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This is not a truly complete game setting, but rather just a copy of the homebrew rules document I created for my Legends game written up at rpg.net Actual Play at this URL:

Basically, I got so many requests for a copy of the rules-set I figured I'd just create a wiki and post it in its entirety here.

I regard this as a half-finished system, though we got plenty of play out of it, so any game designers out there want to tweaking on it, go ahead! This is wiki, after all!

Until then, apologies for the mishmash of style and haphazard writing. Once its all up, I'll try to do some tweaking so it looks more like a finished product.

Table of Contents[edit]




  • [Legends Actual Play] - This was my attempt to run my own homebrew! Sadly this write-up isn't up to date, but one day...
  • Player Character Archive - Player characters and NPC Legends built using the Player Character rules.


Original game by by Asklepios.