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The Krasig are a manner of races in shadows close to Chaos. The shadows with the Krasig life form are once which border the actual Abyss, making them as close to Chaos as a shadow can be. Krasigs are a naturally magical race.

The Krasig are a lifeforms with a powerful division and separation between physical and mental elements.

Krasigs may occasionally disconnect their intellect from their physical bodies. In this they are able to mind walk, and interact with others as disembodied entities. They may actively use magics and are able to transfer from shadow to shadow. In many realms they are considered ghosts.

Another element of Krasigs is the ability of others, even those not of their race, to transfer their intellect into a Krasig body, ousting its native intellect, and allowing it to use the physical body. Depending on the circumstances this can subdue the native intellect or oust it permanently.