Lady Blackbird

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Natasha Syri : An Imperial noble, in disguise, escaping an arranged marriage so she can be with her lover.

A character in the Lady Blackbird : And a star to steer her by PBP game.


XP :

Dice Pool :


Imperial Noble[edit]

Etiquette, Dance, Educated, History, Science, Wealth, Connections, House Blackbird

Master Sorcerer[edit]

Spellcaster, Channeling, Stormblood, Wind, Lightning, [Fly], [Blast], [Sense]


Run, Fencing, Rapier, Duels, Shooting, [Pistol], [Acrobatics]


Charisma, Presence, Command, Nobles, Servants, [Soldiers]


Deception, Misdirection, Disguise, Codes, [Sneak], [Hide]


Key of the Paragon[edit]

As a noble, you’re a cut above the common man. Hit your key when you demonstrate your superiority or when your noble traits overcome a problem.

Buyoff: Disown your noble heritage.

Key of the Mission[edit]

You must escape the Empire and rendezvous with your once secret lover, the Pirate King Uriah Flint, whom you haven’t seen in six years. Hit your key when you take action to complete the mission.

Buyoff: Give up on your mission.

Key of the Impostor[edit]

You are in disguise, passing yourself off as commoner. Hit your key when you perform well enough to fool someone with your disguise.

Buyoff: Reveal your true identity to someone you fooled.


Secret of Stormblood[edit]

As long as you can speak, you can channel magical power and do Sorcery. You have the Master Sorcerer trait and the Stormblood tag.

Secret of Inner Focus[edit]

Once per session, you can re-roll a failure when doing Sorcery..