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Callsign: Wolfpack[edit]

Name: Nergüi Khan, Mk 9

AKA: Great Khan, Mark Nine, Khan-chan

Background: Celebrity Former E-Sports Idol Flash Clone

License Lvl: 1 (Swallowtail 1)


Hull: 0 Agi: 1 Sys: 2 Eng: 0

HP 10 Armor 0 E-Def 10 Eva 10 Spd 4


  Assault (+2), Charm (+4), Show Off (+4), Stay Cool (+2)



I Shepherd: Your Drone systems gain +5 HP. As a protocol, you may move one Drone that you control and that is within Sensors up to 4 spaces.


I Field Commander: Gain 3 Leadership Dice, which are d6s: 1/turn, on your turn as a free action, you may give an order to an allied PC you can communicate with, describing a course of action, and give them a Leadership Die. They may either expend the Leadership Die to gain +1 Accuracy on any action that directly follows from that order, or they may return it to you as a free action. Allies can have one Leadership Die at a time, which lasts until used or until the end of the current scene.

You can’t use Leadership Dice from other characters as long as you have any remaining. If you have none, you regain 1 Leadership Die when you rest or regain all when you perform a Full Repair.

Leadership dice are consumed when expended.

II Open Channels: Gain 5 Leadership Dice instead of 3; additionally, you can now issue a command as a reaction at the start of any other player’s turn, any number of times per round.


I Particularize: When an allied character adjacent to you attacks a target and consumes Lock On, they may roll twice and choose either result.

II Panopticon: At the end of your turn, if you did not move and took the Lock On Quick Tech action, you may Lock On once as a free action. Additionally, when you Lock On, you learn your target’s Armor, Speed, Evasion, E-Defense, Mech Skills, and current HP, and can share this information with allies.

[ GEAR ]

  Light Hardsuit: +3 HP. Armor 0. Evasion 10.
  Archaic Ranged Weapon (Replica Longbow): Range 5. 1 Kinetic damage. Archaic. 
  Signature Combat Weapon (Modern Basic SMG): Range 5. 2 Kinetic damage.
  Dataplating, Personal Drone #1, Personal Drone #2

SSC Swallowtail: Loadout "Karakorum"[edit]

Hull: 0 Agi: 2 Sys: 2 Eng: 0 SIZE:1




SPD: 7 EVA: 12 EDEF: 12 SENS: 20 SAVE: 11


Integrated Cloak: At the end of its turn, the Swallowtail becomes Invisible if it hasn’t moved that turn. This lasts until it moves or takes a reaction, or until the start of its next turn.

Prophetic Scanners: 1/round, when the Swallowtail inflicts Lock On, its target also becomes Shredded until the end of its next turn.


Prophetic Interjection (Protocol): Gain the Tactical Simulation reaction for the rest of the scene.

Tactical Simulation
1/round, Reaction
Trigger: An allied character in line of sight takes damage from another character in line of sight.

Effect: Roll 1d6. On 4+, the attack was actually a simulation predicted by your processor - your ally gains Resistance to all damage dealt by the attack and may teleport up to 3 spaces, representing their “true” location. On 3 or less, there’s a glitch – your allied doesn’t gain Resistance, but can teleport up to 6 spaces.


  Flex Mount: 
* Oracle LMG-I: Range 15. 1d3 Kinetic damage. Accurate. Arcing. * Oracle LMG-I: Range 15. 1d3 Kinetic damage. Accurate. Arcing.
  Main Mount: Assault Rifle: Range 10. 1d6 Kinetic damage. Reliable 2. DESTROYED



As a Full Tech action, make a tech attack against a character within Sensors and line of sight. On a success, they take 2 heat, Lock On, and cannot benefit from soft cover until the Lock On is cleared; additionally, once before the start of your next turn, when an allied character hits your target, you may declare as a reaction that they have hit a weak spot. If it wasn’t already, the attack becomes a critical hit.

  Turret Drones

Drone, Limited 3

Health 10, Eva 10, E-Def 10

Expend a charge as a quick action to deploy a turret drone that attaches to any object or surface within Sensors and line of sight. Gain the Turret Attack reaction, which can be taken once for each deployed turret drone. Turret drones cannot be recalled and expire at the end of the scene.


Trigger: An allied character within Range 10 of a turret drone makes a successful attack.

Effect: The turret drone deals 3 Kinetic damage to their target, as long as it has line of sight to their target.


Gain +2 HP.

  Retractable Profile (Protocol)

Your mech can retract its major systems to reduce its profile. While active:

  • rolls to locate you receive +1 difficulty while you are Hidden;
  • ranged and tech attacks against you receive +1 difficulty;
  • you become Slowed and can’t make attacks of any kind;
  • you may take other actions (e.g., Hide, Activate, and so on).

You may end this effect as a quick action.

Current Combat Stats[edit]


  Structure Lost: 1/4 
  Damage Taken: 1/9
  Stress Lost: 0/4
  Heat Taken: 1/4
  Repairs Spent: 0/5
  Overcharge: 1
  Leadership Dice Left: 3/5



Imagine on Karrakis some people got bored and decided to mix up Blade Runner, Pokemon, Fate/Grand Order, and pop idol culture. The result was flash clones modeled and cultivated to superficially resemble iconic heroes and villains, so they could compete at various e-sports. You know how in some parts of Asia they breed these highly ornamental fighting fish? Imagine that, except with quasi-famous niche celebrities who enjoy the spotlight for a few years before pop culture moves on and new darlings are embraced - which is convenient because flash clones don't live all that long anyway. Like a super soldier program for lab-designed sporty waifus.

Now then, this particular clone is based on a sort of Genghis/Kublai Khan, Mongolian conqueror kind of vibe. Except still all cute and ready to be fetishized, of course. But flash cloning is a tad imprecise so she decided DO NOT WANT and escaped as soon as she could. She's tactically brilliant, in a way, so it turned out to be easier than you'd think. Most of the clones were just designed to not want their own freedom. Her brain is hyper-focused on tactical analysis so she grows bored with normal life, and being a renegade clone of Genghis Khan costs money. So hey ho, it's the pir- I mean, mercenary life for me!