Lindorell Dragonbane

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Princess Lindorell Dragonbane, The Fighter


Look: Hard Eyes, Battered Helm, Tanned Skin, Lithe Body

Alignment: Neutral (Defeat a worthy opponent)

Str 8 (-1)

Dex 16 (+2)

Con 15 (+1)

Int 12 (0)

Wis 13 (+1)

Cha 9 (0)

Armor: 2

HP: 25

Damage: d10+1, Piercing 2

LV 1

XP 1


Race: Elf (Move: Treat all Swords as Precise weapons)

Fighter Moves Bend Bars, Lift Gates (Str roll, 10+ pick 3, 7-9 pick 2: Doesn't take long, nothing of value is damaged, doesn't make lots of noise, can fix it again easily)

Armored: Ignore the Clumsy tag on armor.

Signature Weapon: Rak'tash the Fallen Star (An orc-made Sword, created out of meteoric iron. Range=Close, Sharp (+2 Piercing), Serrated Edges (+1 Damage), Look: Sinister)


Load: 11/8

Gear: Scale Armor (w3), Dungeon Rations (w2, 10 uses), Rak'tash the Fallen Star (w2), 2 Healing Potions (w0), Antitoxin (w0), Poultices and Herbs (w1)


Yula Cindersoul Owes me their life, whether they admit it or not

I have sworn to protect Hawthorne

I worry about the ability of Nigel to survive in the dungeon

Kyouko has stood beside me in battle and can be trusted completely

Embry trusted me with a secret


Once upon a time, in a distant, elven kingdom, a dragon was ravaging the land. The beast let it be known that it would be satiated only by a sacrifice-- a virginal noblewoman must be sacrificed to it, or it would destroy all! And so Princess Lindorell was offered to the dragon, but it was commanded that any hero who rescued her would be awarded her hand in marriage, as well as the gift of half the kingdom.

Lindorell wanted no part of any of this. Her distaste for her suitors and sometimes spectacular resistance to arranged matches was already something of a legend; she wasn't going to let herself be married off to whatever warrior came along! Nor was she going to let some dragon eat her, should the heroes fail.

Thus, instead of waiting for a hero, she wriggled out of her own chains before the dragon arrived to devour her; she then went to the dragon's horde, and grabbed the first weapon she could use-- a barbaric, orc-made blade of sawtoothed edges and evil designs. And when the dragon arrived, she attacked it, using her own swiftness and skill, and killed it!

She then skinned as much of the dragon as she could, cut off its claws, and dragged its head back to her family.

"I," she declared, "have killed the beast myself. I thus have won myself, and am no longer subject to this family's whims and politics! I will make my own way in this world, and I advise none of you who have not already slain dragons to stand in my way!"

None dared stop her, and she used the dragon's gold to pay a smith to make her strong armor from its scales, and a necklace from its claws should any doubt her claims. She now makes her own way in the world, her freedom well-earned with a price paid in blood.