Lanz Lowborn

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Lanz Lowborn[edit]

Name: Lanz Lowborn
AKA:ShadowShank, Oakblighter, Heartless, Lowborn
High Concept: Legendary Thiefborn Bogeyman
Trouble: Unbearable Loneliness
Aspect: Mobile Musclebound Armory
Aspect: Disgraced Gladiator Champion
Aspect: Insert Third Aspect Here
Player: Llayne

Lanz earned a fearsome reputation as a gladiator. When the Mercenary faction realized they couldn't take him down in the arena, they instead turned that reputation against him. Having performed some near supernatural feats in during battles, they fueled those whispers and labeled him as an evil Sorcerer. This wasn't true... but the power of rumor is undeniable. Soon, there wasn't a booker in Eversink that would let him fight in their games. His career as a gladiator was over.

Once a thief, always a thief. Lanz returned to his Guild and they quickly realized with the fearsome ShadowShank on their side, they could scare away plenty of their rivals. The guild waged a careful whisper campaign to further shape and expand his growing reputation. WHen they moved against their enemies, they attributed their kills to Lanz to make him appear even more dangerous.

Lanz is definitely a thug, killer, and assassin. But the legends also claim he is a monster, a demon, a spirit given flesh.

The result is that over the last decade and a half, ShadowShank has become something of a bogeyman of Eversink. Many people are afraid to go alone out at night lest the ShadowShank get them... and mothers scare their children into obedience with gruesome stories of ShadowShank.

The irony is, outside of this reputation... this character he has been forced to portray... he's really not a bad guy. But because of his reputation, people... even professional acquaintances... keep their distance. This has left him with a sense of unbearable loneliness... and his desire for intimacy has gotten him into trouble in the past.


+4 Fight
+3 Physique Empathy
+2 Contacts Stealth Burglary
+1 Athletics Notice Rapport Will


Physical OOO OOO

Mental OOO O

Refresh: 1

Fate Points: 1


The Weight of Reputation

The name ShadowShank strikes fear into those who run the streets at night, and mothers use it to scare their children into obedience. You can use Contacts instead of Provoke to create advantages based on the fear generated by the sinister reputation you’ve cultivated for yourself and all the shady associates you have.

Aura of Menace

Your reputation and physical presence make you too terrifying to be attacked. Until you make a physical attack in a scene, characters with a Will lower than Good (+3) simply cannot attack you. Those with sufficient Will to attack still flinch on their first attack, though, automatically missing.

Pit Fighter

Your hand-eye coordination is superb, and you can dodge arrows or deflect them with your weapon. You may use Fight to defend against Shoot attacks.

Crimson Slash

When you can make an opponent bleed, their death becomes inevitable. Once per conflict, you can force the opponent to use a mild consequence instead of a stress box on a successful Fight attack.

People Watcher

Your might not interact with people often, but you are quite adept at reading them. Your understanding of people you’ve observed is sufficiently strong that it gives you an easy sense of how to find them. You may roll Empathy instead of Investigate whenever you’re tracking down or otherwise trying to find someone you’ve met before.


Collapsible Greatsword: Weapon 3 (plus some sort of initiative bonus for reach?)

Custom Giga-Scale Shirt: Armor 3 (light armor... think the in-game equivalent of Bilbo's mithril shirt)

Potion of Disguise: A static +2 Defence vs notice attempts to see through it. (single use)


Wedding Ring