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Chapter 36


You’re a Dionyl. City-bred, and spent all your life in a city-state named Brightness. It was relatively cosmopolitan as Dionyl cities go, which is to say, there may have been as many as two hundred and fifty humans, in a city of eight hundred thousand Dionyl. You always found them fascinating, especially the ones who’d brought recordings of TV and movies with them. Something about the idea of a piece of fiction that’s always exactly the same each time, rather than storytellers or actors fiddling with the formula a bit, just captivated you, and you watched as much as you could, probably being a bit of a nuisance.

When your class at the Academy did the usual tests for Aides applications, and you turned out to be good at both adjusting to the prosaic world (which you attribute to all of the static-form fiction you watched) and at geomantic math, you jumped at the chance to get stationed on earth. Four years later, after your training was done, you got to go there for your first long stay, doing various temp work for Nobles who just needed a temporary assistant. It was then that you first got partnered with William. Your first real assignment was to a bunch of new Nobles who were friends of the Power of Consequences, and the rest is history.

Your real name isn’t “Samuel”, of course. It’s something that only very high-Aspect Nobles can even pronounce with human vocal organs. They told you to pick a human name, and you picked this one because you really liked that one guy in Pulp Fiction. You actually flipped a coin on whether to go with “Samuel” or “Jules.” Your actual body is invisible, and you usually dress in a complicated assortment of brightly-colored scarves wrapped around and through it. Putting these on is easier nowadays, since Ftisk made a machine to help you arrange it. You still sometimes do it by hand.


Superior Dionyl 2 (Applicable to changing your perspective between prosaic and border mythic, to resisting DA, and to stuff involving quirks of Dionyl bodies and senses.)

Trained By The Aides 3 (Usable for geomancy, for knowing stuff about the Tree, for dealing with Nobles, and stuff like that)

Fashion 0 (For a Dionyl, this is practically crippled.)

Active Writing Programmer 1

Human Pop Culture Knowledge 2

Actual Knowledge Of Life On Earth 0


Bond: Brian is my Noble, and he seems like a pretty decent guy (2)

Affliction: Brian did that one thing that one time that made me not so affected by strong winds (1)

William Henderson

When you were a kid, you swore you’d never become like your dad, a guy who threw everything he did into his job, always working late hours at the law firm, only to come home, eat a reheated dinner nearly wordlessly, and collapse to bed, only to get up and do it all again. You were going to be a teacher, and have a good work-life balance.

Then when you were working on your master’s degree in medieval history, something about you caught the eye of a recruiter, and you got asked to join the Aides. And you found out that the continued existence of the world is incredibly precarious, and is almost entirely in the hands of a group of people who can wrestle dragons and travel backwards in time, but can’t be counted on to remember names or plan a schedule. That if you set out to be a really good personal assistant and PR guy, you could probably meaningfully contribute in an indirect support-role sort of way to saving the world. Or, hey, you could always finish your degrees and teach history in college.

That was years ago. You’re 35 now. This is your first permanent Aide assignment. It’s a fairly prestigious thing to be working for Nobles directly at this stage in your career. On the other hand, your partner has already been Anchored and is currently believed to be tied for frontrunner to succeed the Power of Numbers, and you... aren’t.

You’re engaged to be married to a woman named Lisa. You’ve told her a fair bit about what you do, and she’s actually starting to believe it.

You’re six foot two, with almost implausibly red hair that is just starting to go grey at the temples. When you’re on the job, you always wear a dark business suit, which is another way of saying you always wear a dark business suit.


Deal With People 3

Trained By The Aides 2 (Usable to know stuff about Nobles or Noble society, and resist DA)

Sketch and Paint 1

Function Without Sleep 2

Good Work-Life Balance -1


Bond: I have to keep doing this, because if I don’t my Nobles will probably oversleep and the world will end (2)

Affliction: I no longer age, and only rarely get sick (1)


Yes, you do have a circulatory system, and a rudimentary digestive one. Yes, you do need to eat food and absorb motion. Yes, you’re one-quarter human. Yes, that’s a thing that can happen, at least on Dionyl. No, most humans don’t look like you, they have skin and bones and stuff.

Like most Dionyl recruited into the Aides, you were raised in a Domination context. Unlike most, rather than spending your whole childhood in the same city-state, your parents (One father who was an ordinary Dionyl, the other one being half-human) were rootless folks who tended to gravitate toward the newest god or Noble setting up a cult. This was how you were eventually recruited by the Aides, by an Anchor who happened to be chatting with the High Priest Of The Month noticing you. You still think about being an Aide and an Anchor in a largely religious mindset.

After they recruited you, they found out that you were really good at seeing how Dionyl mystery cults worked. Some combination of participating in as many of them as you did, and the outsider status your human appearance gave you, added up to make you good at breaking down what did and didn’t work in the social structures, although you left the worldsight engineering thing to specialists. You’d frequently been asked to consult on a Noble putting together a new mystery cult, and expected that this job would be just another one of those. But then it turned out that the Noble that hired you wasn’t even Dionyl, and before you knew what was what, you were one of the leaders of a surprisingly successful new religion and you were anchored.

One thing it’s hard to adjust to when visiting Earth is that everyone thinks of you as a Dionyl, whereas on Dionyl everyone thinks of you as human, and you used to identify as human before you started spending time with actual humans.


Superior Dionyl 1 (This is low. For most folks it’d be 2, and for someone scary like the Spear it’d be at least 3. Used for worldsight stuff and Dionyl physiology stuff)

Put Together A Church That Doesn’t End Up On Fire 3

General Aide Stuff 2

Recruit People 2

Outsider Perspective 2


Bond: I’m loyal to my Noble, Kite, although I’m not sure if he wants me to worship him or not (2)

Bond: My job is important (1)

John XXIII, King and Lord Protector of Amyra, And High Elder of the Nestorian Orthodox Church of Amyra

It turns out that, Mel Brooks aside, it isn’t actually good to be King. You always suspected it, when you realized that it meant that you had nicer clothes than most people but had to spend all your time studying Latin, Greek, and Hebrew instead of playing outside. But part of you thought that when you actually were king, something you thought would happen some time around when you turned sixty, maybe it would be better then.

Then when you were 27 both your parents died in a plane crash, and you haven’t really had a personal life ever since. Most people don’t wake up one morning and have to deal with finding out that both their parents are dead and that they’re now the Head of State and that they’re in charge of a fair-sized denomination and that if they don’t put these robes on and say the words they’ve been practicing for the last ten years, the Holy Lance might get angry. That must be nice.

Then, just when you felt like you’d gotten a handle on this stuff, a giant made of plants and bricks asked you if you wanted to be... a god? An angel? You weren’t entirely clear. And you had to laugh, because it was too funny to even be scared. Another job of world-shaking importance? You already have three. Fortunately, the giant wasn’t too offended, and it picked someone else as the Power of Gardens. You met her a couple weeks later, and you think she does a much better job than you would have.

There is one nice thing about all the changes that happened. You have more friends now. The Nobles, Sam and William, Rachel (the Power of Martyrs), even Lesson The Demon, all of them have so much stuff going on with them that the fact that you’re the king isn’t really such a big deal for them. You’d missed that.

It’s not that you get to spend a lot of time with them. The king stuff is bad enough, but the head of the church thing isn’t just a theoretical thing like it is for the Anglican church, it’s a full time job in and of itself. And even the Pope doesn’t have to worry about the Ark, the actual Ark of the Covenant, looking at him funny if he stumbles on a prayer. But every Tuesday evening, you try to make a few hours where you can just talk with friends, play pool, or read a book. It’s nice.


Superior Holiness 3 (You’ve been saying long complicated prayers and doing complicated spiritual meditative exercises since you were eleven, and for the last few years you’ve done it in the actual presence of holy relics. Some of it’s rubbed off. Use this for prayers, religious rituals, and just seeming like a calming and relaxing person to be around)

Priest-King 3 (This one’s more the public-facing side of things, the parts that involve people)

Study And Hard Work 2

Interact With People In Ways That Involve Neither Religion Nor Monarchy 0


Looking after Amyra is my job, even if I’m not up to it 2

In spite of everything I’ve seen, I still believe in God 1


Gnomely is one of Ftisk’s anchors. He was made by him and then anchored.

He like to enjoy the nature, trekking and outside life as much as possible but currently is recording third season of a (not too good) TV show and managing the organization of “I catch you in my net” game second championship of the worlds (Amyra + Grotto) matches so he have not all the time he wishes to go out... or stay with Ftisk. He also try to keep order in Ftisk life and demand to be his only romantic interest.

Skills: (8)

Actor -1

Boy scout 3

Shot spiderwebs when in spider form 1 (not really sure of this one)

Cope with Ftisk weirdness 2 also used to resist DA … Ftisk is a great training for this

Superior Robotic body 2

Bonds: (3)

I like to live outside 1

I log to share more moments with Ftisk 2

I catch you in my net

Is a game Ftisk designed that can be played in 2 players or in 2 teams up to 16 players each.

Each one is metamorphed in a robotic spider.

The goal is to lay web traps in a delimited game territory and catch the other team players in your webs. Very tactical and wargamish.

Chapter 36