Lady Aliana Borgata

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Lady Aliana Borgata

Aliana is a member of the Spacing Houses, those organizations that employ those with the psychic ability to perceive subspace and are used to pilot ships through the deepest subspace currents (the practical effect is that ships without one piloting can't go as fast). Lady Aliana is a favored daughter of House Borgata, the most prominent of the Houses. Raised to believe herself superior to "blind" humans, she can be unthinkingly arrogant, though she believes herself to be a nice person and will generally try to be so. Long ago, her family chose their "mark" (the distinctive genetic alteration given to a Spacing House), to be the genetic removal of their vocal cords. Aliana communicates by a bracelet/glove combination that translates sign language into floating light-characters in any language programmed into it.


Subspace Perception Mutation (SPM Gene)[edit]

Sub-Space Navigation, Teleportation, Apportation, "Ghosting" (by shifting mass into subspace), Barriers


Decorum, Etiquette, Proper Education, Debate, Charming, Music (Violin)

Business House[edit]

Bargaining, Style, Wealthy, Scrounging, Lying

Born Spacer[edit]

Pilot Space Ships, Encylopedia: Ships, Astronomy, Zero-G Maneuvering, Space Navigation

Starball Player[edit]

Reflexes, Competitive Nature, Enthusiasm!, Sacred Honor, Throwing


Key of the Proper Lady[edit]

Hit whenever you impress someone greatly with your breeding, decorum and accomplishment in the proper arts. Buyoff: Renounce your heritage.

Key of the Joyous Wanderer[edit]

Hit when you discover an exciting new location or experience some great wonder of the universe. Buyoff: Become content with your current life or jaded about the world's wonder.

Key of the Competitor[edit]

Hit whenever you put something important on the line for nothing more important than reputation or self-image. Buyoff: Stop trying to beat a major rival.


Secret of Communication[edit]

You seem to be able to communicate with anything, regardless of language or species barriers. You can get across simple concepts and receive the same to any sentient being and to most animals.

Secret of SPM[edit]

You gain the SPM Trait and the Subspace Navigation Tag.