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This page is meant to add to the listing on the Dufiro page and include known adventures and contacts with Dufiro. Players may edit this page to include thier encounters and comments on individual Dufiro

Tans tilki[edit]

One of the most ancient and powerful Dufiro, a perennial member of the Council of the Difirosim.

    • Life Path-
      • Elementals: Change, Flux, Earth, Fire, Air
      • Spirits: Change, Cleanliness, Combat, Growth, Defense, Guard, Blending, Rust, Fire, Paper, Illusion,
      • Avasa Dufirosm: Shifter, Cleanliness, Conflict, Guard, Growth, Blending, Knowledge, Vision, Truth
      • Masoja Dufirosm: Change, Combat, Guard, Health, Growth, Death, Life, Knowledge, Shifter, Binding, Time, Vision, Wisher
      • Illuminar Dufirosm



  • Life Path
    • Elemental:Earth, Change
    • Spasa:Paper, Earth, and Cleanliness.
    • Avasa: Aspires to Earth first.
    • Masoja: Aspires to Earth and Knowledge.

Assisted in translations for Donovan in the ruins of Zunala. Member of Chip's Knot.



  • Life Path
    • Elemental: Earth.
    • Spasa:Earth, Fire,
    • Avasa:
    • Masoja:Earth

Worked with Donovan clearing the rubble of collapsed Zunala. Found Xotlox's Library, donated a copy of to Amber library.



  • Life Path
    • Elemental: Earth.
    • Spasa:Earth, Cleanliness, Defense, Blending, Song, Paper, Colors,Illusion, Air, Change
    • Avasa:Earth, Whimsy, Cleanliness, Guard, Blending, Knowledge, Vision, Truth
    • Masoja:Earth, Change, Guard, Warfare, Knowledge, Vision.

Aspires to Life, Shifter, and Wisher.


Known as Crizacraxix Galxata


  • Earth Elemental.
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Combat, Rot, Speed, Change, and Guard.
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Speed, Rage, Water, and Guard.
  • Masoja of Guard.

A member of the Shantranixix Fealty Band.



  • Air Elemental
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Speed, Air, Song, Paper, Illusion
  • Avasa of Air, Cleanliness,

Aspires to Avasa of Color, Blending, & Knowledge. Masoja of Knowledge

A member of the Shantranixix Fealty Band.



  • Air Elemental, Change
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Speed, Air, Song, Paper,Change
  • Avasa of Air, Cleanliness,Change, Knowledge
  • Masoja of Air, Health, Shifter

Aspires to Knowledge, Life, Wisher.


Dufiro Salaka.jpg

  • Water Elemental, Air Elemental
  • Spasa of Air, Water, Earth, Cleanliness, Growth, and Blending
  • Avasa of Air, Water, Earth, Cleanliness, Growth, Blending, Ice, and Knowledge
  • Masoja of Air, Water, and Earth, Health, and Growth.

Aspires to Masoja of Life, Knowledge, and Change.

Friend of Veks. A gardener, farmer, brewer, vintner, and vegetarian.

A Facilitator for Dufiro who has worked often with Hendrake.

A member of the Party for Life



  • Water Elemental
  • Spasa of Water, Cleanliness, Combat, rot (Taken as Penance) , and blending.
    • Failed Defense & Guard
  • Avasa of Blending
  • Aspires to Avasa of Cleanliness, and Ice. Masoja of Binding, and Water

A brewer. Excellent at making vinegar.

Once bound to a Mithril cup belonging to Lady Alvah of Amber



A 4 armed merchant of musical items at the Fane of Zilla

  • Air Elemental, Change Elemental
  • Spasa of Air
    • Failed
  • Avasa of Air, Music
  • Aspires to Avasa of Knowladge and Masoja of Knowladge.

Akgleax of Song[edit]

Akgleax of Music.jpg

A craftsman of musical items.

  • Earth Elemental
  • Spasa of Earth, Water, Blending, Song, and Paper.
    • Achieved Spasa of Paper after writing of her encounters of Alexandra & Duncan of Amber.
  • Aspires to Avasa of Earth, Music, Water, Blending, and knowladge. Masoja of Earth, Knowledge or Binding.

Shlvx of Music[edit]

Shlvx of Music.jpg

Runs a rave in the Musical Temples of the Fane of Zilla.

  • Earth Elemental
  • Sapsa of Earth, Combat, Guard, Song/Music.
  • Avasa of Earth, Conflict, guard, Ice, Music
  • Aspires to Masoja of Earth, Combat, Guard, Knowledge, Life.