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AKA: The Lightning Teen, the Electrokinetic Kid, the Boy Battery.



Physical Description[edit]

Tommy Faraday has that skinny look of a teenager who is in he middle of a growth spurt and couldn't put on any muscle if his life depended on it. His skin is naturally tanned... a result of him being part Mohawk, at least according to Uncle Nick. Tommy's hair is a sandy color he calls 'boring brown' and even though he'd like to keep it longer, he now wears it short so it fits under his costume better. His hazel eyes are his one striking feature, appearing golden brown or green, depending on how the light hits them.

Costume Description[edit]

The super hero Blitz is 5'9, and thanks to his "muscle suit" he has the lean, athletic body of a swimmer covered in shredded muscles.... that aren't really there. His suit is dark teal with a white Phi symbol on his chest... the symbol that originally adorned the chest of Flux's suit. White lines extend outward from the symbol at different angles.

The mask up extends from the suit and continues up the sides of his head, framing his face and accenting his cheekbones. Blitz wears a pair of sleek gold mirrored goggles that hide his eyes and the mask appears to be open at the top to let his silvery white hair flow free, but this is actually fake hair designed to help hide his identity.

Blitz wears metallic gold boots and bracers to match the goggles and accent the look. If you're going to fight crime, you might as well look good while you're doing it.



Tommy is a typical teenage boy, and by that I mean that he's SUPER excited about being a super hero and all the cool stuff that involves. Being a hero is very important to him however... his desire to clear Flux's name drives Tommy to be the best hero he can... both for himself and for his father.

Although he tries to put on a good show for the bad guys and the crowd, he's unsure about his place in the team and about his ability to control his powers. He learned the hard way that he is extremely powerful... losing control can have disastrous consequences. He alternates between rushing into situations without thinking and letting the older, more experienced heroes take the lead. Finding the balance has proven difficult so far.


Blitz is classified as an electrokinetic, which means he can control and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum.

So far this has manifested primarily as the ability to control and manipulate electricity itself. At it's most basic, Blitz's body can generate it's on electricity internally, and he can store this like he was a battery so he can use it later. He can use this produce a number of effects, such as his signature lightning blast attacks. Blitz can also generate a low level aura that can induce current into nearby electronics.

He also has the ability to draw in and hold vasts amount of power above and beyond what his body naturally generates. When he does this his body glows, crackling with electricity. With the power of this 'lightning aura' Blitz attacks are stronger and he can manipulate the aura to grant himself the power of flight.

Muscle Suit

Designed by Dr. Doll for Blitz after some of his initial heroics went south, the suit is a thin armored dermal layer, covering synthetic muscle that reacts to Blitz's natural electrical field. The muscles grant a small amount of strength, but are primarily designed as 'twitch' muscles, helping him move faster in emergency situations.

Character Sheet[edit]


High Concept: "Overpowered Electrokinetic Teen" Trouble: “I Didn't Think That Far Ahead”

Other: "Sins Of The Father" “Strong Suit, Smart Shades” "Partner In Crime-Fighting"


Fate Points: 3 Refresh: 3

Physical: OOO Mental: OO

Mild: N/A Moderate: N/A Severe: N/A


+4 Athletics
+3 Shoot, Notice
+2 Stealth, Empathy, Provoke
+1 Fight, Deceive, Physique, Lore

Infuriate - Sometimes fear isn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get up someone’s nose. +2 to Provoke rolls whenever deliberately trying to get someone angry with you. -1
Mild Mannered Teen - When you live a double life you gotta learn how to keep them separate. +2 to Deceive when trying to hide protect your secret identity. -1

Electricity Projection -0

Energy Blast You can fire a projectile of some sort, with a range of three zones, using Shoot. -1
--Master Energy Blast (enhancement) Your shots are especially accurate. Gain +2 to Shoot when using your power. -1
-Flight (synergy) You can move vertically through the air as easily as moving along the ground. Use Athletics for overcome and CAA actions related to flying. -1
--Master Flight (enhancement) You can fly better than most people can walk. Gain +2 to Athletics rolls while airborne. -1

Special Effects
Tazer Bolt (Inflict Condition) add a "Tazed" aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free. -0
Recharge (homebrew) You can draw power from nearby power sources to clear a "Drained" type aspect (such as incurred via Success with Cost) -0

Collateral Damage Effect
-Lightning Blast (Rapid Fire) You can shoot every target within your zone at full strength. If you throw out that many shots, though, you can’t help but hit something you don’t mean to. -0

Your blasts let off a huge amount of energy, electromagnetic and concussive, which means they Wreak Havoc, especially on Modern Tech.


High Concept[edit]

Aspect: "Overpowered Electrokinetic Teen"

Blitz is an electrokinetic, and this follows the theory that legacy or generational powers are related since his father was a magnekinetic. His raw power is impressive bordering on scary... the few times he unleashed that much of his power he wasn't able to control it. Giving anybody that much power is worrisome, but handing it to a 16 year old boy with raging hormones, impulse control issues and an absentee father is a recipe for disaster.

Invoke: for a bonus when manipulating electricity, when raw power is a factor, or to play upon the fact that he's 'just a kid.'

Compel: to have his power interact poorly with bystanders or technology, to have it grow beyond his ability to control, or to have the obligations of all teenagers get in the way of what he's trying to do.


Aspect: "I Didn't Think That Far Ahead"

One of the best things about Blitz is that when the chip's are down and it's time to make a decision he doesn't hesitate. Taking acting isn't the issue, and whatever he does usually solves the immediate concern. Often times Blitz doesn't stop to think about the 2nd, 3rd and 4th order effects however, so his actions often end up making things worse, or putting him in a new and equally dangerous situation of his own making.

Invoke: for a bonus when quick thinking is required, or when reacting on instinct to a new threat or changing environment.

Compel: to have whatever solution he just came up with lead to a new, amplified or continued problem that he and often his teammates, now have to deal with.


Aspect: "Sins of the Father"

Tommy's father, Edward Faraday, was the magnetic hero known as Flux. He protected Hope City for years, but eventually betrayed his hero friends and joined a shadowy group of villains. Flux was eventually killed in a dramatic clash between Hero and Villain. Tommy was just old enough to remember his father as a Hero, and was shocked when everyone told him Flux became a villain. Tommy went to live with his uncle, Nick Faraday. When he became a hero himself, he adopted Flux's Phi symbol for his Blitz identity.

Invoke: for a bonus when steeling his will against temptation and to stick to the heroes code. To use his status as a legacy with one of the few 'friends' his father still has among the heroes. (assuming Blitz finds any)

Compel: to have a crowd react negatively to him because of who his father is. To have him divert time and effort to digging into the truth of what happened to his father instead of supporting the team.


Aspect: "Muscle Suit"

It's hard to be a hero when you look like a scrawny teenage boy. Luckily, Dr. Doll made Blitz what he affectionately calls his 'muscle suit'. Though still lean, the dark teal suit makes him appear bulkier than he really is, and covered in shredded muscles... that aren't really there. His face is mostly uncovered, but the Havok-like mask accentuates his cheekbones and the sleek goggles hide his eyes. The mask appears to be open at the top to let his silvery white hair flow free, but this is actually fake hair designed to help hide his identity. Most importantly, Dr. Doll designed the suit to offer some minor amount of protection and work with his lightning aura. The muscle suit increases Blitz's speed and reflexes whenever he's charged up.

Invoke: for a bonus to hide his identity, when trying to appear heroic to other people, for a speed bonus when moving or doing something physical, to shrug off a hit.

Compel: to have him unable to use his powers because he's stuck in his secret identity. to have him react slower because he doesn't have the muscle boost the suit grants him.

Aspect 5[edit]


Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...