Lady Emerald Bentley

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Lady Emerald Bentley

A character in the Torchwood : One of Many, Many of One PBP game.


A founder member of the Torchwood Institute, Lady Emerald Bentley was in charge of the Edinburgh hub from 1880-1885. A temporal rift "catapulted" her to late 2005. Her memory is vague on this point. She is unsure whether she sent herself, was sent by another or by accident.

In the meantime, her office in the Edinburgh hub was inaccessible. The Torchwood inhabitants for several generations were unable to enter the mahogany-lined study due to the temporal field. The Battle of Canary Wharf caused the key to the rift to be sent to another universe. This caused the effect to end and Lady Bentley walked out into an abandoned hub.

She quickly learned that Torchwood One was dead and looked to rebuilding. In the Torchwood's records of U.N.I.T. detainees, she found Pearce. His personality, and the details in his file, reminded her of her own technical expert back in 1880's Torchwood. She decided to trust him and made a deal with him for his freedom. He guided her into the 21st century.

The following year saw some recruitment into the new Torchwood One, the latest being Mason.

In the last year or so, she has moved into the gamekeeper's cottage at the edge of her family estate and become friends with her great-great-grandson's wife and is well liked by her young descendant children. They do not know who she is, however, since she now uses the name Emma Grange (her husband's pet name and her maiden name).

She has learned as much as possible about the 21st century, but is still catching up. She is a skilled psychic, but is still uncomfortable with modern technology.





Knowledge (Torchwood)d6



As with all the founder members of the Torchwood Institute, Bentley personally promised Queen Victoria to use alien technology to make the British Empire Great.

Quirk (Anachronism)[edit]

Bentley is still uncomfortable with modern technology.


An alien entity wanted something from her (her psychic ability would have allowed it greater power?) and to stop him getting it, she launched the statis field. The alien has waited. It has taken her husband's body as a host, but does not yet realise she is active again


Psychic Background[edit]


The Torchwood Institute had a wide mesh of connections. These extended up through government and aristocracy and down to the street for the dirtier end of activities. Bentley has managed to re-establish many of these.


Power Points : 10

  • Fear
  • Suggestion
  • Mind Rider