Konrad Schurke

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A character originally created for the Dead Ringer PBP WHFRP game.


The noble Schurke family has stayed in the same possession for six generations. Scoundrels, robbers, thieves, thugs, racketeers or general low-lives everyone of them. Konrad fought every moment of his early life with this two elder brothers; quickly learning to fend for himself and to run when necessary and to run fast, into or out of a fight.

When he was caught by the Altdorf authorities at the age of 18, he spent a month in jail. A condition of his release was added by a Priest of Sigmar who was tending the unfortunate of the prisons; the warders and inmates alike. And so the following six months were spent assisting the brothers of the Order of the Torch in their monastery outside the city – despite six attempts to escape. At the end of the six months though, he had seen a better life and stayed for another decade.

For reasons of his own, the Abbot has made a decision. He chose one who had just completed time as initiate from amongst those few of the Order of the Silver Hammer at the monastery and ordered him on his way; into an unfamiliar area of the Empire.

Ten Questions[edit]

Where are you from?[edit]

After ten years in the educated environs of a monastery; after the struggle of education to learn to speak the old tongue and to write it on parchment, Konrad has not lost his Altdorf gutter drawl. His Hs are still dropped and many a vowel missed. Without the discipline of the elder Priests, he quickly becomes unshaven and largely unwashed.

What is your family like?[edit]

Thieving, lying reprobates. The worst scum.

Konrad’s Ranald sympathies will never be lost. The unfortunate of the Empire and those who know no better will always have his compassion. But those who parasitically take from those around them must be stopped.

What is your social class?[edit]

Lower-lower-city scum. The upper class knows little of the real life of the Empire. A few move down amongst the People and save a few unfortunates, but on the whole they know nothing.

What did you do before you became an adventurer?[edit]

Thug and Monk.

Why did you become an adventurer?[edit]

Orders from the Abbot.

How religious are you?[edit]

Konrad’s life is Sigmar. But he has empathy with those who worship each god that helps their station.

Who are your best friends and worst enemies?[edit]

Konrad has few friends. His fellow initiates had little in common with him – for the most part third sons of the nobility or second sons of the middle classes.

His brothers were his friends despite his struggles, but now he sees what they did was just take from the Empire. He has difficulties with this.

Konrad has no real enemies other than the enemies of the Empire. The worshippers of Chaos, the raiding goblinoids bit also those who do no give their fair part of themselves for the Empire’s good.

What are your prized possessions?[edit]

The smiths of Karak Hirn train many apprentices. These apprentices become great dwarven smiths. Until they have completed their apprenticeship their work is not deemed of sufficient quality for a true dwarven warrior, but usually it is better than the work of most human smiths. So these weapons are freely given to the cult of Sigmar. One such weapon was given by the Abbot to Konrad along with his orders to accompany Hanna. Konrad knows its source and prizes this gift, but knows that better will await him should he attain higher rank within the church. He would be upset at its loss, but material possessions are no longer his main concern.

Who are you loyal to?[edit]

The church of Sigmar. The abbot of the Monastery of Grey Hammer.

Who do you love/hate?[edit]

Konrad loves Sigmar. Konrad hates no-one directly. He hates that which threatens the Empire.


  • Devotion - To Sigmar and his betters within the church
  • Patriotism - to the Empire
  • Power - He has seen the worst end of life and wishes to see the best. Whilst serving the First Emperor, of course.
  • Bloodline - His family may be scum. But they are family. Staying away from them means that he won't have to deal with them



Current Initiate


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP
Starting 39 26 30 31 31 30 27 25 1 12 4 3
Talents +5 +5 +5 +1 +1
Initiate +5 +5 +5 +10 +10 +10 +2
Advanced +5 +10 +5 +10
Current 49 26 35 31 31 40 32 40 1 13 5 3


Total 500
Current 0

Personal Details[edit]

Height 6'
Weight 175lb
Hair Dark Brown (shaved)
Eyes Brown
Marks Broken Nose
Siblings 2 elder brothers
Sign Gnothus the Ox
Age 29
Birthplace Altdorf


Warrior Born, Fleet Footed, Hardy, Very Strong, Suave, Public Speaking


Silent Move, Academic Knowledge (History), Academic Knowledge (Theology), Charm, Heal, Perception, Read/Write, Speak Language (Classical), Speak Language (Reikspeil)


Silver stylised hammer pendant
Leather jerkin
Warhammer (Forged by a dwarf as early apprentice piece. Flat headed with comet on the sides, twin picks on the back edge form the tails of the comet)