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Lively, the Brainer[edit]

"I was born and raised in the Castle, it's all I know. I'm no pillar of the community though.

My parents and little brother all died in the last plague, 8 years ago, leaving me alone. An awkward teenager with no family or friends, I wished then that the plague had taken me too. 

I suppose I do have one friend though. After my family died, Arthur the barkeep took me under his wing. He lost his wife in the plague, so we were both alone, and I think that gave us a sort of bond beyond him feeling sorry for me. He let me live in the spare room of his house and shared his food with me, in exchange for helping him with the upkeep of the bar. He's the best man I know, like a second dad to me. That's why I don't tell him about the 'work' I do for Ahk and his lieutenants...

Ahk, and some of the guys in his inner circle, call upon me regularly for...well...that certain kind of company.  I'm far from the hottest girl in town, I'm skinny, pale, and weird, but I'm pretty enough, young, and I'm available, which seems good enough for them. I think some of them even like my weirdness. I'm ok with that, it's all barter to me, and most of them are reasonably kind to me. Some of them occasionally give me presents, which is nice. Ahk is rough, mean and nasty with me, but not unbearable. The stuff he says can be hurtful, but it's not like he's wrong when he calls me a whore, so I don't sass him about it. 

Some people in town know about what I do, and their attitudes are usually either of disapproval or pity. As long as they don't tell Arthur, I don't care, I probably deserve both. It's not like they were friendly with me before anyway. I've always been the weird, awkward kid that nobody wants to know.

But, even though people don't know me, I know them. When people don't think you're important, they reveal much more of themselves than if they cared what you think. I also know them in hidden ways, ways that are dangerous. The Goddess, Maelstrom, speaks to me sometimes, and tells me secrets. But She asks questions too. I've heard people talk about "brainer tech" in the past, and learned that 'brainer' is the term for people like me, people who can talk to Maelstrom. I've even found some of the tech, though I don't understand how any of it works yet.I don't dare tell people about any of this, though I think Arthur has always suspected that I've got some otherly connection. I suppose anyone would be weird if they had ordinary people speaking in one ear and an otherly entity, a Goddess, speaking in the other all their life."

Cool - +1 Hard - +1 Hot - -2 Sharp - +1 Wierd - +3

Look - woman, high formal wear (cocktail dresses with ankle boots), sweet face, deep eyes, slight body. Aged 21.

Moves - Unnatural lust fixation, Preternatural at-will brain attunement.

Gear - Violation glove, pain wave projector, hidden knives.

Barter - 5