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Callsign: Smoker[edit]

Name: Kien-Su

Background: Criminal Cop

License Lvl: 0

GRIT:0 - Hull: 2 Agi: 2 Sys: 0 Eng: 0

HP 10 Armor 1 E-Def 8 Eva 8 Spd 4


Apply Fists to Faces (+4), Threaten (+2), Take Control (+2), Word on the Streets (+2), Read a Situation (+2)


 Brawler 1, Combined Arms 1,  Duelist 2, Executioner 1

[ GEAR ]

 Assault Hardsuit, Signature Sidearm,  Composite Melee, Stims, Dataplating, Sound System

IPS-N Blackbeard: Loadout "Ahab"[edit]

Hull: 2 Agi: 2 Sys: 0 Eng: 0 SIZE:1




SPD: 6 EVA: 10 EDEF: 6 SENS: 5 SAVE: 11


 Flex Mount: Chain-Axe
 Main Mount: Assault Rifle
 Heavy Mount: Nanocarbon Sword


 GMS "Burst" Jump Jet System, Companion/Concierge-Class Dummy Plug, Synthetic Muscle Netting


There are some who will tell you that the Barony Police of Hylonome Delta are just another of the city-world's corrupt street gangs, and Kien-Su would be the first to agree with them. It's why she signed up, after all; to join the toughest gang with the best weapons. You get access to all the best drugs, and when you put someone in the med-unit, it's all nice and legal.

Hylonome Delta is a para-stable warehouse planetoid, a hollowed out centaur planet that serves as a vast shipping hub located among the resource worlds of the Karrakin Trade Baronies used by the Houses of Glass, Fog, and Clay. It's a distribution depot so large that it generated its own urban infrastructure, and growing up parentless and alone between the vertical stacks of the nomadic cargo-hoods, Kien-Su came to see how the system worked and resolved to carve herself a stable place in it. As soon as she was old enough, Kien-Su applied for the Barony Police and worked her way up to the Orbital Vice squad, where she quickly gained a reputation for ruthless effectiveness. She knew from personal experience that the only thing that the piratical crate-gangs that plagued the stacks understood was violence and extortion, and she applied both in liberal measure. From there, she moved to Special Weapons Operations, nicknamed "The Heavies", who used military-grade hard suits against the better armed, less locally grown pirates that threatened Hylonome shipping. With her department issued chain-axe and customized purple battle-suit, Kien-Su's berserker charges soon struck terror into Hylonome's criminal population, earning her one last promotion; to the Hylonome Corporate Lancer Defense squad.

As soon as she completed Lancer training, Kien-Su returned paid back her department's investment in her education by immediately using the small personal fortune she'd put together over years of illicit under the table deals to buy out her lancer contract and fuck off out of the Hylonome system forever, to pursue life as a freelance mecha pilot.