Kiera Sullivan

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Kiera Sullivan
First Episode Episode 401
Concept N/A
Theme Song TBD
Played By Darby Stauchfield
Full Name Kiera Sullivan
Legal Status No Criminal Record
Known Aliases N/A
Age 27
Birthplace Londinium
Favored Weapon Rifle


Spoiled daughter of Jonathan Jianjun and Merribeth Glaston Sullivan, wealthy business people from Bellerophon and Londinum, Kiera grew up in comfort and ease. She was sent to medical school on Londinum and after two years of dedicated laziness and debauchery during which she managed to befriend gamblers, shysters, and other such high society folk, she flunked out. Her mortified parents promptly assigned her two full-time bodyguards/nannies and sent her to Sihnon where she was forced to use her intelligence for something other than trouble.

She graduated and passed her boards with little effort and set up an honest practice in general medicine and used the time to hone her plastic surgery skills on Sihnon with some of the most respected surgeons on that planet. Her parents, happy and of the impression that she had changed into the daughter that their money and prestige deserved, relieved her of the bodyguards. She proved to be a talented surgeon and was recognized as a person who cared about her patients even if her bedside manner left a lot to be desired.

Kiera tried to be honest and upright for a few years. But her past called. . .crawling bleeding up to the backdoor of her house late one night. The decision did not take long; the money held out by the gangster was enough to entice her and she gleefully sank her fingers into the lucrative world she had missed. . .of gangsters, bullets, gambling, and late night, back alley surgeries.

She is known in both the upper and the under worlds. She tries to keep surgery privileges on many worlds and the hospitals located on them. Her clientele range from the wealthy who want her discretion, to the dregs of society who appreciate her ability to hold her tongue.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Psychological Profile[edit]

She does not like to spend a long time on any one planet. In her experience, families of power are inclined to want her services exclusively. However, she is not inclined to allow that and deeply resents any restriction of her freedom.

Kiera is not afraid to spend her money and is confident of her ability to defend herself. When stressed, she can be as arrogant and demanding as her tycoon father, as shrill as her spoiled mother, and as vindictive as a politician. She also dabbles in pharmaceuticals and tries to find helpful combinations of drugs that may help or hinder her patients as needed. She finds this a profitable hobby. Kiera will try to make money on any venture she does. Favors are as good as cash to her and she keeps an internal ledger of any dealing that she makes in order that the contact can be used in the future.

Character Sheet[edit]


  • Agility d10
  • Strength d6
  • Vitality d8
  • Alertness d10
  • Intelligence d10
  • Willpower d12


  • Allure d2
  • Good Name d2
  • Friends in High Places d4
  • Friends in Low Places d6
  • Highly Educated d6


  • Overconfident d6
  • Filcher d4
  • Memorable (Mean) d4
  • Greedy d6


  • Artistic d6
    • Cosmetology d10
  • Athletics d6
    • Dodge d8
  • Guns d6
    • Assault Rifles d8
    • Pistols d8
    • Rifles d10
    • Shotgun d8
  • Covert d6
  • Discipline d4
  • Influence d6
    • Barter d8
    • Conversation d8
    • Persuasion d10
    • Streetwise d8
  • Knowledge d6
    • Naturopathy d8
  • Medical Expertise d6
    • Pharmaceutical d8
    • Plastic Surgery d10
    • Surgery d10
  • Perception d6
    • Gambling d8
  • Performance d6
  • Pilot d6
    • Shuttles d8
  • Planetary Vehicles d2
  • Survival d6
    • Land d8
    • Zero-G d8
  • Unarmed Combat d6


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