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Campaign Questions[edit]

  • What are your character's current top-three short-term goals? Be specific.
    • Establish and refine his Guild network as the merchant prince
    • Establish the circle's eastern outpost into a kingdom
    • Make contact with the Solars mentioned by the rest of the circle
  • Come up with an interesting mortal NPC that you, as a player, would like to encounter. No more than a paragraph.
    • I would like to meet a "mortal" of sorts- the ghost of Jubilant Oak, a shipwright, at least in this life. Either as a gift or a mishap or possibly an experiment/joke of the Primordials, Oak has retained a measure of memories from each of his former lives. Of the millennia, Oak has been a slave, a king, a thief, man, woman, savage, savant... he has lead a veritable myriad of lives. Though many of the particulars have been lost over the years, the experience of birth, life, death, and rebirth have left Oak with a certain sense of weight and wisdom. Despite these facts, Oak has spent relatively little time in the Underworld as a ghost, and is enjoying the strange sense of newness it provides. He is also curious as to the nature of his state, and has found that the longer he is able to stay aware and grow, the more he comes into understanding of his inherent nature. As his goal is to finally understand why his existence is so different, and what reasons underlie it, he will do whatever he can to gain any measure of insight or knowledge available.
  • What dead relative does your character most revere? Why?

  • List 3 different things (people, objects, organizations, causes) that your character wants, hates, or cares about. Don't worry about lack of knowledge regarding the setting. Make them up if needed, and *poof* they were always there. We'll find a way to work them in, possibly with a bit of mangling.
    • Mask is fueled by a desire to topple the corrupt powers of the Celestial Bureaucracy, which he sees stemming from the Bronze Faction in particular. Compounded by his desire for vengeance over his "murder," he wants nothing more than to purge Heaven and Creation of their machinations.
    • Akemi, Chosen of Serenity, and Mask's love interest in life. He has had no contact with her since his Abyssal Exaltation, but misses her deeply. He spends measurable time trying to think of a safe way to at least check up on her.
    • His idealism- Mask has been horrendously jaded by his experiences, and his faith in the ultimate limits of people have been shaken at their core. Though he is angered by it, deep down he wants to actually restore that belief in people in himself, and to have them warrant it.
  • List 3 things that you as a player want to show up in this game. This can be conflicts, moral questions, scenes, opponents, opportunities etc.
    • The opportunity for redemption. Abyssals are still, at their core, just altered Solars. I would like to explore the potential for change and still-existing vestiges of heroism to be found in Abyssals, despite the sway of the Neverborn. Everything from dreams of a higher past life to perhaps the actual return to Solar-dom, is of interest.
    • The comparative differences between the Underworld, Creation, and Yu Shun. The differences not only in physical appearance, but the general mindset and lifestyles of each realm, and how their viewpoint colors their approach toward existence.
    • For Mask in particular, I would like to develop his movement from advisor to leader. It is his habit to blend into the background, but the Abyssal state pulls him forward. The tension and necessity of this change I think could be engaging to a dynamic character path.
  • Describe an environment (set piece) for a fight scene you'd like to see.
    • The circle ends up in a fight versus a legion of ninjas under the command of their Exalted Sifu in their very dojo. Perched at the top of a mountain, the dojo has all the necessities of martial arts training- balancing poles, whirling spike pads, swinging sandbags, and dart guns everywhere. The training equipment of every martial artists becomes ironically all-too-applicable to actual combat scenarios as the Abyssals cut their way through the dojo. Of course, the fight with the master will have to be in a ring at the top of the final set of stairs, beneath the watchful gaze of a giant gold statue in lotus position.