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Kyouko the Dungeon Slayer, Magical Girl [Fighter]

Game: AnotherDayAnotherDelve


Name: Kyouko. (I dunno if she actually calls herself "the Dungeon Slayer"; that was more me riffing on Buffy as a "magical fighter", originally.)

Race: Human

Class: Fighter mechanics, magical girl reskin

Level/XP/Goal: 3/5/(Level+7) (todo: add one move)

Look: a scrawny, confident, smirking girl with a red ponytail and a redder spear. See pics for basic idea (aka inspirational character). Her clothes probably aren't as nice and her hair might be less ridiculously long and her magicked spear is more ornate. Height 5'2, weight 110 lbs.

Age: Unsure, 14-16. She'll likely claim to be older.

Alignment: Good (Defend those weaker than you.)


Str 16 (+2)
Dex 16 (+2)
Cha 13 (+1)
Con 12 (+0)
Int 9 (+0)
Wis 9 (+0)

HP 22
Dam d10
Load 14


Human Fighter: once a battle, may re-roll someone's damage roll

Bend Bars (smash things with style)

Mage Armor - armor 1 while unarmored and unencumbered

Signature Weapon Spear 2w

  • Versatile: Close range in addition to Reach
  • Huge: messy and forceful ("It does damage in a particularly destructive way, ripping people and things apart", "It can knock someone back a pace, maybe even off their feet")
  • Look: Ornate. Kyouko's spear started life as a knife on a stick, but in her hands it is a blood-red, carved, and glittering tool of death and destruction. In light it even seems to glow, though it doesn't cast any useful light in darkness.

Advanced Moves:

  • Improved Weapon (Sharp, +2 Piercing)

Advanced Move list: [undecided. Considering Iron Hide, Multi Dabbler (Arcane Duelist Techniques; Druid Spirit Tongue; Paladin Pray for Guidance or Lay on Hands), Merciless (+1d4 damage)]


  • spear 2w
  • 2 rations 1w
  • Adventuring gear 1w
  • 2 healing potions 0w
  • antitoxin 0w, 5 rations 1w, poultices 1w (Kyouko has no armor or money, but is almost as eager to stockpile food and medicines as she is to eat the food.)

Total 6w

900 gold


  • Hawthorne worships the things that killed my family. I don't care if it's placatory worship, that's just wrong!
  • Yula is hot (heh) and is a magical orphan like me! A bit creepy, though. [new] and she wastes food! :(
  • [obsolete/on hold] Nigel's magic is impressive, and he healed me! You gotta keep an eye on him though, he doesn't resist well.
  • Lindorell really does fight well, and hey, the book called her a dragon-killer, guess I'll believe.
  • I like Embry's attitude to life, though even I think he indulges too much. Smells of booze and dog! ...nice dog, by the way, though dang, it's bigger than I am! [OOC: The really big mastiff breeds can be 120 lbs or more, more than she weighs.]


Kyouko's father was a preacher of an obscure Christian-like religion, teaching charity and nonviolence in a world of hardship. She admired his faith and dedication, until a dungeon erupted from the church or graveyard -- hard to tell, after the fact -- and killed most of the large village. She'd been out gathering in the forest, and got to club the zombie-doll of her mother when she returned.

It was probably foolish of her to eat the cake labeled "Eat Me" that she found just inside a dungeon entrance, but she did, and she was infused with unearthly strength and power. Making a spear out of a long stick and a knife, she left to seek her fortune, or at least survival. Not nearly as old, worldly, or experienced as she pretends to be, she's driven by desires for revenge on dungeons, the excitement of beating stuff up, and of course, food. Openly, she disdains notions of fairness and justice as foolish and weak, ripe for betrayal, but her instincts may betray her in turn.

Attitude quotes[edit]

"Life is unfair and short. You can spend it helping people, then get eaten from below. Enjoy it while it lasts."

"Friendly sparring can be fun, but 'honorable fights' are for fools."

"I can't forgive people who waste food."

"Hey, pick on someone your own size, you big bully!"


I wasn't thrilled by the Int focus of the Duelist, so I'm thinking Fighter but with as much magical skin as I can slip in. E.g. having 16 Strength while being the size of an average 14yo Japanese girl.

World addition: dominant local religion is not like Christianity. Dungeons can wipe out and absorb villages from below or within. Dungeons can be like Alice in Wonderland with zombie things, including permanent transformation treasures. (Perhaps very rare.)

Alternatively we could go with a mysterious black and white moon-rabbit thing granting her power, rather than magic cake. I have no settled preference at this time.

Picture links[edit]

Small animated fight gif

Another fight gif. Overwhelming speed and power!

Small cheerful pic

Big cheerful pic