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Every character gains a free Secret - Secret of (Caste) - which represents their anima banner. Whether passive or active, use of an anima banner creates an Obvious display of power; a banner may be voluntarily suppressed to avoid such displays. The Dragon-blooded have a special advantage here: while their anima banners may not be as spectacular as that of the Celestial Exalted, their active anima powers can be extended to any nearby members of a sworn brotherhood in which the Dragon is a member, for no additional cost. An Air Dragon in your brotherhood could protect all of you when you have to leap off the deck of an exploding airship, for example.

Terrestrial Animas[edit]

  • Secret of Air: add one die to any rolls involving movement, athleticism, speed. For 1m, they can prevent all damage from noncombative impacts (although they can still be hurt if they fall into lava or something).
  • Secret of Fire: add one die to any rolls involving attacking (including social combat). For 1m, they can prevent all damage from extremes of temperature (so they can fall into lava, but this ability is not going to help them get out of it).
  • Secret of Earth: add one die to any rolls involving endurance. For 1m, they can perform a fantastic feat of strength as long as they can remain in contact with a surface of unworked earth or stone. This ability when shared does not allow all brotherhood members to attempt separate feats of strength; instead, they may add their augmented strength to his own, allowing for maneuvers that even the mightiest of the Celestial Exalted might not accomplish on their own.
  • Secret of Water: add one die to any rolls involving defence (including social combat). For 1m, they can render any liquid harmless to consume, as delicious as fine wine, and breathable (the latter effect lasts for the duration of immersion).
  • Secret of Wood: add one die to any rolls involving administering care or aid. For 1m, they can remove any Condition dealing with physical injury (removing the Lost or Angry Conditions doesn't make sense).

Solar Animas[edit]

  • Secret of the Dawn: In combat, your fearsome mien is terrible to behold; you may add 1 die to all defensive combat actions as opponents are too afraid to set eyes upon you. For 1m, all those you lead become immune to fear for one scene.
  • Secret of the Zenith: At a single touch, you can reduce bodies into a cloud of golden motes, sending the deceased’s soul directly to reincarnation. For 1m, you may ignore the effects of a single attack made by a Creature of Darkness.
  • Secret of the Twilight: ???
  • Secret of the Night: Your anima shrouds your identity, making you easily forgettable and overlooked when you wish. For 1m, all mote expenditures are completely subtle for one scene.
  • Secret of the Eclipse: All spirits owe you hospitality and may not initiate combat unless attacked first. For 1m, you may bind an agreement so that any who break it suffer grave misfortune.

Lunar Animas[edit]

  • Secret of the Full Moon: You are supernaturally fast and strong- add 1 die to all movement rolls or feats of strength. For 1m, you may automatically succeed at a single feat of strength.
  • Secret of the Half Moon: You are always ready for trouble, and may add 1 die to all rolls to spot danger or react to it. For 1m, you may automatically succeed at spotting one imminent threat, regardless of previously failed rolls.
  • Secret of the Waxing Moon: Like Luna, you repel the Wyld; when attacked by creatures from the Wyld, you may add 1 die to all defensive actions you take against them. For 1m, you may ignore the usual time constraints of the Sacred Hunt. So long as you defeat a target, you may eat its heart to gain its form regardless of whether or not you hunted it properly before its death.
  • Secret of the Waning Moon: A peerless trickster, you may add 1 die to all rolls to deceive while wearing a false form. For 1m, you may temporarily assume the form of any being without need for a Sacred Hunt, so long as they are roughly the same size as your true form.
  • Secret of the New Moon: ???

Sidereal Animas[edit]

  • Secret of Journeys: You always find the fastest path from one point to another. Add 1 die to all rolls pertaining to movement or navigation.
  • Secret of Battles: You thrive on conflict and strife. Add 1 die to all offensive combat actions.
  • Secret of Serenity: A true life of the party, your presence lights up any room. Add 1 die to all actions designed to entertain or amuse.
  • Secret of Secrets: Your mind is a fortress, a vault for forbidden knowledge. Add 1 die to all rolls to resist mental influence.
  • Secret of Endings: There is always an Ending. As a Reckoner, you find it easy and natural to bring an end to things, whether it is a dull conversation, blinding ignorance, or man's life. For 1m, you also gain an instinctive knowledge of exactly how to best bring about a satisfying end.