Leontes Murrue

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Leontes Murrue: Spy-For-Hire turned Math Teacher



Hide, Sneak, Disarm, Subdue, Search, Disguise, Pick Lock


Gather Info, Contacts, Observation, Insight, Underworld, Politics


Logic, Codes, Ciphers, Hacking, Puzzles, Mathematics

Born Street Tough

Dirty Fighting, Grappling, Tough, Fast, Knife, Intimidation


Key of Meticulousness

Leontes practices the idiom "the greatest enemy of passion is efficiency." Hit the key when Leontes takes a task slowly, letting each piece fall into place. BUYOFF: Rush a task he's been given.

Key of the Fugitive

Leontes is on the run after he was burned by one of his contractors, and can't afford to let anybody know his true nature. Hit the key whenever Leontes manages to keep someone from finding out his true occupation. BUYOFF: Reveal his true nature to someone he's fooled.

Key of Mercy

Leontes is a liar and a thief, but he won't kill unless all other options have been exhausted. Hit the key whenever Leontes lets someone related to a job he's doing live. BUYOFF: Kill an innocent person in cold blood.


Secret of Vanishing

Once per session, Leontes can re-roll a failed roll to shake pursuers.

Secret of the Escapist

Once per session, Leontes can escape simple bonds put on him.


Who is Leontes Murrue?

Well, most people don't know who Leontes is. That's a good thing, considering who he is. Leontes Murrue is a thief, and one of the best spies in the galaxy. It's been said that he comes with the night breeze under a moonless sky, taking what he needs and gone without so much as a stone out of place. Well, that's actually a bit of an exaggeration, but Leontes's reputation as a spy and an infiltrator is well-deserved. And he does it all for a price. Just give him the cred and he'll do what he does best. And the best part of it is, it's all clean, as Leontes never tries to spill blood if he can help it.

So, if that's the case, what's Leontes doing with a bunch of spoiled princesses on a ship?

Well, the thing is, recently Leontes was offered one of the biggest jobs in his career, getting involved with a war between two noble families who'd been sniping at each other for some time. Now, the thing was, he was supposed to infiltrate both families, working as a double-agent for either side. But, things did not go so well, as someone he had been working with decided to bail and put Leontes in the crossfire. Leontes managed to escape, but it was high time to get out of Dodge, as the saying went. So Leontes called in a favor or two, hoping there was a way to get off-world in a hurry.

Opportunity knocked the next morning, as it turned out. A Princess's Boarding School on a Ship (as his contact described it) was leaving later that afternoon, and given enough time, he could pull a quick stunt and disguise himself as a member of the faculty. So Leontes Murrue, perhaps one of the great spies of the generation, is now a math teacher to the bratty nobility.

Let's just hope Leontes's nerves can survive the journey.