Ledaal Kora

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An NPC for House of Bells

Ledaal Kora.jpg

"Or, new plan, we could actually go out and have some fun."

Archetype: Teenage Malcontent
Aspect: Water
Voice Actor: Kate Higgins
Theme: 'Bad Reputation' by Joan Jett

  • Exalted as a Water Aspect to an extremely traditional-minded Air Aspected branch of House Ledaal, Kora is seen as a bad omen and a sign of disfavor from Pasiap. An extremely stubborn, disobedient and willful child beforehand, Kora was about two seconds from the Palace of Tamed Storms when it was finally decided to spare the branch the shame of such a thing and sent Kora to the House of Bells in the hopes her aggression might be put to best use for the Blessed Isle. It hasn't happened yet, but Kora is enjoying learning how to kick ass in new ways.