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24 of 6 — Unknown

Barknett — Radeligian Lensman

Clifford Maitland — Mauler Captain


Fritz von Hohendorff — Commondant of Cadets

Lieutenant-Admiral Gerrond — Commander of Radelix base

Haynes — Port Admiral of Prime Base

Hotchkiss — Dauntless crew-member.

Kimball Kinnison — Grey Lensman

Lageston of Mercator V — Stationed on Trenco (deceased)


Nadreck of Palain VII — Second Stage Lensman

Parker — Sector Nineteen Lensman (heavily scarred)

Raoul LaForge



Tregonsee of Rigel IV — Former Commander of Trenco Base, now Second Stage Lensman.


Widel Holmberg

Winstead — Radeligian Narcotics Lensman

Worsel the Velantian (Second Stage Lenman)

Brittania Crew[edit]

(included for historical reasons, the surviving members of the Brittania's crew have been re-assigned.)

Allerdyce — Quartermaster



Henry Henderson — Pilot


LaVerne Thorndyke — Technician

Nelson — Communications



Uhlenhuth — Technician

VanBuskirk — Valerian Lieutenant

Dauntless Crew[edit]

Allerdyce — Quartermaster

Chatway - Chief Firing Officer

Henry Henderson — Chief Pilot

Hotchkiss — Lensman

LaVerne Thorndyke — Technician

Malcolm Craig — Captain.

Nelson — Chief Communications Officer

Ralph — 'coptor gunner.

Schermerhorn — Third Pilot

VanBuskirk — Valerian Lieutenant

Watson — Second Pilot


'Spike' the flat — Trenconian

Wise — President of Medon

Prime Base Personnel[edit]

Clarissa MacDougall — Chief Nurse and expert in inertialess rescues

Harvey — Flotilla ZKD flagship navigator.

Miss Hostetter — Librarian

Hotchkiss — communications expert (Is this 'Lensman Hotchkiss' from the Dauntless?)

Lacy — Surgeon-Marshal and skeleton enthusiast

Rex — Captain of the Z9M9Z.

Ruby — Port Admiral Haynes' secretary.

Schermerhorn — 3rd.-best Patrol pilot

Southworth — Admiral, and Haynes' subordinate.

Watson — 2nd.-best Patrol pilot


Eukonidor — Arisian border guard

Mentor — Kinnison's tutor


'Ackbar' (real name not known) — New Yorker Boskonian Captain

Alcon of Thrale — Tyranical ruler of the Thrallian Empire. (deceased)

Bominger — Zwilnik agent and bar owner in Ardith. Fat and greedy. (deceased)

Clovis — Crown On Shield bouncer

Countess Avondrin — minor zwilnik agent on Radelix (now retired)

Dessa Desplains — Zwilnik agent, originally from Aldebaren II (now retired with a re-built memory)

Edmund Crowninshield — High-ranking zwilnik, Kalonian.

Eichamp (Amp of the Eich) — 'Eighth of Boskone' Foremost psychologist of the Eich (deceased)

Eichlan (Lan of the Eich) — 'First of Boskone' Helmuth's enigmatic and indescribable superior (deceased)

Eichmil (Mil of the Eich) — 'Second of Boskone' (Now First) (deceased)

Eichnor (Nor of the Eich) — 'Third of Boskone' (Now Second) (deceased)

Eichsnap (Snap of the Eich) — 'Fourth of Boskone' (Now Third) (deceased)

Fossten — Prime Minister of Thrale (also, see Gharlane).

Gharlane — FNORD, renegade Arisian? (deceased)

Gilversleeve — Valerian pirate captain

Helmuth — Speaker for Boskone (now dead), Kalonian

Illona Porter — Dancer from Lonabar (now defected).

Krimsky — Vice-Commander of Boyssia II base

Jalte — Galactic director of zwilnik operations, Kalonian

Janice Carter — zwilnik

Lanion — Thrallian Adviser

Major Delios — Thrallian officer.

Menjo Bleeko — Lonabaran zwilnik and memory-blocked agent (deceased).

Ninth of Boskone — Unnamed Eich.

'Number One' — any one of a number of minor (and interchangeable) crime bosses.

Prellin — Bominger's immediate superior (deceased).

Sansteed — Boskone department head (presumed deceased)

Seventh of Boskone — Unnamed Eich (deceased).

Strongheart — Big Shot on Miner's Rest.

Traska Gannel — Thrallian officer replaced by Kim (presumably deceased)

Vogenar — Wheelman in Aldebaran I base (very likely deceased)

Wolmark — high ranking Boskonian (presumed deceased)

Other Characters[edit]

Sir Austin Cardynge — Phenomenally smart British theoretical physicist

Blakeslee — former Chief Communications officer in Boyssia II base

Brenmeer — Thrallian clothier.

Councillor Ellington — Head of Narcotics

Crandall 'Bertie' — New Yorker former Boskonian Pilot

Elder One — Leader of Lyrane II (also known as Helen).

Gladys Forester — Millionairess and Businesswoman.

Matthews — Merchant Prince

van der Schleiss — Astrophysicist

'Wacky' Williamson — Science Fiction author (maybe a reference to Jack Williamson)

Xylpic — Chickladorian navigator.

Setting Information[edit]

Makes of Automobile[edit]

Crownover sedan — Large and slow

DeKhotinsky sporter — fast car, top speed 140 mph.

Space Travel[edit]

Cruising Speed: 60 parsecs/hour

Full Blast: 90 parsecs/hour


Alsakan — Known mostly as a producer of rare cigarettes

Aldebaran I — Barren, Mercury-like world

Aldebaran II — Earth colony world

Arisia — cloistered homeworld of the mysterious Arisians

Borova II— Inhabited planet in the Borova system.

Borova IV — Uninhabited planet in the Borova system.

Boyssia II — location of hidden New-Yorker Boskonian base

Bronseca — Earthlike, but somewhat warmer. Large Tellurian population.

   Cominoche — Capital of Bronseca 

Centralia — Planet nearest to the centre of the Galaxy.

Chickladoria — Homeworld of the Chickladorians.

Corvina — Origin of Klono cult.

Corvina II — Source of Bentlam.

Dekanore VI — Home to a race of spider-like beings.

Delgon — homeworld of the Overlords.

Euphrosyne — Large asteroid in the Borova system.

   Miner's Rest — Spaceman's resort on Euphrosyne.

Jarnevon — homeworld of the Eich (in Lundmark's Nebula') a dark, frigid and airless world.

Kalonia — homeworld of the Kalonians (in Lundmark's nebula).

Klovia — War-torn world, used as main Patrol base in the Second Galaxy.

Lonabar — As yet unknown world, under Boskonian control.

Lyrane — G-type dwarf star

Lyrane II — Earthlike world, home of the Lyranians.

Medon — Technologically advanced world, formally in Lundmark's Nebula

Onlo — Thrallis IX, former home of the Onlonians.

Palain VII — Home of Nadrek.

Radelix — Civilisation member world, inhabitants are highly intelligent

   Ardith — Capital of Radelix
   Radeligian — Language of Radelix

Tellus — alternative name for Sol III, Earth

Thrale — Thrallis II, capital world of the Thrallian Empire.

Trenco — only known source of the drug Thionite

Tressilia III — Home to a zwilnik regional director.

Valeria — heavy gravity dutch colony world

Vandemar — Planet furthest from the center of the Galaxy.

Velantia — homeworld of the Velantians

Alphabetic Species Classification Scheme[edit]

1st letter: Atmospheric Requirements (A = Oxygen)

2nd letter: Temperature Requirements (A = Earth-like)

3rd letter: Overall Body Arrangement (A = erect)

4th letter: Head types (A = humanlike)

5th letter: Arm types (A = humanlike)

6th letter: Leg types (A = humanlike)


Arisians — Enigmatic beings resembling brains with vestigial bodies. Extremely powerful telepaths. Providers of the LENS.

Bronsecan — native of Bronseca

Chickladorian — 'Pink all over. Bushy hair, triangular eyes, teeth, skin; all that same peculiar colour. Not the flush of red blood showing through translucent skin, but opaque pigment; the brick-reddish pink so characteristic of the near-humanity of that planet'. Chickladorian minds work on a frequency unlike that of any other race in the galaxy.

Eddorian — FNORD

Eich — "A many-tentacled creature indescribable to man. It was not like an octopus. Though spiny, it did not resemble at all closely a sea-cucumber. Nor, although it was scaly and toothy and wingy, was it, save in the vaguest possible way, similar to a lizard, a sea-serpent, or a vulture."

Kalonian — Blue-skinned humanoids, possible orgininating in Lundmark's Nebula.

Klovians — Very human-like inhabitants of Klovia.

Lyranians — A to 10 places humanoid race exhibiting extreme sexual dimorphism. Exhibit powerful mental abilities.

Onlonians — Partially hyperdimansional cold-loving species.

Ordovik — possess the sense of perception, no other details known.

Posenian — "As tall as a tall human, and heavier. Somewhat human in shape, but not in detail. Four arms instead of two, each arm had two opposed hands, and each hand had two thumbs, one situated about where a little finger would be expected. No eyes, not even vestigial ones. Two broad, flat noses and two toothful mouths; one of each in what would ordinarily be called the front of his round, shining, hairless head; the other in the back. Upon the sides of the head were large, volute, highly dirigible ears. And, like most races having the faculty of perception instead of that of sight, their heads are relatively immobile, their neck being short, massive, and tremendously strong. They can breath Tellurian atmosphere without problems, but not Radelix's."

Rigellian — Native of Rigel IV, cylindrical beings with four legs, four branching tentacles, and four mouths. Most well-known users of the sense of perception

Trocanthers — 'cold-blooded, quasi-reptilian beings who abhor light of all kinds and who breathe a gaseous mixture not only paralyzingly cold but also chemically fatal to man'.

Thrallians — AAAAAA Human-like natives of Thrale.

Velantians — 'Dragon-snakes', winged, with multiple arms, legs and eyes. Powerful telepaths.

Star Systems[edit]

Lundmark's Nebula — possible origin of Boskone

Star Cluster AC 257-4736 — location of Helmuth's Grand Base

Glossery of Terms[edit]

Aldebaranian bolega — Alcoholic spirit similar to whisky.

Benny — Slang for Bentlam.

Bentlam — narcotic, 'known also to the trade by such nicknames as "benny," "benweed," "happy-sleep," and others, is a shredded, moistly fibrous material of about the same consistency and texture as fine-cut chewing tobacco.' Originates on Corvina II.

Bergenholm — Inertia neutraliser

Blasted off — lost your/their temper

Boskone — space pirate outfit - (inter-)galactic in scope

Fayalin — 'A stimulating, although non-intoxicating beverage prepared from the fruit of a Crevenian shrub, Fayaloclastus Augustifolius Barnstead; much in favor as a ceremonial drink among those who can afford it.' E.E.S.

Free — under inertialess drive

Give someone the needle — play a prank/make a fool of

Hadive — smoked narcotic

H.T.T.s — 'High-Tension Tinkers' (Second-Stage Lensmen)

Inert — not under inertialess drive

Jets/Jets to swing that — Influence/capability to do something

Laxlo — Alchoholic drink drunk on Radelix

Lens, to Lens — use a Lens to send a telepathic communication to someone.

Lensing — using a Lens to read someone's mind

Klono — spaceman's deity (usually used for expletives)

Mauler — slow, heavily armed mobile fortress

Net — Device for allowing the safe(-ish) equalisation of intrinsic velocities.

Nitrolabe — Centralian narcotic, injected

Noshabkeming — Valerian deity


Sense of Perception — non-visual, volumetric sense

Seven Sector Callout — [I]really[/I] good looking.

Thionite — illegal narcotic, effective on anything with haemoglobin-based blood.

Tomingan donganeur — martial arts move, presumably from Tominga.

Trenco — anything, animal or vegetable, that lives on the planet Trenco

Z9M9Z — aka Directrix, Grand Fleet Operations.

Zabriskan fontema — something with very little sense

Zwilnik — anything or anybody that comes after thionite

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