertisement.