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A half-elven Bard with a particular interest in the legends and lore of the Tuathan, looking for revenge on the pirates that slaughtered her crew.


Character Name Player Name Race Class Alignment AC Experience Levels Hit Dice Hit Points
Serala Furcalor OrphRedHair Half-Elf Bard True Neutral 8 2500 Bard 3 3D6 15


Age Height Weight Eye Colour Hair Skin
24 5'5" 101 lbs Blue Black, short, messy Tanned, Tattoo'd, Scarred

Appearance: An androgynous Half-Elf of short of stature and tanned of skin. Their body is crossed by scars and tatttoos alike, marking the woman as a hardy sailor. A harpoon is fastened to her back by a rope, and a cutlass hanging from her hip by the rope she's fastened into a makeshift belt. She wears sandals of wood, rather than boots; and around her waist is an old torn flag, fashioned into a sash.


Strength 14 55 lbs Weight Allowance, 170 lbs Max Press, Open Doors 8, Bars/Gates 7%
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12 Sys. Shock: 80%; Res. Surv: 85%
Intelligence 15 4 Languages, Max Spell Level 7th, Learn Spell 65%, Max Spells/level 11
Wisdom 10 Priest Spell Failure 15%
Charisma 15 Max Henchmen 7, +3 Loyalty Base, +3 Reaction Adjust

Saving Throws[edit]

Saving Throws
Paralyzation/Poison/Death Magic Rod, Staff or Wand Petrification or Polymorph Breath Weapon Spell
12 14 12 16 15

Weapon Proficiencies[edit]



Weapon Attacks THAC0 dmg S dmg L Range Weight Size Type Speed
Harpoon 1 19 2d4 2d6 M 6 lbs L P 7
Cutlass 1 19 1d6 1d8 M 4 lbs S S 3
Dagger 1 19 (Atk Adj - 3 ) 1d4 1d3 M 2 lbs S P 2

Thief Skills[edit]

Climb Walls 50%
Detect Noise 50%
Pick Pockets 15%
Read Languages 50%
Magic Item Appraisal 15%

Spells (per day)[edit]

Level Memorized Cast
First Level 2 0
Second Level 0

Spells (memorized)[edit]

Affect Normal Fires
Audible Glamer

Nonweapon Proficiencies[edit]

Singing (Cha)
Swimming (Str)
Rope Use (Dex)
Seamanship (Dex) +1
Navigation (Int) -2


Vox Mercanti


Unencumbered 0-55
Light 56-85
Moderate 86-115
Heavy 116-145
Severe 146-170


Normal Items
Whaler's Harpoon 6 lbs
Cutlass 4 lbs
Leather Armor 15 lbs
Daggers (2) 4 lbs
Dry Rations (5) -
Sailor's Clothing 5 lbs
Wineskins (2) 2 lbs
Mirror (Small, Metal) -
Hooded lantern 2 lbs
Belt Pouch (Large) 1 lbs
Candles (5) -
Fishhooks (10) 1 lbs
Flint and Steel -
Chalk (5) -
Total 39 lbs
Stored (Not Carried)
- -


A sailor of the less-than-legal variety, Serala found work in the isles of the Sea Kings, attracted by tales of wanderlust and bravery. There, they sought out lore, whilst telling story and song to her beloved crew, keeping their spirits high. That is- until her crew's ship was attacked, ransacked by pirates. Serala managed to escape, but ended up stranded on a deserted island, marooned; and with no means of escape, they nearly succumbed to starvation, paling away. That is, until she was rescued by the chance passing of a trader vessel. Now, she keeps part of her crew's torn flag with her as a symbol, hoping that she can find fellow survivors, and perhaps one day enact revenge on the ruthless pirate that made the mistake of cross.