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The Krom'fes[edit]

The Korm'fes are a human race with frequent interjections of orcish blood. The number of half-orcs is low but 1/4-orc, 1/8-orc, 16-orc are all common. There are few fully human Krom'fes.

The Krom'fes produce food of many kinds for their people. Few travel outside their shadow.

Many Krom'fes are recruited for military service. They learn better then pure orcs. Have good to great musculature. And can be taught military strategy and tactics. They are not as blood thirsty as orcs.

There are thousands of clans shown by their clan name. In this case; Tenik.

The Tenik Clan[edit]

The Tenik clan of the Krom'fes fought as mercenaries for decades till one of them pointed out that guarding wagons paid better. Soon the Krom'fes'Tenik were running wagon trains with from 6 to 100 wagons carrying everything and anything as the hire required.

They use many types of wagons but they generally use wagons similar to Conestoga wagons pulled by oxen. They ride horses lightly armored. The Tenik wear medium armor and carry spears, bows and hand weapons.

Each wagon will have at least one war dog. It may roam but in general it stays in the wagons.

The Tenik rotate sleep times allowing 2 people to sleep in the wagon at a time.


The Tenik clan has close to 30,000 members. Half are involved in the wagon business in one way or another.