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Name: Lorgyll, Human Paladin[edit]

A character in the Larne Chronicles campaign


Kind eyes, helmet, worn holy symbol, bulky body


STR: 16 (+2)

DEX: 9 (0)

CON: 12 (0)

INT: 8 (-1)

WIS: 13 (+1)

CHA: 16 (+2)

HP: 22

Alignment: Good (Endanger yourself to protect someone weaker.)

Armor: 3

Damage: d10 (+1 with sword)

XP: 8

  • 1 from plot ideas (Recruitment post 71)
  • 1 from failed Discern Realities (IC post 11)
  • 1 from failed Discern Realities (IC post 126)
  • 1 from Alignment Goal (OOC post 60)
  • 3 for group XP (OOC post 60)
  • 1 from failed Quartermaster on Perilous Journey (OOC post 79)


When you pray for guidance, ask 'What here is evil?', and the GM will answer truthfully

Lay on Hands (+Cha). On 10+, heal 1d8 or 1 disease. On 7-9, damage or disease is transferred to me.

Armored: Ignore Clumsy tag on armor.

I Am The Law: When I give an NPC an order based on divine authority, roll +Cha. On 7+, they choose a reaction; on 10+, I take +1 forward against them. On miss, I take -1 forward against them and they may do as they please.

Divine Favor: Gain Commune and Cast a Spell cleric moves

Commune: After spending uninterrupted time in quiet communion with Astera, Lorgyll loses all granted spells, is granted new spells whose total levels do not exceed 2 (level + 1), and prepare all rotes.

Cast a Spell: When Lorgyll unleases a spell granted by Astera, roll +Wis. On 10+, the spell is successfully cast and the spell is not revoked. On 7-9, the spell is cast, but choose a drawback.

Prepared spells: Sanctuary, Magic Weapon


(Load 8/13)

Dungeon rations (4 uses, 1 weight)

Scale armor (2 armor, 3 weight)

Mark of Faith - a wreath of wildflowers(0 weight)

Longsword (close, +1 damage, 1 weight)

Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

Adventuring Gear (3 uses, 1 weight)

Coil of rope