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Yalaring is the king of Surlt by right of conquest. He now commands what his predecessor lacked: the love and respect of his subjects and retainers. He is a former Master Hunter and son of a clan chief. His 36-year-long history is colorful and adventurous, including expeditions into the Wilds and raids on both Ockless and Nidik. In the Wilds he earned his title "Monsterslayer" by single-handedly killing a plesiosaur, four slarge warriors, and a 10' tall monstrosity in three separate encounters. He misses the adventuring life, but his duties to the citadel and his love for his family keep him at home.

Yalaring is a rustic, though king for almost ten years, and is still given to hunter prejudices exemplified by the "No Pigs" edict. The king has strong likes and dislikes. He hates mainland empirical attempts to seize control on Griffin Island. He is not greatly enamored of the Hilme cult, to the consternation of Hilme priests surviving Yalarings' conquest. He strongly favors Vontanki hunters and goes out of his way to ensure the comfort of master hunters. He tolerates captured Nidikan trivesfolk, but resents Ockless raiders, usually dealing harshly with them.

Yalaring has a great affection for his wife and queen Varnia and his three children, and would make any sacrifice for their safety and would kill anyone he saw as a threat to any of them. He was originally from the Arrow Star clan, though he strives to treat all of the clans associated with Surlt with an even hand.

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