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Basic Information[edit]

Name: Laser Lagomorph
Player: ubergeek2012
Server: Everlasting
Archetype: Corruptor (Beam Rifle/Force Field)
Power Origin: Tech
Alignment: Hero
Affiliation: Liberty Legion
Real Name: Lacey Lewis (Public)
Age: 24

General Description[edit]

Origin Story[edit]

Lacey Lewis was the daughter of a mad scientist. The upside of that meant sweet gear like laser guns and force field projectors. The downsides included getting accidentally merged with one of the testing rabbits. Even that was a mixed blessing though, because she moves faster and jumps higher than ever before. The drawbacks mainly include people being just a little too excited to see her ears and tail.

She got her first disintegrator rifle on her 16th birthday, but the same visit to the lab ended up in the accident that mutated her. Since then, she’s been tinkering and upgrade both it and her force field projectors. She’s basically a mad scientist herself that doesn’t quite get the mad part.

Unable to sit still and do nothing, when she was 18 she took her mutant powers and high-tech gear to register as a hero. Since “Gun Bunny” was already taken, she became the Laser Lagomorph. She figured enough nerds would get it for it to be worth it. Her identity is not a secret, she kind of stands out even in normal clothes.

Costumes and Appearance[edit]

Lacey is 5' 11" tall with naturally purple hair, including on her rabbit ears and tail.

Recent Events[edit]