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Raven Class Lenore

The Lenore was a Raven Class Salvage ship. Displaces 4800 Tons. Designed with high-tech sensors, armored hull, and flexible cargo system to conduct in space salvage.

  • Found adrift in a debris field 3 days from Angel enroute to Red Sun.
  • Summer's Gift removed its Parallax Array to replace its own.
  • Enigmatic references made to "remember the Kingston." No explanation offered.
  • Crew took on the names of dead pirates of yore. Why?


Calico Jack (MIA)
Mary Beard - Anne Bonnie
John (Cooper) Fenwick
Tom Bourne
Fei Wu Ling - Fei Li Kahn
  • Captain - "Calico" Jack Rackham - Alias of the Captain, lost presumed dead.
  • First Mate - Mary Read (Alias), youngish woman now in charge of the crew. She is the daughter of the crew's former captain. As such she is someone unproven as a leader.
  • Engineer - Anne Bonnie (Alias), red haired, and quick tempered engineer.
  • Pilot - Tom Bourne (Alias), cocky and crazy pilot of Lenore. He appears quite knowledgeable and competent but unstable.
  • Bosun - "Cooper" John Fenwick (alias). Towering and crude. Presumably not hired for his intellect.
  • Medic - Fei Wu Ling (alias?), graceful and knowledgeable of sports and martial arts.
  • Deck Hand - Fei Li Kahn (alias?), cautious and loyal crew member. Presumably muscle for various ship needs.