Lana Rey

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Lana Rey[edit]

Refresh: 3

Fate Points: 3

Character Picture:[edit]



High Concept: World Famous Hollywood Starlet

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)

Trouble: Typecast

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)


  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)

"I do my own stunts.":

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)

Kimmy the Wonder Ape:

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)

Old Flame:

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)

"Once, when we were filming...":

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)


Superb (+5) Athletics

Great (+4) Rapport

Good (+3) Empathy, Resources

Fair (+2) Contacts, Fight, Physique

Average (+1) Burglary, Lore, Notice, Stealth


Physical O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _________________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Acrobat: You are able to perform impressive acrobatic feats. No individual source of opposition related to balance can be used to justify opposition to your actions.

"Do You Know Who I Am?": Once per scene, you may identify yourself in order to get your way and add +2 to a Contacts, Deceive, Provoke, or Rapport roll.

High Dive: You are a highly skilled diver (Olympic athlete, aqua-show performer, professional cliff diver etc) capable of making incredible dives from even the most dizzy heights. +2 to any action that requires a literal high dive into water.

One With the Water: You are an incredibly gifted swimmer, as comfortable in the water as you are upon the land. +2 to defend or overcome with Athletics while swimming.

Triple Threat: You are the "Holy Grail" of Hollywood performers: an accomplished actor, singer & dancer. +2 to Rapport rolls relating to those three performance arts.

"You're a Natural Kid!": Your acting ability comes so naturally to you, that you simply can't help using it in other social situations. You may roll Rapport in place of Deceive and Provoke.

Tiki Charm: : (Tiki Idol) Arcane; Miniaturization; Special Effect: Good Luck/Bad Luck - Once per scene the charm can create a temporary situational aspect (Boost) that either positively affects the wearer (Good Luck) or negatively affects another (Bad Luck)


(Change this to fit whatever is relevant for you character.)



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