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Name: Dunstan Hardfoot, The Halfling Druid[edit]


Wise eyes, Messy Hair, Practical Leathers


Str 13

Dex 9

Con 15

Int 13

Wis 16

Cha 8

HP 21

Damage d6

AC: 1

Alignment: Neutral (Eliminate an unnatural menace)


Healing Songs (+1d6 Heal when you make camp)

Born Of The Soil (the Great Southern Swamp. Tell: Wherever his feet touch, puddles of swampwater are left behind briefly)

By Nature Sustained

Spirit Tongue


Studied Essence

Communion of Whispers


Hide Armor (1 Armor, 1 Weight)

Fishing Spear (Close/Near/Thrown, 1 Weight)

Adventuring Gear (1 Weight)


Concept: Dunstan is a solitary figure who lived for a long time in a shack in a swamp, studying nature and being studied back. When something horrible was washed downstream, he decided that he'd better go take a look where it came from, and wandered up the river, past the Falls Woods, to see what was going on up north. Besides, he's out of pipeweed, and he just can't get it to grow in the Swamp. He's kind of a backwoods scholar, very insightful about nature, not bad with human or other nature, but not terribly fond of civilization. He has a strong accent that marks him as a hick and makes him hard to understand if you aren't used to it; he finds this extremely frustrating.