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Welcome to the world of Spirit of the Century! Pulp Action in a poorly researched world of plot holes and spelling errors.


DavidalBarron - Spider Frost, hack pulp writer.

Players - Character, Description - Meta - Enemy
feeddannow - Beasle Wattsworth, Tomb Robber - Dante Rays - Miranda Wattsworth
Mendokusai - Mina/Milo Mengele, Creepy Doctor - Olivia Martini - Reichsinspekteurr Karl
Zombie_Lord_Demus - Ace Steel, Cultist - Jack Irons - The Dreaded Sky-Pirate Roberts
Kiplingskat - Velma Valentine, Sassy Pilot - Jessica Simms - Xander Drake
Irishopolis Murphey O'Malley, Mad Scientist - Oliver Albright - Janet the Parrot

Spider Frost[edit]

The Editor[edit]

Beasle Wattsworth[edit]

Miranda Wattsworth[edit]

Miranda Wattsworth

  • Soul Sucking Harpy
  • "...for old time's sake?"
  • "I own you!"
  • True Love, True Hate
  • Soul Slave Janet
  • Pursued by Devils, Never Caught Up
  • Sends a Shiver Up My Spine
  • [Aspect8]
  • [Aspect9]
  • [Aspect10]

Assumed Key Skill(s):

Rumored Stunts:

Popular Gal [Rapport]
You’re adept at catching the eye of the opposite sex, and keeping it once you’ve got it. Any seduction attempts you make with Rapport receive a +2 technique bonus provided the target is someone who could be receptive to it (this is not always a simple case of gender and preference).

Razor Tongue [Art]
The artist has a way with words, and knows how to craft the most exquisite insults. Whenever making a social roll that uses such words, he may automatically complement the effort with his Art skill – this is particularly potent when complementing Intimidation to get a rise out of someone, and in such a case, grants an additional +1 regardless of the level of skill.

Poison Words [Art] Requires Razor Tongue.

The artist’s skill at satire is so profound as to take the whole audience with him. The artist may choose a target normally, and that target need not be in the audience (though it should be one familiar to the audience). Normally, aspects resulting from a performance may not be specific; with this stunt, however, the player may specify the target in any aspect he puts on the scene. Thus, while an artist might normally be able to add the “Hate” aspect to a scene, but one with this stunt may make it “Hate Lord Octavian”.

Hit Them Where It Hurts [Empathy]
Your skill at reading people makes you adept at provoking a strong emotional response if you’re trying to get them angry, depressed, or something similar. Normally, the Intimidation skill would be used for such efforts; however, if you’ve succeeded at any Empathy roll against the target previously, you may use Empathy to wage such psychological warfare instead. In the hands of a character with high Empathy, this is especially lethal when combined with a successful read on someone that reveals an aspect.

Ride Anything [Survival]
If it can be ridden like a riding beast, you can ride it. You suffer no penalties or increased difficulty for a lack of familiarity, no matter how strange the mount, be it dinosaur, mechanical spider-robot, or Martian bird of prey.

Dante Rays[edit]

Mina/Milo Mengele[edit]

Surgeon with a lust for all things dark and deadly, Toxicology prodigy, Black-market patron, Artist with a blade, General creepy guy - who's really a gal.


  • Weirdo
  • Morbid Curiosity
  • Super Scalpel Slash!
  • That can kill you..
  • I know this voodoo priestess who can...
  • Body? What body?
  • Lil' old me?
  • Reichsinspekteurr Karl
  • Without a trace
  • Aspect 10


  • Superb - Science
  • Great - Mystery, Academics
  • Good - Deceit, Weapons, Athletics
  • Fair - Engineering, Contacting, Endurance, Resources
  • Average - Riding, Driving, Piloting, Survival, Alertness


Doctor The character has a singular ability to help the wounded recover from their ills. Whenever rolling Science to provide first aid or proper medical attention (see page XX), the roll is made at +2. A character with this stunt may choose to have a medical degree, or at least certification to act as a paramedic, nurse, or other medical professional.

Surgeon You’re not only a doctor, you’re at the forefront of medical Science in action. Your character is a respected authority in a specific field of surgical or therapeutic medicine; define it at the time you take this stunt. Possibilities include heart or brain surgery, transplant operations, disease pathologies, and so on; your character has the opportunity to break new ground ahead of the actual technological curve.

Thus, surgeons start with the +2 bonus from Doctor, and add at least one, for a total of +3. And better yet, they operate with a +4 in their area of utmost expertise.

Scholar of Toxicology - Accademics Your character is a respected authority in a specific academic field. Possibilities include history, English, archeology, mathematics and so on. In the elite circles of that particular field, you are recognized for your expertise. Even if your skill level is low, it merely means you are towards the bottom of that particular group of the elite.

Contortionist Athletics

You can fit into and through spaces and shapes that no normal human readily can. Normally, contorting tasks are impossible to attempt, or at best default to a (non-existent) Contortion skill rated at Mediocre. With this stunt, you can use your full Athletics score instead, and have rationale to attempt feats of contortion that are simply unavailable to others.

Slippery-Athletics Requires at least one other Athletics stunt. You gain a +2 to all attempts to defend against knockback or push attacks, as well as any attempts to escape from bonds.

Reichsinspekteurr Karl[edit]

Reichsinspekteurr Karl

Known Aspects:

  • "I'm not asking."
  • The Dark Side
  • "Xander, deal with this."
  • Thule Society
  • [Aspect5]
  • [Aspect6]
  • [Aspect7]
  • [Aspect8]
  • [Aspect9]
  • [Aspect10]
  • [Aspect11]
  • [Aspect12]

Assumed Key Skill(s):

Rumored Stunts:
This character is just someone you don’t want to cross, and that’s clear even to other intimidating folks. Normally, Intimidation attempts are resisted by Resolve; with this stunt, the character can use his Intimidation skill to resist Intimidation attempts.

Aura of Menace Requires Scary.

Characters with an Aura of Menace are the terror of all those who oppose them. Others are often powerless to describe what exactly it is about the character that is unsettling, but regardless, it has the effect of rooting them to the spot and believing the threats the guy makes.

Once per scene per target, the character may spend a fate point to intimidate a target as a free action, no matter what the circumstances, immediately (if between actions), or immediately after the current action underway.

This free action takes place in addition to any other action the character might take during the exchange.

Aura of Fear Requires Aura of Menace.

The character’s intimidating appearance and attitude is potent, making him able to intimidate entire crowds. As a full action, and only once per scene, the character may spend a fate point and make an intimidation attempt against all opponents in the scene. The effort is made at a -2 to the roll, but the character only rolls once, essentially setting the defensive difficulty that everyone must beat. If the effort at least beats the quality level of the minions present in the scene, at least half their number are automatically affected by the Intimidation effort regardless of their roll. This effect on minions may be cancelled if they have a leader with Leadership present, who may take a second defensive action on their behalf, using that skill.

The Promise of Pain Requires Scary.

The character makes a promise (really, a threat) to a target, and makes an attack using Intimidation. If he scores a successful hit of one or better on the target’s mental stress track, he may spend a fate point to immediately force a psychological consequence instead. The consequence must represent an appropriate response (such as folding up in fear, or a broken spirit) to the threat.

Steely Gaze Requires Scary.

Your character’s unflinching gaze can lock an opponent in place. When a character with this stunt looks an opponent in the eyes and makes an Intimidation check, it locks the two of them into a contest that will last until either something interrupts it or one of them flinches. Both characters are locked in a contest of wills, and can only take Intimidation actions against each other until one or the other either takes a consequence, concedes, or is interrupted (by, say, a gunshot). Any defense rolls either makes against an interrupting action while this is in effect is at -2.

Fearsome Gaze Requires Steely Gaze.

Your character’s gaze is so terrifying that those faced with it can end up paralyzed with fear. This stunt is used in the same fashion as Steely Gaze, but if the opponent loses to the point of taking a consequence, he takes two consequences, one right after the other, immediately. Even if this means he’s taken out, the target retains the option to concede after recording the consequence, thus keeping his right to define the nature of his defeat (subject to the gazer’s approval).

Olivia Martini[edit]

Fresh out of work, she's a complete novice here to try her hand at creative writing before diving into other career opportunities.

Ace Steel[edit]

Cultist , Madman, Monster hunter, Loose Cannon.... Kung-fu Master?
Current Fate Points:5(-1=4-1=3)

  • I live on the Edge
  • Brotherhood of the Black Star
  • Chosen One of Ct'tharhogg
  • My Body is a Road Map of Pain
    Occult Scarification, Tattoos, Battle-scars, Taint from beyond our reality... etc.
  • Bizarre Luck
  • Bionic Arm
  • Master of the Obsidian Death Style of Jing Zu
  • Monster Hunter
  • Enemy: The dread skypirate Roberts
  • Dark Sorcerer

Superb- Mysteries
Great- Fists, Leadership
Good-Intimidation, Resolve, Endurance
Fair- Athletics, Survival, Resources, Might
Average- Weapons, Deceit, Contacting, Empathy, Investigation

°Martial Arts [Fists]
Your training in the martial practices of the Far East have honed your abilities with your Fists into a finely disciplined form that is part combat skill, part art form. This gives you an acute insight into the means and methods of barehanded warfare. You may use your Fists skill to study an opponent by engaging him and testing his defenses with your own martial techniques. You must do this as a full action during an exchange. Your target must defend against this action, which is essentially a maneuver, with his Fists skill.
If you succeed, you have gained insight to your target’s fighting techniques, and may place an aspect on the target, as with a successful maneuver. Whenever you tag this aspect, you gain an additional +1 to your roll, for a total of +3 instead of the normal tagging bonus of +2.

°Lethal Weapon [Fists]
Your martial skill is dedicated to dishing out punishment, and your hands are practically illegal in most civilized countries. Any time your opponent opts to take a mild or moderate consequence from a blow you have dealt, you may spend a fate point to increase the severity of that consequence by one step, increasing mild to moderate and moderate to severe. The opponent may then reconsider whether to take the consequence, or instead offer a concession. You may not do this to an opponent who is already taking a severe consequence.

°Fist of Death [Fists]
By concentrating your force into a powerful blow, you may devastate even the most potent of opponents. Once per opponent per fight, you may spend a fate point after landing a successful blow to fill your opponent’s highest unchecked stress box, regardless of how much stress you would normally inflict.

°Minions [Leadership]-Brotherhood of the Black Star (A.K.A.~Cultists of Ct'tharhogg)
You have minions – lots of them. As a default, in a scene, you may have the bare minimum of minions easily on hand – two or three of Average quality (page XX).
You may make three upgrades to improve your minions, spent at the point you bring them into the scene. Each upgrade either by adds three more to their number, or boosts the quality of three of them by one step (no minion can be more than Good quality). This stunt may be taken multiple times to increase the starting number of minions (taking it twice means you start out with five or six of Average quality) and the number of upgrades (taking it twice also means you have six upgrades). You must spend all of your upgrades at the start of the scene when you bring in your minions, but you needn’t bring them all in right away.

°Unapproachable [Intimidation]
It’s difficult to try to manipulate someone when you’re constantly reminded of how scary they are. A character with this stunt may use his Intimidation in lieu of their Resolve to defend against Rapport, Deceit, and Empathy.

The Dreaded Sky-Pirate Roberts[edit]

The Dreaded Sky-Pirate Roberts


  • "Pride is my favorite sin..."
  • Atomic Zeppelin
  • Pirate Code of Honor
  • Beyond Fear.
  • [Aspect5]
  • [Aspect6]
  • [Aspect7]
  • [Aspect8]
  • [Aspect9]
  • [Aspect10]

Assumed Key Skill(s):
Resolve, Alertness

Rumored Stunts:
Smooth Recovery [Resolve]
While most characters with Resolve can keep things together under stress, for your character it is second nature, allowing him to regain his footing in the face of even the direst of outcomes outside of physical conflict. This stunt allows the character to take one additional moderate, social or mental consequence than normal, allowing him to take up to four total consequences of that variety.

Unflappable [Resolve] Requires Smooth Recovery.

The character is simply not prone to fear. While Intimidation efforts against him might provoke other emotions, they can rarely scare him; he gains a +2 to his Resolve when defending against a purely fear-based Intimidation action.

Right Place, Right Time [Resolve] Requires Unflappable.

The character seems to always be in a safe spot, without moving in any obvious way. When engaged in physical combat, characters with this stunt may use Resolve as their combat skill when defending, and may also use it to move or take cover (so long as they merely saunter; no sprints allowed).

To the outside world, it appears that the character is simply staying put and unfazed as gunfire and other attacks miss him by scant inches, or is picking up his undisturbed martini as the werewolf rushes past. Circumstance conspires to leave the character undisturbed so long as his defense is not beaten.

Danger Sense [Alertness]
The character maintains a quick and easy awareness of ambushes and other nasty surprises – perhaps preternaturally, perhaps simply due to finely tuned mundane senses. Whenever ambushed (see page XX), the character is able to take a full defensive action, gaining a +2 on his defense roll, regardless of whether or not he’s surprised (if he is surprised, dropping his base defense to Mediocre, this stunt takes his base defense up to Fair).

Saw It Coming [Alertness] Requires Danger Sense.

The character is never surprised; he may always take a full defensive action when ambushed, and his base defense is never reduced to Mediocre by surprise.

Jack Irons[edit]

Clean cut 2 fisted writer. Over protective of his 5 sisters and rumored to live his work. He use to write pulp short stories for the Rockfield Gazette (which burned down under mysterious circumstances).

Velma Valentine[edit]

-Sassy, cigar smoking pilot adventurer/explorer for hire, newfound curiosity in the Occult, alleged ex-Mob Moll.

Current Fate Points: 5

Health XXOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None

Known Aspects:

  • “If it has wings and an engine, I can fly it."
  • Bombshell Barrage!
  • Epic Poker Face
  • "What’s this thing do?"
  • Vampy Vixen
  • Globetrotter Extrordinaire
  • "Some call it arrogance, I call it self-awareness."
  • “If I ever see that Xander Drake bastard again, I’ll…."
  • Aspect Nine
  • Aspect Ten

Superb - Pilot
Great - Guns, Rapport
Good - Engineering, Contacting, Empathy
Fair - Athletics, Drive, Alertness, Resources
Average - Mysteries, Deceit, Fists, Gambling, Resolve

-Acrobat [Athletics]
You are able to perform any number of impressive acrobatic feats. Difficulties assigned for complex maneuvers while acting (e .g walking on a tightrope, doing brain surgery while hanging from a trapeze) are reduced by two. Falling rolls gain a +2 bonus. When used acrobatically, your Athletics skill can never be used to restrict another skill, only complement it.

-Walk the Walk [Contacting]
The character’s travels have taken her to every corner of the globe. Her familiarity with the streets and peoples of the world allow her to function easily, at home and abroad. The character never suffers any additional difficulty from unfamiliar circumstances when Contacting.

-Two Gun Jill [Guns]
Normally, shooting with two guns just looks cool without providing a bonus. With this stunt, a character firing two weapons has a decisive advantage. Any time this character uses two guns and hits a target for at least one stress, the stress of the hit is increased by one (meaning, essentially, that he never hits a target for less than two stress, when she hits). Furthermore, any defense against maneuvers to deprive the character of either of her guns is improved by one. The two belong together, after all, in the hands of a Two Gun Jill.

-Barnstormer [Pilot]
This pilot can squeeze her plane through places where it has no business fitting. Normally, a pilot can spend a fate point for a coincidence or declaration to assure that the plane has enough clearance space to fly through. Characters with this stunt never need to spend a fate point: if it could fit, it can. What’s more, if your character does spend a fate point, she can fit the plane in places it absolutely should not be able to. This stunt is also useful for landing planes in improbably tight quarters.

-Personal Aircraft [Pilot]
You have a personal aircraft that you own or have the exclusive right to fly. In all respects, this stunt functions like the Custom Ride stunt. Please refer to that stunt for details.

Xander Drake[edit]

Xander Drake

Known Aspects:

  • "...and I get paid for this too?"
  • Cheerful executioner
  • "With pleasure, Reichsinspekteurr"
  • [Aspect4]
  • [Aspect5]
  • [Aspect6]
  • [Aspect7]
  • [Aspect8]
  • [Aspect9]
  • [Aspect10]

Assumed Key Skill(s):

Rumored Stunts:
Anything Goes [Weapons]
Your character suffers no complications for an awkward or improvised weapon – virtually anything can be a lethal weapon in his hands, as long as he can comfortably and casually lift it.

The key here is that the weapon must be improvised – a chair, a priceless urn, a beer bottle. There’s also a catch: most improvised weaponry doesn’t often survive more than a few uses.

However, your character should never need to spend a fate point in order to declare that an improvised weapon is close at hand, unless his surroundings have been deliberately prepared against this (such as a prison cell). When using the Weapons skill to throw objects at a target, this stunt means he often has an easy supply of ammunition at hand.

Close At Hand [Weapons]
Close at Hand allows your character to bring his weapon to hand faster than the eye can track. He never takes a supplemental action penalty when drawing his weapon if he has it nearby or on his person. If someone is actively blocking such an action (see page XX), you may treat that block as if it had a value two steps lower.

Combined with Anything Goes (above), this character is effectively always effortlessly armed if he’s in an even moderately cluttered environment.

Weapons of the World [Weapons]
Every kind of proper (not improvised) hand-held melee weapon in the world has been in your hands at one point or another. Your experience is extensive and profound; you never face a familiarity penalty regardless of how strange the weapon you’re using is. Further, if you tell a quick (two or three sentence) story about how you came to use such a weapon in times past, you may get a +1 bonus for a scene, once per “new” weapon, per session, at no cost. This story may either be out loud or as an internal monolog ue shared with the other players at the table.

Infuriate [Intimidation]
Intimidation gives you a real talent for scaring people, but sometimes fear isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get up someone’s nose, so long as you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of the control that fear gets you.

Whenever deliberately trying to get someone angry with you, you receive a +2 bonus. If this results in an attack or other action against you by your target, you may use Intimidation to complement the skill you use on the first exchange, no matter the circumstance – after all, you made it happen, so you were ready for it.

Subtle Menace [Intimidation]
The character exudes menace far in excess of his capability to act. Even bound and behind prison bars, the character is so ripe with the promise of the awful things he could do that he’s still scary. This character may use Intimidation no matter what the power imbalance in the situation is, and reduces his target’s bonuses for acting from a superior position by 2 (to a minimum of +0).

Jessica Simms[edit]

An energetic, somewhat fidgety young writer fresh off the proverbial boat. She has a massive handbag that many in the business have dubbed her 'Bag of Tricks'. Her explanation? "I just like to have everything close at hand!"

Murphey O'Malley[edit]

Think Dexter from Dexter's Lab meets the early 20th century and add booze.


Health: 00X00

Composure: 00000

Minor: Stunned

Moderate: Arms Incapacitated

Major: Unconscious

Consequence: ???


"I am advanced for my age" - Only the spry young age of 15.

"Steamy Punk" - Tends to be irrational and hot-headed against members of authority.

"Drink Tank" * - As all stereotypical irish, this boy likes his whiskey

"Dammit, Janet!" - Annoying parrot of a certain pirate captain...

"Lead (or some other type of metal) Foot" - Signature Metal Boots that make it really hard to drive.

"Magna cum La-De-Da" - Genius who hates other geniuses

"Push the Red Button" - Usually installs red buttons onto objects that cause both dangerous and exciting effects

"School of Hard Knocks" - He learns from mistakes, and he makes a lot of them.

"Dropkick Murphy!" - The boots are made for stomping, and thats just what they do.

Aspect 10


Superb - Engineering

Great - Science, Fists

Good - Intimidate, Might, Resources

Fair - Empathy, Sleight of Hand, Endurance, Gambling

Average - Rapport, Academics, Guns, Alertness, Athletics


Weird Science*

Mad Science (Theme: Steampunk)*

You are able to create devices that even a 21st century person would deem impossible, unlikely, or simply too advanced for mankind’s present capabilities. Unconventional construction methods, cars that run on brainpower, and other bizarre effects are all possible. Your Mad Science must have a theme (such as Doktor Herborn's "metabolic chemistry"), which you must define when you take this stunt. Any Mad Science improvements you incorporate into devices must fit this theme (but with a little creativity, most concepts can fit a sufficiently flexible theme). As with the Weird Science stunt (above), a mad scientist may collaborate with an engineer in order to help that engineer build mad sciences into his gadgets for only a single improvement allocation.

Mister Fix-It

The character’s talented at getting things repaired under time-critical circumstances. The time it takes to get something fixed by the character is reduced by two steps. If the situation is already operating on the fastest possible amount of time the difficulty of the repair effort is reduced by one. These bonuses stack with Grease Monkey!

Personal Gadget

You have a personal gadget based on an existing (or potentially existing) piece of technology, with three improvements. You must define at least the basic nature of the gadget, and one or two of the improvements, at the time you take this stunt. You may take this stunt several times, either for several personal gadgets, or to provide additional improvements to the same gadget. See page XX for detailed gadget design rules.

Grease Monkey

If it has an engine and wings, propellers, or wheels, you “get” it, intuitively and completely. Whenever dealing with a Engineering roll involving a vehicle – repairing, designing, upgrading, etcetera – your difficulties are reduced by one, and additionally, the time to get the work done is reduced by one step on the time table (see page XX).

  • Only applies to engineering

Janet the Parrot[edit]

Janet the Parrot a.k.a. Janet Parotisio

Known Aspects:

  • Inhuman Witch
  • Uncanny Evasion
  • Darkness
  • True Form
  • Reinforcements From Beyond
  • Ethereal Jaunt
  • Soul Feast
  • [Aspect8]
  • [Aspect9]
  • [Aspect10]
  • [Aspect11]
  • [Aspect12]

Assumed Key Skill(s):

Rumored Stunt(s):
In Plain Sight [Stealth]
Your character suffers no environment-based difficulty increases when using Stealth. This means that even when he’s out in the open and wouldn’t normally be able to justify using Stealth, he may. This also means that, once hidden, even people actively searching for him (page XX) do not get a +2 to their Alertness or Investigation rolls.

This ability only functions so long as your character does not move, and does not do anything other than hide. The moment he does something else, he breaks cover and is immediately visible.

Master of Shadows [Stealth] Requires In Plain Sight.

Your character is one with the shadows, and lives in every darkened corner, unheard and unseen. You gain the full benefit of In Plain Sight, but may also move one zone per exchange without automatically breaking stealth, allowing you to remain hidden while moving, even when you shouldn’t be able to hide in the first place.

If your character is in an environment that could give a bonus to stealth (like one with a Dark or Smokey aspect) or even one that would normally justify the use of Stealth to hide, you may pay a fate point to make a full sprint action without automatically breaking stealth.

The upshot of this stunt is as follows: Whenever the character moves while hidden, discovery penalties (see page XX) may still apply, but are cut in half. Outside of conflict, this leaves observers at +1 for a cautious creep, +2 for walking pace, +3 for a jog (short sprint) and +4 for an out-andout run (long sprint); inside conflict, observers only get a +1 to detect the character for every zone moved in an exchange. If used in combination with Like the Wind (see page XX), these discovery bonuses are eliminated entirely.

Quick Exit [Stealth]
A momentary distraction is all you need to vanish from the scene. Provided you are not in the midst of a conflict, you may roll a quick contest between your Stealth and the highest Alertness in the room. If you succeed, the next time someone turns to look at or talk to you, you’re not there.

Vanish [Stealth] Requires Quick Exit.

This stunt functions the same as Quick Exit (above), but the character may vanish even if he is in a conflict, as a full action. This requires some dramatic flourish (smoke bombs or bright flashes are classics) or the invocation of an appropriate environmental aspect (like The Darkness of the New Moon).

Shadowed Strike [Stealth] Requires Master of Shadows and Vanish.

The character strikes from out of the darkness, leaving his foes bewildered and in pain. When hidden, the character can launch an attack while remaining hidden, using his Stealth for any defense rolls for the duration of that exchange.

Deadly Shadows [Stealth] Requires Shadowed Strike.

When using the Shadowed Strike method the character may use his Stealth to make attacks as well, rather than using his Weapons skill or the like.

Oliver Albright[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

"Billiards" Badwick, Balloontrepreneur[edit]

Jolly Texan gambling millionaire who travels the world in his personal zeppelin seeking high-stakes fun. Current employer of "Kid" O'Malley.

Known Aspects:

  • Stubborn as a Texas Mule
  • Sucker for an Emotional Appeal
  • "Kid, I'm your employah!"
  • More Money Than Sense
  • Pool Shark
  • Balloontrepreneur

Assumed Key Skill(s):
Resources, Gambling

Ling Deschanel[edit]

Daughter of a Chinese Warlord and a French tennis starlet

Known Aspects

  • Child of Two Worlds
  • Gymnast
  • A Lady of Wealth and Taste
  • Kidnapped!

Assumed Key Skill(s) Acrobatics

Paul Fonck[edit]

Leader of the Blot-Outs, a mercenary fighter plane squadron currently in the employ of the Dreaded Sky-Pirate Roberts.

Known Aspects:

  • Hard Head, Soft Heart
  • "What?"

Assumed Key Skill(s) Pilot, Leadership

Katydid Xiuxiu[edit]

Chinese ghost doctor, poisons expert and pan-dimensional gossip. One of Mina's teachers.

Known Aspects:

  • Pigeon Fancier
  • I know a ghost who knows a guy
  • Ear to the Ground

Assumed Key Skill(s): Contacting, Mysteries, Medicine

Thongsuk Samdaengpan[edit]

Thai nun, master of meditation.

Tong Lord Xua[edit]

Criminal Lord of Hong Kong

Known Aspects:

  • Hot Headed
  • I own this city!
  • Mechanical Man

Assumed Key Skill(s): Drive, Leadership
Superb (+5) - Might
Good (+3) - Endurance
Average (+1) - Guns, Resolve, Athletics

Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None

Rumored Stunts:

NOTE: These Might Stunts only apply when Xua is piloting his Mechanical Man
Herculean Strength [Might]
The character is incredibly strong, capable of lifting great weights. All weight-based difficulties that don’t involve combat are reduced by two steps. See page XX for more on weights.

Piledriver [Might]
Requires Herculean Strength.

The character is capable of landing powerful blows with hammer-like force. At their best, these blows can rip apart steel cages and knock down walls. A character with Piledriver adds four to his attacks with Might against inanimate targets.

Unstoppable [Might]
Requires Herculean Strength and at least one other Might stunt.

Once in motion, this character is very difficult to stop due to his sheer muscular force.

The character may use Might rather than Athletics for move actions; this includes sprinting (see page XX). Furthermore, all blocks to his movement, including borders which can be “smashed” through, are considered to be two lower.

Wrestler [Might]
Requires one other Might Stunt.

The character is a trained wrestler. The character may use their Might skill instead of Fists.

Mechanical Man[edit]

A Might-enhancing steam-suit with an array of unguided rockets strapped to the back.

Tony Xi[edit]

Ex-lieutenant to Tong Lord Xua. Missing a kidney.

  • Surprisingly Honorable
  • "Ah, jeez."
  • "Let me say that a different way..."

Assumed Key Skill(s): Something?
Great (+4) - Leadership
Good (+3) - Guns, Rapport
Average (+1) - Resolve
Mediocre (+0) - Endurance

Health XOOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None


A mysterious assassin who uses untraceable ice bullets crafted with the arcane power of...what exactly?

  • "I'm going to put [target] on ice"
  • Not Book Smart
  • Ice Pistol
  • Magic?
  • ICE Plane

Assumed Key Skill(s): Guns
Great (+4) - Guns
Good (+3) - Athletics, Acrobatics
Fair(+2) - Pilot, Mysteries, Engineering
Average (+1) -
Mediocre (+0) -


Personal Aircraft
You have a personal aircraft that you own or have the exclusive right to fly. In all respects, this stunt functions like the Custom Ride stunt (page XX). Please refer to that stunt for details.

Prototype Aircraft Requires Personal Aircraft.
Identical to the Prototype Car stunt (on page XX), but for your plane.

The ICE ("Independent Combat Engine") Biplane
Conscious (2)
Like independent, but the device is capable of basic reasoning, and can interpret simple commands.
Alternate Usage
The device can now do something else of roughly the same scope. A car might also be able to be a boat, for example, or a gun might be able to shoot a grappling hook. Alternately, it may be able to do something normal but do it exceptionally well (so that a technology works like it does in the movies rather than real life).

Health OOOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None

Kelly Bravadous[edit]

Some girl who is totally not an assassin. Ignore her. (Her bravadous sorcerous nature wars with her sneaky assassin ways.)

  • Mystic Sign Language
  • Poison!
  • Aspect 3

Assumed Key Skill(s): Stealth
Superb (+5) -
Great (+4) - Stealth
Good (+3) - Deceit, Weapons
Average (+1) -
Mediocre (+0) -

Health OOOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None

Stunts The Honest Lie [Deceit]

The best lies are the ones that contain a healthy dose of truth. Whenever the character incorporates a hefty portion of the truth into a lie, he gains a +2 bonus. The truth must be relevant, not unimportant, and significant, not trivial – it must be on par with (or bigger than) the lie, or at least in the ballpark.

Clever Facade [Deceit]

Requires either The Honest Lie or Takes One to Know One.

Whenever the character is the target of an Empathy “read”, and decides to put a false face forward (see page XX), and wins the contest, he not only provides a false aspect to the reader, he also gets a read on the reader himself (revealing an aspect). The reader has fallen for your clever little trap!

Ms. Egbert Engle[edit]

shopkeep, herbalist, spinster, heiress

Gong Pao Gang[edit]

Three brothers, former students of Madame XiuXiu, who have formed their own gang to pursue petty crime and good deeds.

Liu Kang[edit]

Martial arts master and criminal mind. Defender of peace against the imperialist.

  • A Brother to His Men
  • Go and Get Them
  • Fists of Punching

Assumed Key Skill(s): Fists
Superb (+5) -
Great (+4) -
Good (+3) -
Average (+1) -
Mediocre (+0) -

Health OOOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None


Pyromaniac and petter of dogs.

  • Pyromaniac
  • "What is 'bang' in your language?"
  • Aspect 3

Assumed Key Skill(s): Engineering
Superb (+5) -
Great (+4) -
Good (+3) -
Average (+1) -
Mediocre (+0) -

Health OOOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None

Brock Lee[edit]

Machine Gun Guy. Friend to children everywhere.

  • An Unconvincing Pseudonym
  • Mad Dash
  • Never Reloads

Assumed Key Skill(s): Guns
Superb (+5) -
Great (+4) -
Good (+3) -
Average (+1) -
Mediocre (+0) -

Health OOOOO
Composure OOOOO O
Mild: None
Moderate: None
Severe: None