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The downtime details are on Page 50 of the rules, to cover character actions over long periods of time without sustained action. You can build up reserves, from the list on page 51 and 52; gather information, build things, etc. The sky is the limit, any idea you have, I will be willing to entertain provided it can be justified.

Remember: The Power at a Cost action doesn't require a roll. It always succeeds in getting what you want, but I get to levy the price you'll have to pay for whatever you want.


Downtime can be used to prepare RESERVES for the next mission. RESERVES covers anything being held as an advantage for the next mission, including extra supplies, gear, support, bonuses, allies, and so on. The GM can grant RESERVES at any time it makes sense – for instance, when a group’s patron gives them extra supplies for a mission – but players can also ask for RESERVES by making downtime actions.

Evergreen reserves.png Lancer - Resources1.png Lancer - Mech Equipment1.png Lancer - Tactical1.png

Downtime Actions[edit]

Power at a Cost[edit]

When you seek POWER AT A COST, you’re trying to get your hands on something. Name what you want. You can definitely get it, but depending on the outlandishness of the request, the GM chooses one or two:

(Lancer p. 53)

Buy Some Time[edit]

When you BUY SOME TIME, you try to stave off a reckoning, extend a window of opportunity, or merely buy some time and breathing room for you and your group. You might be trying to dodge some heat, survive stranded in the wilderness, or cause a distraction so another plan can reach its climax. You can use that distraction or bought time as RESERVES for the next mission.

Describe your plan and roll:

(Lancer p. 53)

Gather Information[edit]

When you GATHER INFORMATION, you poke your nose around, perhaps where it doesn’t belong, and investigate something – conducting research, following up on a mystery, tracking a target, or keeping an eye on something. You might head to a library or go undercover to learn what you can. Whatever it involves, you’re trying to GATHER INFORMATION on a subject of your choice. You can use information gained as RESERVES.

Name your subject and method, and roll:

(Lancer p. 53)

Get a Damn Drink[edit]

When you GET A DAMN DRINK, you blow off some steam, carouse, and generally get into trouble. You might be trying to make connections, collect gossip, forge a reputation, or even just to forget what happened on the last mission. There’s usually trouble.

State your intention and roll:

(Lancer p. 54)

Get Creative[edit]

When you GET CREATIVE, you tweak something or try to make something new – either a physical item, or a piece of software. Once finished, you can use your new creation as RESERVES.

Describe your project and roll:

(Lancer p. 54)

Get Focused[edit]

When you GET FOCUSED, you focus on increasing your own skills, training, and self-improvement. You might practice, learn, meditate, or call on a teacher.

Name what you want to learn or improve:

(Lancer p. 55)

Get Organized[edit]

When you GET ORGANIZED, you start, run, or improve an organization, business, or other venture. State your organization’s purpose or goal, and choose a FOCUS:

(Lancer p. 55)

Get Connected[edit]

When you GET CONNECTED, you make connections, call in favors, ask for help, or drum up support for a course of action. You can use your contacts’ resources or aid as RESERVES for the next mission.

Name your contact and roll:

(Lancer p. 55)

Scrounge and Barter[edit]

SCROUNGE AND BARTER When you SCROUNGE AND BARTER, you try to get your hands on some gear or an asset by dredging the scrapyard, chasing down rumors, bartering in the local market, or hunting around.

You might want some better pilot gear, a vehicle, narcotics, goods, or other sundries. It needs to be something physical, but doesn’t necessarily have to be on the gear list. If you get it, you can take it on the next mission as RESERVES.

Name what you want and roll:

(Lancer p. 55)

Evergreen: Dig Up the Past[edit]

You pick apart the wreckage of old Hercynian Crisis ships and mechs around Evergreen for useful gear, sifting through rusted metal and the old, scarred skeletons of long-dead juggernauts.

Create a six-segment Salvage clock sheet and then roll:

  • On 9 or less, fill in one segment.
  • On 10–19, fill in two segments.
  • On 20+, fill in three segments.

From now on, you can clear segments on the Salvage clock for the following benefits:

  • 1 segment: While resting, restore your mech to full HP using salvaged materials.
  • 3 segments: While resting, restore 1 structure.
  • 6 segments: Permanently gain the HA GENGHIS MK I FRAME as EXOTIC GEAR: MK 1.png?dl=0

Evergreen: Take a Walk[edit]

You spend some time hitting the streets of Evergreen and the walks around the city, listening, watching, and taking in the air. Before long, you’re practically a local.

Name where you walk, then roll:

  • On 9 or less, you walk somewhere you’re not supposed to be. Describe how you get out of the situation, or spend an uncomfortable night at the Governor’s Farm until PATIENCE can smooth the situation out. Take +1 Difficulty to interactions with Evergreen colonists and administrators (including PATIENCE!) until the next downtime.
  • On 10–19, permanently gain either STREETWISE or LOCAL DIALECT (see below).
  • On 20+, permanently get STREETWISE and LOCAL DIALECT.

STREETWISE: Gain +1 Accuracy on any check outside of mech combat for getting around Evergreen safely and securely.
LOCAL DIALECT: Gain +1 Accuracy when trying to talk to or persuade people from Evergreen.

Evergreen: R&R Down the Well[edit]

You spend some time relaxing at the Bottom of the Well.

Name anyone else you spend this time with and choose an activity from below. Other PCs don’t have to spend downtime actions to join you, but only one PC can take this action each downtime.

  • Musical performance.
  • Karaoke.
  • Movie night. The holos are pretty old, though Landmark has acquired a surprisingly good selection.
  • Group dinner or breakfast. Ingredients are readily available though limited in stock.
  • Poetry reading.
  • Drinking contest.

Decide who is performing at or organizing the event (it doesn’t have to be you), then that person makes a skill check:

  • On 9 or less, it was embarrassing or a little awkward, though people may have enjoyed it regardless. Take 1d6.
  • On 10–19, it went pretty well. Take 2d6.
  • On 20+, it went fantastically. Take 3d6.

These d6s represent the goodwill generated by the event. During the next mission, the person who organized or performed can spend them to give +1 Accuracy to any skill check (in or out of mech combat) made by someone who was present. They are lost when they are spent or at the end of the mission. Spending them does not count as an action or reaction.

Evergreen: Put in the Work[edit]

Put In the Work downtime.png

CRT Contingency White[edit]

Furthermore, the CRT (Crisis Response Team) Contingency White from Landmark is now present in the colony. And while they're busy with their own priorities and mission, there's a six segment clock now for building up your relationship with them. It starts with three segments filled in. If the clock has five or more segments filled, the CRT has a positive opinion of the group and will aid them later, whereas if the clock is empty they are openly hostile. Killing a member of the CRT immediately sets their status to hostile (0 segments) and it cannot advance further.

CRT Contingency White.png

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