Konrad Karlsbaum

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Human Male Coachman

Personal Details

Age: 19

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Ash Blonde

Star Sign: Wymund the Anchorite

Birthplace: Middenheim

Distinguishing Marks: Missing Tooth

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Siblings: One Older Brother, Kai, 22

Character Profile

WS 31, BS 32, S 31, T 42, Ag 37, Int 34, WP 34, Fel 36

A 1, W 13, SB 3, TB 4, M 4, Mag 0, IP 0, FP 3

Advances: +1 W

Skills: Animal Care, Common Knowledge (The Empire), Drive, Gossip, Haggle, Navigation, Perception, Ride, Secret Signs (Ranger), Speak Language (Kislevian, Reikspiel), Trade (Gunsmith)

Talents: Quick Draw, Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder) Suave, Very Resilient

Weapons: Hand Weapon (Sword), Blunderbuss, Dagger

Armor: Mail Shirt, Leather Jack (AP 3 Body, AP 3 Right Arm, AP 3 Left Arm)

Trappings: Coach Horn, 10 Powder and Shot, Sling Bag, Cloak, Set of Normal Clothing, Blanket, Wooden Tankard, Set of Wooden Cutlery, Purse with 14 GC

Notes: +20% WS with Hand Weapon (Sword)

Character History[edit]

Konrad is a native of Middenheim, having been born there to Johann and Inge Karlsbaum. Johann worked in the city as a wheelwright, as there was constant demand for his services due to the heavy cart, wagon, and coach traffic moving through the city. His older brother, Kai, was born three years before him. When Konrad was seven, his mother passed away due to a minor outbreak of the plague that struck Middenheim. While it was contained fairly quickly, it nonetheless left Johann a widower and forced to care for his children alone.

Johann never remarried, and as Kai was being prepared to eventually run his father's business, Konrad looked elsewhere for direction in life. Having always been fascinated by coaches since he was old enough to know what they were, his father had him brought on as an apprentice to the Wolf Runner coach line, as he knew some of its drivers due to his work. Konrad started off by working in the stables, cleaning the coaches, and running miscellaneous errands in the city for the coachmen. By the time he was fifteen, he was formally brought on as a coachman, starting with local runs but later going on extended journeys across the northern Empire and into Kislev. He managed to learn the basics of the Kislevian tongue on these trips, and also learned how to defend himself, as the life of a coachman is often dangerous. While he's seen some unusual things and met some unique characters in his travels, he prefers to focus on the task at hand, which is getting to the next town or coaching inn in one piece.

Konrad longs to eventually own his own coaching line someday, once he has saved up enough money and acquired the necessary resources. He knows that it will be a long time before that's possible, though, so until then he is keeping his eyes open for any lucrative opportunities that may speed that process along...