Kings Cross: The Photonic Man

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Character for the game King's Cross


The Photonic Man

Vital Statistics[edit]

Name: James Chapman
Alias: The Photonic Man
Identity: Public
Height: 6’2” Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: San Diego Date of Birth: December 6,1920
Marital Status: Widowed
Relatives: wife Cora Chapman (nee Ferris) (deceased)
son Jimmy Chapman (deceased)
granddaughter Melody Diaz
Occupation: Scientist and Superhero

Total Points: 400/400


VALUE Characteristic Cost ROLL & Notes
10 STR 0 11-, 2D6, lift: 100 kg
15 DEX 10 12-
15 CON 10 12-
23 INT 13 14-, PER: 14-
13 EGO 3 12-
15 PRE 5 12-,
5 OCV 10
5 DCV 10
3 OMCV 0
5 DMCV 6
5 SPD 30 3,5,8,10,12
6 PD 4
6 ED 4
18 REC 14
45 END 5
10 BODY 0
24 STUN 2
TOTAL: 111


ROLL Skill Characteristic Cost Notes
14- Science: Physics INT 3
14- Power: energy tricks INT 3
16- Science: Dimensions INT 5
14- Systems Operations INT 3
14- PS: Scientist INT 3
11- PS: Seaman PS 2
14- Mechanic INT 3
14- Electronics INT 3
+5 OCV with Elemental Summon OCV 10

Perks and Talents[edit]

Perk/Talent Notes Cost
Talent X
Talent X
Talent X
Languages Native (English) Free, X
Talent X


Name Description/Rules END Cost
Energy Dimension powers Multipower 60 pt reserve 60
f Heat Wave Blast 12d6 6 6
f Summon Elemental Blast 8d6, Indirect (+1/2) 6 6
f Actinic Burst Flash Normal Sight 12d6 Area of Effect 16m(+3/4) explosion (-1/2) nonselective (-1/4) 6 6
f Taser Beam Blast 8d6, NND (vs. Power Defense, +1/2) 6 6
f Elemental Manipulation Telekinesis (40 Str) -- summons energy elementals to move things 6 6
Return to Energy Dimension Extra Dimensional Movement: 1 dimension, any location (25 pts), 0 DCV Concentration (-1/2), Extra Time: 1 turn (-1 1/4) 3 9
Force Field Resistant Protection (20 PD/20ED), costs END (-1/2) 6 40
Flight 30 m Flight 6 40
Absorb Energy 10 Body Absorption Energy damage to END 0 10
Sense Energy Radar, HRRP, Infrared, Detect Energy (Range, Analyze -- 20pts) - 47
Energy Body Life Support: SCB, safe in radiation, cold, heat, vacuum - 18
TOTAL: 254


Description Rules END
Dependence Energy Dimension (Common), 1 Day, powers 11-, Incompetence and weakness 15
DNPC granddaughter Melody Diaz (realtor):normal, infrequent 10
Psych Lim Code of the Hero (very common, strong) 20
Psych Lim Man Out of Time (common, strong) 15
Susceptibility 1d6/minute in Darkness fields 5
Vulnerable 1.5x effect from Adjustment powers 10

James Chapman was part of a middle class white family in San Diego -- his mom stayed home and his father was a factory supervisor. James did well in school and was taking sciences at Berkeley, living in the new dorm, but when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the day after he turned 21, he signed up for the Navy and quickly shipped out. His first ship took heavy damage and was docked for repairs and he ended up transferring to a destroyer with a carrier group. After coming home from the war, he went back to school, where he met a young nursing student and got married. He finished his PhD and moved their young family to King's Cross in 1952, where a military research project was working on high-energy manipulation. One experiment was supposed to detonate a small nuclear weapon in an underground reinforced bunker set up with many sensors and detectors, but the detonation failed. James went to check on it and as he entered the chamber, he realized the clock in the chamber had stopped right at the moment the bomb was supposed to go off. Just as he looked at it, the second hand snapped forward and suddenly James, the bomb, and an 8 meter sphere around it was gone with no flash or noise (except the thunderclap of the air rushing back in to fill the space). His family were taken care of and their lives went on -- young Jimmy grew up, got married, had a daughter. His wife Cora passed away in the early 90s and his son Jimmy about 20 years later, but their granddaughter is still alive -- she's divorced now and James' teen grandson has a couple of young half siblings from his dad's new family. Then, almost 70 years after he'd vanished, James Chapman reappeared in the underground lab with a blinding flash. He looked almost the same as he had in 1952, except sometimes his ice blue eyes turned solid glowing electric blue. He also had a couple of glowing balls of energy popping in and out of existence around him. Since then, he's been brought up to date both on general world history and specifically his family history, as well as catching up quickly on advances in physics and interdimensional studies, a topic he now seems to have an intuitive grasp of. He found that after he'd been back from the energy dimension for a couple of days, he started to feel weak and he had trouble bringing forth the energy balls. He fell into a near-coma, his senses overwhelmed with the energy signatures of the lab and out into the modern world, and he figured out a way to warp himself back to the energy dimension he'd come from. Shortly he returned, this time relatively quietly and feeling revitalized. He hasn't figured out a permanent cure for this situation, but as long as he spends some time in the energy dimension every night, he's okay.