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Ledaal Catala Cordelia is a character played by S7Michelle in Bound Devil Chambers Conspiracy Exalted PbP game in RPG.net

Ledaal Catala Cordelia[edit]

  • Aspect: Air
  • Concept: Author (Chronicler of the Outer Lands / Sensation Novelist)
  • Motivation: To inspire the Realm and Threshold into reaching their ideal state and in the process leave a lasting legacy of her works
  • Anima: Light Blue Air Dragon made of Clouds
  • Anima power: Spend 5m to be surrounded by vortex of wind. Triple leaping distance. No damage from falls. Essence to defense value for thrown and archery attacks.


Ledaal Catala Cordelia is a lovely Dragon Blooded just slightly older than her first century. She has a slender and graceful build and stands just slightly shorter than average. Her breeding and aspect are clear in her delicate features, fair skin, and long straight platinum blond hair. All of which nicely set of her expressive blue eyes and gentle smile.

Picture: http://www.jonathonart.com/fmist.html

Chibi: http://public.tektek.org/img/av/m11/d15/1/d51221.png


  • Strength 2 , Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
  • Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4
  • Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 2



  • Linguistics 5

(High Realm (Native), Low Realm, Old Realm, Riverspeak, Forest Tongue, Flame Tongue)

  • Lore 4 (Cultures +1)
  • Occult 3
  • Stealth 1
  • Thrown 2 (Sling +1)


  • Awareness 3
  • Socialize 4 (Feigning Interest +1)
  • Performance 5 (Writing +1)


  • Craft 3 (Air 3, Wood 2, Fire 1)
  • Integrity 2
  • Resistance 1
  • War 2
  • Athletics 1
  • Dodge 2
  • Melee 2
  • Presence 3
  • Bureaucracy 3
  • Investigation 1
  • Martial Arts 2
  • Archery 2
  • Ride 2
  • Survival 1


  • Resources 5 (Quite wealthy for a dynast) (2 bp + 1 dot from Spiral Academy)

Cordelia's resources come several sources. In exchange for her decades of service to the house, she receives a generous stipend from her family. That stipend is supplemented by income from her novels, and from an assortment of successful business ventures.

  • Artifact 4 (6 dots. Please see below) (2 bp)
  • Allies 3

Ledaal Catala Myria--sister and skilled Sorceress.

Gray Seeker of Enlightenment Through the Praxis of Enrichment--commonly referred to as Gray Richie. Gray Richie is one of the rare Mountain Folk to have set up shop in the world outside the Blessed Mountain, and he carries proudly a letter from Ledaal Kebok Omeger himself authorising him to operate a variety of business in the Realm, as long as he runs a mechanised page-producing systemograph at no personal profit. The Mempes, as it is known, is a strange device that duplicates prints books automatically using the secret lore of the Mountain Folk. It is that device that makes the mass release of the Passionate Rose books possible and profitable in a way that would inconceivable to members of V'Neef Sodats generation. He also manages a dozen distillery, a variety of trinket stalls in the Empyrian markets and a few hundred blacksmiths, and he has invested quite a sum of Cordellia's money in these ventures, which accounts for her ridiculously fabulous wealth for an artist on a limited familial stipend.

Cynis Meris Yvandi -- Artist in the Imperialist Revival School

  • Breeding 3

Both parents were Dragon Blooded and there are many Dragon Blooded in her family.

  • Connections (Realm High Society) 3 (3 bp)

Currently seen as exotic and interesting, her quiet charm is winning friends.

  • Connections (Scavenger Lands High Society) 1 (1 bp)

She has formed friendships with members of the upper class throughout the Scavenger Lands during her travels. However time, distance, and the short lifespan of non-exalts, has weakened them.

  • Manse 3 (6 dots. Please see below) (3 bp)
  • Reputation 3 (3 bp)

Known as an author and becoming known for her salons.

  • Retainer 3 (3 bp)

Nine retainers: a steward (Vitius Severino), a butler, a housekeeper, a very skilled cook, a lady's maid, a secretary (Vitius Valentinus), two body guards, a huntsman/scout (currently acting as gamekeeper) (Due to resources, also has a large number of lesser servants)

Artifact details[edit]
  • Audient Brush (Artifact 2)

1 mote to have it produce its own ink, 3 motes to have it write by itself for a scene. Motes not committed. Cordelia commissioned this to made for her when her books started becoming popular.

  • Jade Hearthstone Bracers (Artifact 2)

Commitment 4 motes, provide 3-die bonus to dodge attempts, give -1 Speed to attacks, have a hearthstone setting. Gift from Ledaal family to help protect her in her travels.

  • Enhanced Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light (Artifact 2)

Commitment 2 motes. Keeps wearer clean. Adds two dice to stamina + resistance rolls vs disease or poison. Also acts as a jade hearthstone amulet. Wedding gift from husband.

  • Jade Sling of Deadly Prowess (Artifact 1)

Commitment 3 motes, Speed 4, Accuracy +2, Damage +4L, Rate 2, Range 200) Gift from Ari and a thank you for making him the hero of and incorporating some of his adventures with his Brotherhood in her books. Frankly, he thinks she should practice with it more.

  • Jade Hearthstone Amulet (Artifact 1)

Commitment 1 mote. Regain 1 additional mote of essence per hour.

Hearthstone and manse details[edit]
  • Gemstone of Surface Thoughts (Manse 2. Exalted Core Book p. 382)

Air Aspected Hearthstone allows wearer to read someone's surface thoughts with a Perception + Awareness roll. If target suspects what is happening, can resist with Wits + Integrity. Target must be within Essence x 10 yards. Manse gifted to Cordelia and Joran on their marriage. Manse located in the "estate ring" surrounding the Imperial City.

  • Mind Cleansing Gem (Manse 2. Oadenol's Codex p. 96)

Water Aspected Hearthstone provides +1 to both dodge and parry MDV and if touched by someone under any form of unnatural mental influence gives target a change to break free by making an opposed willpower roll vs the controller. Stone granted to Cordelia by House Ladaal when both of her twins exalted. Manse located near the city of Tuchara in the Arjuf Domain.

  • Gemstone of Deep Drink (Manse 2. Oadenol's Codex p. 99)

Wood Aspected Hearthstone protects the bearer from all affects of alcohol, drugs, and natural ingested poisons. Manse located in the Scavenger Lands near Great Forks and is where Cordelia makes her home when in that region.

Normally the Gemstone of Surface Thoughts and the Mind Cleansing Gem are in her Hearthstone Amulets. (If allowed to combine one Hearthstone Amulet and the Collar of Dawn's Cleansing light, the Gemstone of Surface Thoughts will be in it). The Gemstone of Deep Drink is kept in her sling.



  • Second Linguistics Excellency [2m/success or DV booster]
  • Poisoned Tongue Technique
  • Voice of Mastery
  • Language Learning Ritual


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Emerald Circle Countermagic
  • Conjuring the Azure Chariot


  • Second Thrown Excellency [2m/success or DV booster]


  • Second Socialize Excellency [2m/success or DV booster]
  • Sweeten-the Tap Method
  • Jade Defense


  • Second Performance Excellency [2m/success or DV booster]
  • Soul Stirring Performance Method


  • Ox Body Technique


  • Second Dodge Excellency [2m/success or DV booster]


  • Compassion 4
  • Conviction 3
  • Temperance 2
  • Valor 2

Other traits[edit]

Essence 3

  • Personal motes 13
  • Peripheral motes 31
  • Committed motes (peripheral) 10

Willpower 7

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap


  • Family: My mother, siblings, and children are precious to me and are to be cared for and aided.
  • Her writing and art: My works are my legacy and should be fostered.
  • Realm: The Realm is the center of culture in creation and closest to the ideal state of affairs. I shall use my talents to protect and assist it.
  • Comfort: I prefer that my life be comfortable and pleasant.

The Four Questions[edit]

1) Why are you more loyal to the Empress and/or the Realm than the average Dynast?

"The Realm is the heart of creation. I have traveled through many lands in the Threshold and can say with assurance that there is no greater civilization, no land of more just laws, no place where life is more pleasant and stable for everyone. The Realm is not only a force for order and stability but also a center of culture and an example of the orderly hierarchy of Creation."

"The Empress is a woman truly worth of admiration and respect. It was she who was able to win her way into the ancient seat of the defenses that protect creation and wield the magic that saved us all from the Fair Folk Armies. It was she who created and formed the Realm and whose wisdom guides it to this very day. She serves as an example of what a Dragon Blooded should be."

Cordelia tends to be a romantic and an idealist. She truly believes that the Realm comes closest to the ideal and stands as an example of the way all of creation should be. While, she has seen some of the flaws and problems that exist even on the Blessed Isle, she believes they are the results of individuals rather than of the system itself, and that improvements to the system can be made through subtle and quiet influence. Like many Dragon Blooded, she tends to idealize the Scarlet Empress as well.

2) Who do you serve, apart from the Empress? Who else constitutes a superior?

Cordelia is closely tied to both her house, especially the Catala branch of it, and to her immediate family. She would count the heads of House Ledaal and especially Ledaal Catala as superiors. While her mother isn't exactly a superior, she is greatly respected and Cordelia is quite likely to obey her requests. Additionally, any reasonable requests from her siblings or children are quite likely to be granted.

While (as yet unnamed NPC ally), is not counted as a superior, Cordelia does respect his opinions and is quite likely to listen to his business advice and is also willing to exchange favors with him.

Additionally, while V'neef Somat is not quite a superior, he is another individual who Cordelia respects and who has developed a fair amount of influence over her.

3) What did you openly achieve in the past century that makes you a worthy subject for historians of the next Age to investigate thoroughly?

Cordelia is a prolific and very skilled author of both fiction and non-fiction. Thus far, the majority of her non-fictions books focus on the many cultures and lands that make up the threshold (most titled with either the name of the area being focused on or a colorful description) and are known for their level of detail, vividness of language, and accuracy. She has also written several books exploring history and focusing on different parts of the first age. These works are on the restricted (second category) list and are considered to be both interesting and easy to comprehend. Several of her books are being used as teaching tools in Secondary schools. Additionally, she has written a short book called "Pleasant Pathways" which provides suggestions for making your journeys more comfortable and includes a chapter discussing occult methods such as choosing the appropriate talismans and techniques that aid in determining if a talisman is real. Though this book is fairly basic, many travelers have found it quite useful and it is popular.

She has also written an assortment of novels. Most of these are a series of "travel log" type stories set throughout the threshold and detailing the more interesting adventures of assorted travelers. Additionally, she has also written a few works of historical fiction, some set during the early days of the Empire and some set during the Shogunate. Much as with her nonfiction, these works are known for their detail, vivid language, and her ability to make the words come to life.

However, one of her most significant accomplishment is one that very few people are aware of. Cordelia is also the notorious Passionate Rose, author of a series of extremely popular "page-turner" type novels full of lust, love, and adventure. One would be tempted to disregard these stories as insignificant (except for adding to her coffers and enhancing the legend of Sesus Sikandi) however, when they are looked at a bit more closely, it becomes clear that they also act as an effective form of propaganda, speaking out against anathema, death cults, Raksha and other enemies of the Realm and promoting the Realm and Dragon Blooded. Quite a few of the books also subtly encourage the acceptance of Dragon Blooded sorcerers.

Additionally, during her travels through the threshold and while assisting her family, Cordelia has helped to locate and translate several first age texts. She located and obtained a relatively early, though incomplete, copy of the Art of Sorcery during one of her trips to Chiaroscuro. After the Ledaal family studied it for about a decade and made what was considered to be a very good copy from it, the original was sold to the Heptagram. She has translated both a significant portion of the silver text produced by the Oadenol's Codex in the light of the full moon and of a treatise on ancient theory of manse construction entitled "The House of the Noonday Sun." Both of these copies remain in the hands of the Rings of Ledaal Catala.

She has acted as translator and an assistant in several significant negotiations involving House Ledaal.

Finally, Cordelia is becoming known for her Salons, especially those relating to the cultures of other lands. One of the ones most talked about is one of her earliest, a Salon on the topic of "Great Forks" where the theme delightfully displayed through the foods, wines and cordials, entertainment, and visual displays. One somewhat unusual, and perhaps significant thing about her salons, is that unlike some hosts and hostesses, Cordelia does not exclude sorcerers from her salons and treats them just as she would any other Dragon Blooded

4) What weaknesses do you possess that aren't just personal failings, but could be exploited by your enemies to cost you the Game of Thrones? What are the fields of engagement where you can't just apply Game Theory analysis, but instead will act against your interests?

Cordelia has very strong bonds with her immediate family and would go to great lengths to assist one of them and would grant most reasonable requests made by them. Influence her family, and odds are good that you will be able to influence her.

Cordelia has a couple of secrets. The first is that she is the notorious Passionate Rose. While having this secret come out wouldn't cause a great deal of harm, it could cause at least some embarrassment, and Cordelia would prefer that not happen.

The second secret is a bit more significant. Cordelia's youngest child, Seren, was not fathered by her husband. In fact, he is the child of a fairly powerful God blooded that Cordelia had an affair with in Great Forks. Fortunately, he was conceived shortly after one of Cordelia's visits to the Blessed Isle, leaving people to assume that the child is Joran's and was conceived just a few months before his death.

Perhaps in part because she associates them with her husband, Cordelia is not particularly interested in politics. Unless something that is going on in the Ministry or Deliberative has an obvious effect on her or her family or clearly relates to something important to her, Cordelia isn't likely to pay much attention to it.

Finally, certain aspects of Cordelia's personality tend to both hinder as well as aid her. Her gentle nature and rather strong desire for harmony influence her to be a bit too nice for her own good. Since she doesn't enjoy battles of barbed words, she has a tendency to compromise or even back down when face by an aggressive opponent. She has a slight tendency towards quietness, and can be overshadowed at times by more vivid personalities. Additionally, while not naïve, she generally assumes the best of people until proven wrong.


Ledaal Catala Cordelia was blessed with a pleasant if somewhat atypical childhood. She was the third child born to Dekana and Thoan, and was raised in the Threshold as part of the Ledaal Catala family. Cordelia's immediate family was unusually close compared to many Dragon Blooded families. She and her siblings have many memories of spending time with their parents, receiving praise and hugs for minor accomplishments, and even accompanying them on some of the trips they made throughout the threshold. Due to the physical distance between them, during her childhood she was less close with her older siblings, Myria and Ari. Nevertheless, there were occasional visits, appealing gifts, and the exchange of lengthy letters. The relationship between Cordelia and her siblings has continued to grow stronger over time. A younger brother, Norren, was born the year Cordelia began primary school. Unfortunately he never exalted, and has since died of old age.

Rather than send Cordelia back to the Blessed Isle for primary school, her parents instead decided to have her study at The Seeds of Wisdom School located in near Great Forks. The Seeds of Wisdom School was established by a member Ledaal Catala family and the family retains a great deal of influence there. While The Seeds of Wisdom was a good school, it was not as rigorous as many of those on the Blessed Isle and most of the other students were either Dragon Blooded members of the Ledaal Catala family, God blooded, or mortals. All of which ultimately meant, Cordelia and cousins were large birds in a fairly small aviary.

Cordelia's memories of her Exaltation will always be tinged with sadness. It occurred during a spring storm during her twelfth year. She was called from class into the Headmistress's office, and solemnly informed of her father's death. He had unfortunately encountered a trap that was beyond his abilities to disarm. As the thunder roared outside, it was matched by the storm of anguish that roared inside Cordelia.

After she completed her time at The Seeds of Wisdom, the Ledaal family decided that Cordelia would be best able to serve the family's interests by attending the Spiral Academy. Her time at the Spiral Academy was challenging for Cordelia. The Seeds of Wisdom hadn’t prepared her as well as it could have for the rigors of the Academy. Cordelia’s warm personality allowed her to quickly overcome the lack of bonds formed by attending primary school in the realm and may have been aided by the fact that while she had not started out as friends with may of the students, she also had not started out as enemies with them either. Ultimately, she graduated in the middle of her class, with positive comments made about her skills in poetry, calligraphy, and linguistics, but with a far less impressive showing in accounting, finance, and political science.

An advantageous marriage that would strengthen the ties between House Ledaal and House Ragara was arranged shortly after Cordelia graduated from the Spiral Academy. It was believed that Cordelia's skills as a hostess and with languages would complement her significantly older husband's career in the Ministry and that their bloodlines and aspects were an auspicious match. In most ways, it was a very good match. It consolidated certain trade agreements between Ledaal and Ragara. It led to the gifting of a rather nice air-aspected manse on the Blessed Isle to the couple. Cordelia and Joran had twins after being married for only two years, both of whom eventually exalted. Cordelia since has had two additional children, one who has exalted and the other who is still a bit young to exalt.

However, the marriage was most assuredly not a love match, and more importantly, the personalities of the two partners did not blend well. As soon as the twins started primary school, Cordelia left the Blessed Isle and spent the majority of her time traveling throughout the Threshold on personal and family business, returning home infrequently and never remaining long. Joran didn't particularly mind, he was well occupied with his career and his lover. Or at least he was until ten years ago, when he passed away in a convenient "accident," that most people believe was arranged due to events happening in the Ministry. Cordelia, who had been in Great Forks, at that time, still isn't entirely certain of the details, though she thinks it might have had something to do with tribute from the West. Although she'd not admit it, since the death has rather benefited her, she hasn't investigated it all that thoroughly.

One of the areas where Cordelia and Joran disagreed was on the proper amount of attention to be paid to their children. Cordelia had every intention of raising them the same way she had been raised. Joran was convinced that she was spoiling them. It was an issue that led to more than a few heated words, and never was properly resolved. The twin sisters, Dalia and Mara, both remain quite close to their mother and treasure the assortment of exotic trinkets that were given to them on their mother’s visits. Her middle son, Kasif, on the other hand, took after his father, perhaps because Cordelia spent the least amount of time with him, traveling for the majority of his childhood. They get along well enough but aren't close and probably never will be. Cordelia is probably closest to her youngest son, Seren. Unlike his siblings, he and his nursemaids and tutors accompanied Cordelia in her travels. He is currently attending one of the better primary schools in the Realm and while perhaps a bit spoiled, he has been doing quite well.

Cordelia has spent the majority of her life traveling through the Threshold. Travels that have been aided by the knowledge of the spell, Conjuring the Azure Chariot, which her sister Myria helped her learn. Much of this time was spent assisting family members in locating and translating old texts, or acting as translator, messenger, and assistant in various political and business transactions. However, Cordelia true skill is her ability as an author. Those who have read her books, both fiction and non-fiction say that she has an eye for detail, a vividness of language, and the ability to make her words come alive. Her name is associated with quite a few non-fiction books written about the many cultures and lands that make up the threshold, several others written about history and focusing on parts of the first age (restricted, second category), and one fairly basic but quite useful text about ways to make your journeys more comfortable (with a chapter discussing occult methods such useful talismans). She has also written a series of fictional "travel log" type stories set throughout the threshold that are quite popular and several works of historical fiction.

However her most significant accomplishment is one that very few people are aware of. Cordelia is also the notorious Passionate Rose author of a series of extremely popular "page-turner" type novels full of lust, love, and adventure. One would be tempted to disregard these stories as insignificant (except for adding to her coffers), however, when they are looked at a bit more closely, it becomes clear that they also act as an effective form of propaganda, speaking out against anathema, death cults, Raksha and other enemies of the Realm and promoting the Realm and Dragon Blooded. Quite a few of the books also subtly promotes the acceptance of Dragon Blooded sorcerers. One entire series of these novels describe the adventures of Sesus Sikandi, who Cordelia traveled with for a time and who she considers a friend.

A few years after her husband's death, Cordelia returned to their home in the Realm, where she has remained and begun to properly establish herself in society. She has once again taken up the role of hostess and her salons have become quite popular. While her personality isn’t as vivid as Sesus Sikandi’s, she is currently seen as exotic and interesting. In addition, her friendly and gentle manner tends to make for comfortable and relaxing affairs. Her most popular salons are those relating to exotic locations and it is well known that her personal cook is quite skilled at producing delicacies from all over creation and that she has obtained an assortment of interesting objects during her travels. Also, unlike some hosts and hostesses, Cordelia does not exclude sorcerers from her salons and treats them just as she would any other Dragon Blooded. Although, some have noticed that she shows slight distaste for demons and appears more comfortable with elemental entourages.

With the encouragement of V'neef Somat, Cordelia has also chosen this time to expand her artistic repertoire. While she hasn’t stopped writing and is in fact collaborating with Somat on a series of epic poems, she has decided it is time to expand her talents in the ink stained arts and explore other artistic arenas as well. She has currently moved into sepia-colored landscapes, and her works can be described as those of a skilled amateur, showing creativity and talent but still lacking the technical merit of a true expert. She has demonstrated a few musical pieces she learned during her travels during some of her salons, and it has been said she is quite gifted on the sexton, flute, and a few other more exotic instruments. Finally, inspired during her visit to the Chiaroscuro, Cordelia has begun experimenting with glass sculpture and decorative objects. Thus far, she hasn’t shown her glass works to anyone but Somat and probably won’t until she feels her skills have improved a bit further.


Mother: Ledaal Catala Dekana, air-aspected daughter of Ledaal Catala. She is a gifted Sorceress who serves the Ledaal household by studying and collecting First Age sorcerous lore. She is one of the senior members of the Rings of Ledaal Catala. She hasn’t remarried.

Father: Cynis Falen Thoan, water-aspected grandson of Cynis Falen. He was an adventurer who was quite skilled at finding and obtaining information and wonders from ruins. Unfortunately, he encountered a trap he wasn't able to disarm. Deceased.

Older Brother: Ledaal Catala Ari, water-aspected. He is the first born. After he graduated from the House of Bells, he took a position in the Legions. He is currently serving as as a Dragonlord in the 22nd Bridge-builders under Mnemon Ai’s command.

Older Sister: Ledaal Catala Myria, air aspected. She is the second born and is a graduate of the Heptagram, a skilled sorceress, and a member of the Rings of Ledaal Catala. She is currently teaching at the Heptagram and acting as a liaison between the Ledaal Catala family and the Heptagram.

Younger Brother: Ledaal Catala Norren, never exalted. He was born the year Cordelia began primary school and was the last child of Dekana and Thoan. He was a skilled thamaturge, but died of old age about ten years ago. Deceased.

Husband: Ragara Joran. Air-aspected. At their marriage, he was significantly older than Cordelia. He had a high ranking position in the Ministry (will let the GM determine details if they are relevant). He died in a convenient “accident” that many believed was arranged due to events in the Ministry. Cordelia doesn’t really know the details surrounding it. Cordelia and Joran had a distant relationship at best. Deceased.

Daughter: Dalia is the older of the two twins. She is an air aspect who attended the Heptagram and is currently living in the Ledaal Catala household in the threshold. She has a close relationship with her mother and her twin sister.

Daughter: Mara is the younger of the two twins. She is also an air aspect. She attended the House of Bells and is currently adventuring with a group of friends. She has a close relationship with her mother and her twin sister.

Middle Son: Kasif is an Air Aspect that plans to follow in his father’s footsteps. He will be graduating from the Spiral Academy in about a year and is eagerly anticipating a career in the ministry. The relationship between his mother and him is polite but distant. Cordelia would like to be closer to him, but it doesn’t seem particularly likely.

Youngest Son: Seren is still too young to exalt. He is currently attending one of the better primary schools in the Realm and is doing reasonably well. He has a close relationship to his mother and is just a bit spoiled.