List of Things to Do

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Keep at Goblinfell Pass

Background stuff.

  • Talk to the Dwarves about taking their home back. Maps, secrets and a local guide would be damn useful, as well as any info on who, exactly, booted them out.
  • Talk to the Dwarves about doing some prospecting for us in our new lands. Not actually mining (yet), just finding any probable mining sites.
  • Talk to the Dwarves (I'm sensing a theme here) about anything Dayrell wants to find out.
  • Build a small town/caravan stop at the foot of the mountains (around the old Hydra lair) Knuckles' third Inn.(Building in Spring)
  • Find a cleric to run Arthrellas shrine.
  • Spend money to upgrade the Keeps defences.(building in Spring)
  • Recruit skilled labour and settlers.