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"Tychon? He is a pleasant enough neighbor. Tychon has a distinct gift with words, though sometimes his power with words leaves him hesitant toward action. Recently, however, he has taken hold of a real project, a University! If he plies his wits to this project and acts, it could be a real success."- Ulrich



Upcoming Plans[edit]

Spells to Create[edit]

  • Piercing the Magic Veil InVi20
  • Peering into the Mortal Mind InMe30


  • Need better Finesse Book asap, at least lvl 5

GM Notes[edit]

1249 Tribunal Issues

  • A proposal by Magus Tychon ex Jerbiton ex Knossos regarding the required yearly training of apprentices.
  • An accusation of Personal Assault by Maga Farista ex Bjornaer ex Naxos against Magus Vestavus ex Tytalus ex Thermopylae
  • A proposal by Magus Ulrich ex Verditius ex Knossos regarding the creation of a new code-recognized position.
  • A proposal by Magus Vashili ex Tremere ex Naxos for the creation of official tribunal ambassadors to the religious institutions of the world.
  • An accusation of endangering the Order by Magus Satheus ex Flambeau ex Delphi against Magus Heinrich ex Tremere ex Sardica and Magus Artemisios ex Criamon ex Knossos
  • An application for asylum by one Neefus of Provencal