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You, sooner or later, see it all as a cab driver, but the man last fare was a new one.

He was driving along and came across a super powered fight. He decided to get out of the area and just as he was about clear a man in a dark cloak raised his hand, wanting a cab. He really didn't want the far but he stopped anyway.

The man had him drive to the suburbs to an old house that was straight out of a horror movie, maybe the guy was going to a Halloween party or something.

No, I am not. Here is your fare.

The man held a gold coin in front of him and the cabby was no longer in control of his body.

I need an ..... assistant. One as weak minded as you would do nicely, come with me.

Tried as he might he could not stop himself, he had to do everything that the cloaked man said. Once inside the haunted house, spells were cast and his body and mind were destroyed. All that was left was Leech, the faithful follower of his master.

Leech PL 10 (150PP)

Init +2; 30ft (Run), 30ft (Swim); Defense 19/17 (7 Base, 2 Dex); BAB +7; +11 Melee (10 Drain, Various effects), +9 Ranged; SV Dmg +14, Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +10; Str 16, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 2 (Total 45PP)

Skills: Spot 6/+6, Search 3/+3, Listen 5/+5, Hide 5/+17, Move Silently 6/+8 (Total 25PP)

Feats: Darkvision, Power Immunity, Amphibious, Attack Focus (Drain) (Total 8PP)


  • Strength Drain +10 (Source: Mystical; Extra: Slow Recovery; Power Stunts: Dexterity Drain, Charisma Drain, Constitution Drain) (Cost 3 / Total 30+6PP)
  • Amazing (Damage) Save +10 (Source: Mystical; Extra: Will Save) (Cost 2 / Total 20PP)
  • Blending +10 (Source: Mystical) (Cost 1 / Total 10PP)
  • Clinging +6 (Source: Mystical) (Cost 1 / Total 6PP)