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Kyran Galvaynes[edit]

Kyran's Longvest.jpg

Physical description[edit]

Kyran’s frame leans toward the tall and lithe. His casings are predominately made of forged mithral though his inner workings and some exposed elements are blackened bronze. His casings are covered with fine engravings and are accented by copper inlay.

He wears a simple button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of tan pants that are tucked into his casings just below the knee. He doesn’t wear boots since his feet are tougher than leather and it gives him a better feel for the ship. Kyran wears an orange sash around his waist.

His favorite piece of clothing is a sleeveless trench coat all in charcoal and black with orange trim and bronze buttons. He doesn't wear any weapons at all to mislead people into believing he's not a threat. When he fights, he creates metal weapons using magic... his favorite being a heavy spear.

Character Sheet[edit]


High concept: "Mythril Skinned Skyship Master"

Trouble: "Fierce and Flighty"

Aspects: "Family Matters" "Part time Merchant, Full time Hero" "Dabbling Disciple"


Fate Points: 2

Refresh: 2

Physical OOO OO Mental OOO O Magical OOO O
Mild N/A Moderate N/A Severe N/A
Mild (Physical) N/A


+4 Great Physique
+3 Good Fight, Rapport
+2 Fair Athletics, Empathy, Magic
+1 Average Drive, Notice, Stealth, Will


Windborn Soul

  • Kyran has always felt at home in the sky... like that's where he was meant to be. He receives +2 to Drive when flying.

Natural Metal Mage

  • Metal magic always came easy to Kyran... enough so that he became frustrated when the other elements proved more difficult to control. He receives a +2 to Magic when using the element of Metal to Create an Advantage.

Combat Chassis

  • Hardened frame, reinforced joints, mithril armored plates.... Kyran may have been born a child of magic and the sky, but he turned himself into a veritable machine made for war.

Imposing Presence

  • Mithral armored plates, imperious gaze. In his time as a Corvette Commander Kyran learned the art of intimidation. He can use Physique instead of Provoke for intimidation, provided the target can see him.


Kyran has mastered control of the magical element of Metal.

He often uses this to create pole-arm weapons during combat or creating barriers or spikes to shape the battlefield.

Kyran has spend countless hours engraving intricate scdrollwork engraving into his casings using magic, and can also modify or reinforce his body to suit the task at hand.

He can also use his magic to repair his body, though the effort leaves him drained.

Supporting Cast[edit]

Riku, Little Brother[edit]


Description & Personality

At nine years old, Riku hasn’t yet transitioned to a full-sized body, and stands 4’4 inches tall and weights 61 pounds. His casings are brass with a brushed metal texture, but some are painted a deep green both to contrast and accent his natural color as well to proclaim his love of Gerdermia.

He wears a simple black toga-like garment to ‘protect his modesty’ but is proud of being Automaten and hates to cover up unless he must. On his waist is a belt with multiple pouches containing small tools and pieces of whatever project he’s tinkering with.

Always a bit precocious, this has gotten worse since his parents were killed. He’s especially good at annoying his brother Kyran.


High Concept: Brazen Automaten Brother Trouble: Overwhelming Emotions


Fate Points: 1 Refresh: 1

Physical: OO Mental: OO Magical: OOO Mild Consequence: N/A


+2 Provoke

+1 Crafts, Magic


Riku can control the magical element of Lightning.

Gurdaan, Trollborn Quartermaster[edit]


Description & Personality

A human-looking halfbreed born of a Troll mother, Gurdaan is large and brawny with gray colored skin. He has a mop of black hair on his head and an unruly beard, both are now threaded with gray. Though not a warrior at heart, Gurdaan is still incredibly strong, which makes him a formidable opponent. He wears a leather vest reinforced with metal plates and carry's a heavy metal reinforced cudgel to keep people in check if trouble starts.

Though not in love with the sky, the Trollborn does enjoy the freedom of travel, both to meet new people and sample their alcohol. He's been in the Sky Navy since before Kyran joined, and was actually a Boastwain on the young Automaten's first ship, teaching him everything he knows about sailing. The pair have been sailing together ever since.

Gurdaan was set to retire when Kyran decided to purchase his own ship and strike out as a merchant. The Trollborn couldn't let one of his oldest friends throw his life savings down the drain, so he decided to come along to keep him from throwing it all away on one of his 'flights of fancy.'


High Concept: Veteran Trollborn Quartermaster Trouble: I'm Too Old For This Sh@#!


Fate Points: 1 Refresh: 1

Physical: OOO O Mental: OOO

Mild Consequence: N/A Moderate Consequence: N/A


+3 Drive

+2 Fight, Contacts

+1 Physique, Rapport, Empathy


Get Back!

Though not as strong as he was as a young man, Gurdaan still packs a punch, and mastered this particular technique while repelling boarders in ship to ship combat. When He succeeds with style on an attack with Fight, he may choose to reduce the value of his hit by one in order to move his opponent one zone, provided there are no situation aspects impeding this movement.

Vetta, Gnome Engineer[edit]


Description & Personality

Vetta is as bad with people as she is good with Skyship engines. Extremely tall for a Gnome, she's always grungy and her brown and white fur is marked with grease smudges.

Always jumping on and climbing around her engines, Vetta's green pointed hat has become battered and now hangs limply down the back of her head. Her coveralls have faded to a drab gray and their numerous pockets and pouches are stuffed with tools and repair parts.

Though she doesn’t like most people she’s recently discovered that she dislikes Riku less than most. The unlikely friendship has done wonders for the boys vocabulary and worries his older brother to no end.

Vetta doesn’t talk about her past much, but she does seem uncomfortable around other Gnomes.


High Concept: Grungy Gnome Engineer Trouble: Not Fit for Polite Company


Fate Points: 1 Refresh: 1

Physical: OOO O Mental: OOO

Mild Consequence: N/A Moderate Consequence: N/A


+3 Crafts

+2 Athletics, Provoke

+1 Physique, Stealth, Survival


I made it myself

Use crafts instead of shoot when using a ranged weapon of you made with your own hands.



High Concept: "Mithral-Skinned Skyship Master"

Kyran was born almost 40 years ago to the Automatens Valdeas and Hanushi Galvaynes. His mother Hanushi was a Gerdermian court mage, a master of Lightning, while Valdea was a legendary Magitek craftsman. Together they forged some of the greatest pieces in the Gerdermian armory. Both were around 200 years old when they decided to have children... which was not uncommon for Automatens since they don't age like biological beings.

Growing up in the Capital was exciting, and Kyran took advantage of every opportunity. He trained with the guards and explored as a young man, and then studied for years with his mother and other mages before suddenly joining the Gerdermian Sky Fleet.

He proved a good officer, but since he didn't come from a Navy family his advancement opportunities were stymied. The Lord Commander of the Sky Fleet had long been arguing for the creation of a battleship to keep pace with the larger countries, but the King was more worried about pirates raiding his shipping lanes, and went the opposite route and ordered a handful of corvettes built for war.

Too small to be a true warship in the eyes of the Navy, the King had trouble getting volunteers to command them. That offered opportunities to many young officers for positions they normally couldn't reach... and Kyran was promoted to Commander. He performed so well that he was able to upgrade his coverings to the light, durable and extremely expensive metal, mithral.

Invoke: When Flying, when having a Skyship would be of aid (quick rescue) for defense when his mithral plates block a blow, or when their lightweight magical nature would be a boon.

Compel: When being an Auotmaten would be a hindrance in different parts of the world, when his mithral plates attract those willing to kill or injure him to claim it, or when it's silvery color reflects light while he's trying to stealth.

Rising Conflict[edit]

Trouble: "Fierce but Flighty"

Throughout his life Kyran would throw himself into whatever it was he was interested in at the time. The problem was, whatever that 'thing' was changed with little notice. He wanted to explore every inch of the city at one point and found himself climbing buildings and walls like some sort of sneak thief, then he was taken in by the grandeur of magic and became wholly consumed in it's study.

He became quite skilled at Metal magic for one so young... some even said Kyran was gifted. After years spent honing his craft one day he saw a group of Siren's in flight. From that moment on the young Automaten immediately wanted desperately to join them in the sky. When he tried to branch out to the elements of Lightning and Air his progress slowed considerably. No matter what he did he couldn't seem to get the equations to balance out.

Without warning he left academy and joined the Gerdermian Sky Navy.

Invoke: For a bonus when working toward whatever Kyran's current goal is, or to channel his anger.

Compel: To have Kyran become too obsessed with his current project, or grow angry at somebody or something that stands in his way. To have him grow frustrated and move on to something else.

Phase One[edit]

Aspect: "Family Matters"

Lord Commander Baltran Olzarra has from an old, traditional Noble House of Gerdermia. He opposed the King when he wanted to construct a series of corvettes designed as warships, but was overruled. That wasn't the end for him however.

Newly promoted Commander Kyran Galvaynes was the first of the inexperienced officers given command of one of the new ships, but was smart enough to have experienced crewman by his side, including the grizzled old Sailmaster, Gurdaan. With a little bit of luck the crew of the Far Horizon survived long enough start winning victories against the pirates, bringing in prizes far greater than any other warship.

As other Corvettes took to the skies Kyran and his crew taught them the lessons they learned the hard way. The Corvette Commanders, as they soon became known, started raking in fame and money by the boatload. All of which angered the Lord Commander of the Sky Navy.


When a series of suspicious mishaps, sabotage, assaults and grizzly murders start to befall the families of the Corvette Commanders, only Kyran Galvaynes can save his brother from suffering the same fate as their parents. But can he succeed when brutish Sailors, bribed officials, hired assassins and a mad Mage are lined up as obstacles in his path by Lord Commander Baltran Olzarra himself?

His old friend Ben comes to Kyran with a warning... strangers from Saiden found him in the Southern Forest and offered Ben vast sums of money to kill Kyran's brother Riku. Ben declined... recognizing one of the voices as the Kitsune he heard previously. Ben then made a mad dash to the capital to warn Kyran of the plot against his family.

Things had already been bad... but the news cemented a plan that had already been forming in the back of Kyran's mind. He needed to get his brother out of Saiden... and he needed to keep moving. Calling in every favor he could and selling off his parents house and property, the Corvette Commander resigned his commission and purchased his ship from the King... all to make a hasty transition to that of free trader.

Invoke: For extra motivation to protect his Brother

Compel: To have his brother cause him trouble by being threatened, running off, etc..

Phase Two[edit]

Aspect: Part time Merchant, Full Time Hero

Kyran quickly learned that while he was excellent at hunting pirates, who in turn hunted merchant ships, he didn't know much about... you know... ACTUALLY being a merchant himself.

To make matters worse, while he was busy with trying to be a profitable trader, his old friend Luther contacted him with some dire news. Even though it was out of the way and out of his almost empty pocket, Kyran flew in a ship full of fresh water to help out the villagers.

His crew was just a handful of deckhands, not battle hardened Sailors and Marines, but Kyran and his team stayed to provide some semblance of protection for the village while Luther went to investigate the source of the poisoned water...

Invoke: for a bonus when doing something heroic, sounding heroic, or when your heroic reputation would help you.

Compel: when your eagerness for heroics gets you embroiled into trouble.

Phase Three[edit]

Aspect "Dabbling Disciple"

Back when he was still in the Sky Navy, Kyran's ship was chosen to be an escort to the Royal Family's converted Sky Cruiser during one of their trips. The trip was a nice change of pace from hunting pirates... but grew boring after a while. At one of the banquets the King was told of a local underground sport called 'Pondemonium' where mages create 'water warriors' to battle each other for money and the entertainment of everybody watching. The King was intrigued... but since it was an illegal sport nobody could tell him where they were held.

Commander Galvaynes had been this way before, and since he was always interested in new and creative uses of magic, actually knew where to find one. After a quiet conversation with the King, Kyran, along with Alkyne and a small contingent of Royal Guards, whisked their monarch away to an out of the way fight that Kyran had visited before.

Invoke: for a bonus to know some obscure piece of magic or when using magic

Compel: he's only studied sporadically, and while he investigates magic his knowledge is in no way complete. Compel to have his LACK of knowledge be apparent, or even to have a misunderstanding get him into trouble...


Skyship Notes[edit]

Tried to keep it simple while still having differences. Stats were actually mostly lifted from Sid Meier's Pirates! (War Canoe, Sloop, Fluyt, Brigantine, and Ship of the Line)

Corvette's are the smallest ship capable of long distance/open sky journeys. Anything smaller would be considered a lifeboat or leisure boat for use in or around a city.

Corvette's and Tradeships are the 'merchant' class vessels, though they can be converted for use as warships. Corvette's are the fastest ship and are often used important cargo, transporting mail or passengers. Tradeships are slower but carry a lot of cargo.

Frigate's and Cruisers are the main warships, though they can be converted to use as merchant ships. They make up the bulk of most Sky Navy's.

Battleships are relatively new and only the largest countries or Navies have them.

Class Size Type Turn Radius Speed Min Crew Max Crew Cannons Cargo
Corvette Small Merchant 5 5 6 50 8 20 tons
Frigate Small Warship 4 4 8 75 12 40 tons
Tradeship Medium Merchant 2 2 12 50 8 80 tons
Cruiser Medium Warship 3 4 12 125 20 60 tons
Battleship Large Warship 2 3 24 300 48 100 tons

Automaten Notes[edit]



Though nominally humanoid, Automaten chassis' can range from simple and clunky to so advanced and refined that it's almost impossible to distinguish them from humans, other than the metallic skin. Most fall somewhere in the middle, though some have been known to experiment with inhuman forms, such as extra arms or tails.

Other than shape, Automaten can and have be comprised of any different metal under the sun, and some save up for years to upgrade their parts, while wealthy Automaten change casings and engravings on an almost daily basis.

History and Origin[edit]

Most people are unclear of where they first came from but their metal and lightning bodies perform almost exactly like any other races.