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Yancy Blue/Ylfingur || Human Bard || L2[edit]

We sing the words of the dead that the living might bear them.[edit]



Character Name Player Name Class Alignment AC Experience Hit Points
Yancy Blue (Ylfingur ) brahnamin Bard 2 Neutral Good 7 1250 9


Age Height Weight Eye Colour Hair Colour
23 5'11" 190 lbs Blue Blonde


Strength 10 Wt. Allowance: 40#; Max Press: 115#; Open Doors: 6; Bend Bars: 2%
Dexterity 12 0 React. Adj; 0 Missile Att. Adj.; 0 Def. Adj.
Constitution 17 HP: +2; Sys. Shock: 97%; Res. Surv: 98%
Intelligence 13 #Lang: 3; Max Spell Lvl: 6th; Chance to Learn Spell: 55%; Mx Spells/Level: 9
Wisdom 13 Mag. Def. Adj: 0; Bonus Spells: 1 x 1st (N/A); Spell Failure: 0%
Charisma 15 Mx. Hench: 7; Loy. Base: +3; Reac. Adj.: +3

Saving Throws[edit]

Paralyzation/Poison/Death Magic Rod, Staff or Wand Petrification or Plymorph Breath Weapon Spell
13 14 12 16 15

Class Features[edit]

Climb Walls Detect Noise Pick Pockets Read Languages
70% 20% 10% 5%
Inspire Allies +1 Att or +1 Save or +2 Morale Perform 3 rds. Affect 10'/lv Lasts 1rd/lv
Counter Magic Song/Poetry 30' radius 1x/encounter Successful Save v Spell indicates success
Identify Magic Item 5% chance/lv Does not have to touch item

Weapon Proficiencies[edit]

Dagger 1d4
Short sword 1d6

Nonweapon Proficiencies[edit]

Secondary Skill - Fisher Swimming, Fishing with Nets, and small boat piloting
Musical Instrument (Pipes/Flute) (free) Dex -1
Local History (free) Cha 0
Reading/Writing (free) Int +1 Common
Reading/Writing (1) Int +1 Vox Mercanti
Read Lips (2) Int -2
Direction Sense (1) Wis +1


Common Read/Write Yes
Vox Mercanti Read/Write Yes
Loekaajaa Read/Write N/A


Unencumbered 0-40
Light 41-58
Moderate 59-76
Heavy 77-96
Severe 97-110


Clothing 5 lbs
Short Sword 3 lbs'
Dagger 1 lb
Leather Armor 15 lb
Backpack 2 lbs
1 weeks rations 5 lb
Flint and steel *
Hooded Lantern 2 lb
Lantern Oil 1 lb
Reed Flute 1 lb
Whetstone 1 lb
Waterskin 1 lbs
Iron and Bone Medallion 1 lb
Total 38 lbs


Platinum 0
Gold 5
Electrum 0
Silver 5
Copper 5
Gems 0
Pearls 0
Jewelry 0

Spell Book L1[edit]

Name Range Duration AoE Components Casting Time Save Notes
Comprehend Languages Touch 5 rnds/lvl 1 Creature/Text V, S, M 1 round None Understand one creature or written text.
Detect Magic 0 2rd/lv 10x60' 2 rd/lv V,S 1 None
Feather Fall 10yd/lv 1rd/lv special V 1 None target falls 120'/rd no damage
Light 60 yds. 1tn/lv 20' r V, M 1 special
Tenser's Floating Disc 20 yds 3tn + 1tn/lv special V, S,M 1 None disc is 3' in diameter, holds 100 lbs/lv, floats 3' off ground/surface, follows caster at 6' distance unless otherwise directed


Born to the Clan of the Fox of the Loekaajaa in the far North, Yancy is tall and rough faced, with pale hair and a short beard. Though he has no official standing, he finds he is often expected to act as impromptu emissary of his people, for though he now makes his home among civilized folk, following their customs and mores, the ritual tattoos on his face and shoulders point unerringly to his barbarian heritage.

Traveling south out of his homeland in search of knowledge and an understanding of the world beyond the wilds of the Clanlands, Yancy quickly fell in love with Athervon, its people, and its history, venturing deeper and deeper into the kingdom, trading stories and songs and simple labor for food and lodging and an understanding of the people he had come to live among.

Overall, Yancy is a jovial sort, not shy to speak up or to speak loudly or boldly. He typically dresses in the leathers and hides preferred by his people and wears an iron and bone representation of a stylized fox head on a chain around his neck, the trickster totem of his clan. He makes no bones about speaking to the totem image aloud, telling it jokes and asking its guidance regardless of who might be around.

The Raven, the Fox, the Spider and the Wolf feature prominently in the tales he tells.

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