Kusanagi Hikage

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This is an Exalted vs World of Darkness character played by Chronicler in the campaign, End of the Sixth Age.

Kusanagi Hikage (a.k.a. Ken Nishidou)
Night Caste Solar
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Soldier
Concept: Unknowing Dragon-Touched

Caste Features
Anima Power: The first 2 Essence the Night spends in a scene don't count toward flaring his anima. Additionally, when his anima does flare, he may shroud himself in it like an obscuring cloak, making him impossible to recognize.
Caste Abilities: Alertness, Athletics, Computer, Investigation, Larceny, Stealth, Streetwise, Subterfuge

Physical: Strength ●●● Dexterity ●●● Stamina ●●●
Social: Charisma ●● Manipulation ●●● Appearance ●●
Mental: Perception (Discerning) ●●●● Intelligence ●●● Wits (Quick Thinking) ●●●●

Talents: Alertness ●●● Athletics ●●● Awareness ●●● Brawl ●● Intimidation ●● Streetwise ●●● Subterfuge ●●●
Skills: Firearms ●● Larceny ●●● Melee ●●● Stealth ●●●
Knowledges: Computer ●●● Investigation ●●● Occult ●●

Night (Caste): Excellence of the Hidden Sun (All) ● Sensory Acuity Prana ● Seven Shadow Evasion ●●●●
Dawn (Favored): Excellence of the Rising Sun (Melee) ●
Zenith: Iron Skin Concentration ●

Backgrounds: Alternate Identity ●● Arsenal ● Resources ●●
Merits: Language (English) ●
Flaws: Enemy (Akaoni Buzoku) ●●● Vengeful ●●

Initiative: +7
Willpower: 8
Essence: 2
Essence Pool: 12

1. Duty is heavier than a mountain. (honor your obligations to the Kuromaku-to)
2. In this life or the next. (never rest until your vengeance is complete)
3. This is the way. (when in doubt, forge your own path)

Hikage, an orphan of Japanese descent, was raised in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Taken in by the Kuromaku-to, a Seattle-based Yakuza syndicate, to help fill their ranks, the young boy was trained to be just another one of the organization's foot soldiers. But with his natural cunning and knack for tradecraft, he proved to be a much greater asset. Within a short amount of time, he rose to a high enough position of power where he could take his own initiative as a semi-independent operator. The syndicate's enemies were many, so a majority of Hikage's time was spent monitoring, and sometimes eliminating, its greatest threats. However, despite all of his efforts, an implacable foe managed to assassinate the Kuromaku-to's oyabun and most of its wakagashira in the span of a few nights, effectively decapitating the entire organization.

In a final confrontation with the culprit, Hikage learned to his horror that the blood bath that had taken place had been due to his presence. Apparently, he was the killer's true target--the others were merely collateral damage. Confused as to why he of all people had been singled out, he crossed blades with the mysterious assassin. Instantly, he realized that he was outmatched. The unusually pale assailant moved with an uncanny speed and precision that surpassed human limits. But knowing that his own death was an imminent certainty, Hikage was freed from all fear and faced his end with grim determination. And in that moment of clarity and calm acceptance, he exalted in a maelstrom of light. The tables were turned and he swiftly took his vengeance. But before his demise, the assassin gloated that there would be others coming for him.

Hunted by an unknown enemy, the newly-exalted Solar has left Seattle behind, fleeing eastward to try to lose himself within the concrete jungles of Chicago.

Hikage is actually a Dragon-Touched member of House Kusanagi, a Dragon-Blooded family based in Shikoku, Japan. Unbeknownst to him, he was sent away as a baby to the United States for his own safety. At the time, House Kusanagi was under siege by a powerful vampire court contesting the ownership of the Shikoku Dragon Nest. Using their considerable influence, the clan elders arranged for Hikage to be protected by the Kuromaku-to in Seattle, far from the reach of their adversary or so they had thought. The recent news of his near-death experience and subsequent exaltation has shocked them. Contrary to previous auguries and divinations which had determined little to no chance of a Terrestrial exaltation, his unexpected Celestial exaltation is cause for celebration. But since Hikage has gone to ground, they have not been able to locate him and he is completely unaware of their existence and of his own legacy.