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Aspects are posted for personal use only, to help me visualize the character. They are not part of the Urban Fantasy rules.

High Concept: "ARC Operative"

Trouble: "Never Trade Favors with a Traveler"

Aspects: "Gabby Lives Up To Her Name" "A Little Help From My Friends" "I Didn't Think That Far Ahead"

Description & Personality[edit]


Trevor has a mop of black hair and dark eyes. Although he tries to be friendly and welcoming, some people complain that his eyes are too penetrating... that they reveal the burdens he carries and the scars he bears. His naturally tanned skin has grown pale due to time spent prowling the streets at night. He's often seen wearing dark framed glasses and a leather jacket of an odd, grey-blue color.


Trevor sought out ARD because of their reputation for dealing harshly with Outsiders, so he's sometimes at odds with the ARC subsection's goals. Given how his mother's life was ruined by the Travelers, he's made it his mission to learn as much as he can about them and their magic to better defeat them. At the end of the day he does want to protect others from fates similar to his mother's, but reason often takes a backseat when he has a potential chance for revenge.

It's due to that... unreliability... that he is forced to work with Gabby. The woman is... alright, but she can be insufferably annoying at times. She doesn't hesitate to remind him of how he needed some piece of obscure occult information, or how he'd be stuck outside int he rain if she hadn't been able to crack the alarm system. Gabby can be very helpful, but Trevor resents the fact that the Commissioner required him to have a 'Leash' when going on missions.

If he got his hands on the MacGuffin, Trevor would probably turn it over to ARC and be fairly confident they would put it to good use. If he had the opportunity to take the MacGuffin for himself and leave nobody else the wiser, he'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. Ever since he heard that it'd gone missing he's been mentally framing and rephrasing his question just in case he has the chance.


Rules: Dresden Files Accelerated / Thorya's Urban Fantasy Rules

Mantle: Touched by the Strange

Scale: 2

Stress: O O O O O O

Complications: N/A


+2 Agility Wit
+1 Force, Intellect Confidence, Aggression
+0 Poise, Guile Reason, Charm
-1 Focus Empathy


Soft Skills Gross Motor Skills, Problem Solving
Hard Skills Combat Training, Occult Lore*, Computer Programming*, Security Architecture *
Specializations Traveler Lore, Parkour

Accessed via Trevor's "Voice in my Head" trait. *


Grounding: Supernatural effects that target Trevor have their scale reduced by 1. He's still grounded in Earth's reality even if he's losing his grip on it and so it shields him from the supernatural.

The Sight: Trevor see's things from the his world as they are, but you can also see through the simple glamours or disguises put up by Outsiders and can tell when another world is intruding into his own in a thin place. He cannot turn this ability off, and wouldn't want to. This "Power" is what gives him the chance at making the Travelers pay.

Counter-spelling: (Knack). Maybe it's his Occult training, or maybe it's lingering effects of Humankind's tendency to "Not Believe in Fairies." Either way, Trevor has a knack for disrupting magical energies as they are being formed... assuming he knows that they are coming.

ARD Alum in Good Standing (Network) Trevor is an active member of the Arcane Research Division. He can mark three boxes of stress to contact someone from ARD to request assistance. The GM determines what aid ARD is able to provide, typically helpful information, but extraordinary circumstances might yield direct in-person aid.

Triple A "ARD Arcane Armory" Card: (Preparations) When confronting the supernatural, if Trevor has had time to investigate and know what he's facing, he can mark boxes of stress to reveal that he has brought along something useful for the threat he'sup against. One box of stress for common items (a piece of iron or a pen), two boxes for something more substantial (a weapon or one time use item to cancel scale for a turn), and three boxes for very unusual items (an ancient tome or a pogo stick).

The Voice in my Head: (Skilled Individual) Trevor's handler, or his 'Leash' as he calls her is a woman named Gabby. She's quite knowledgeable about the Occult and a devil on the computer. Trevor doesn't dislike her personally, just the fact that the Commissioner doesn't trust him to operate alone, requiring him to have Gabby linked to his earpiece and camera (in his glasses) for all missions. If he looses access to those items or the signal is jammed for some reason, he also looses access to the Hard skills: Occult Lore, Computer Programming, Security Architecture.


Disk of Disregard: (First Tool of the Trade) That's what it's named in the ARD Inventory at least. A small metal disk that seems to be basedon the Magic of the Endless Woods. It's about as big as the palm of my hand. When worn on a chain and exposed to the air the metal seems to glow faintly, and even see to change colors. Rather than attracting attention however, it does just the opposite. When I display the disk, people seem to ignore me. Oh, they still see me... they'll get out of my way if I walk right toward them, but beyond that they pay me little attention and have trouble describing me if pressed for details afterward. Its not as handy as the 'invisibility cloaks' you see on TV, but it's been very useful in helping me slip in and out of places. +1 scale for Stealth (Hard skill?)

Bleak Lizard Leather Jacket: (Second Tool of the Trade) In a manner similar to Kobolds, the Magical Foresight of the Bleak Lizards is a thing of legend. Their danger sense makes them almost impossible to capture or kill, and is a mark of a truly skilled hunter or mage. Properly harvested and enchanted, Bleak Lizard skin can pass some of those magical abilities on to the wearer, granting them +1 scale for Self Defense. (Hard skill?) Rumor has it that ARD has some jackets made of actual Kobold skin, but he has no idea if it's true or not.

Cell Phone

-Wireless earpiece

-Glasses with concealed camera (or goggles for combat situations)

-Cables and applications to enable hacking of computers and alarm systems.


Collapsible Baton

Pocket Knife


Otherworldly Connections: Travelers. Trevor's mom was a successful Politician, fighting for the rights of her citizens. Her time became short and she spent more and more time away from home. Her political decisions, once altruistic, started to lean toward the capitalistic. Trevor thought she was being blackmailed by the criminal element, but the truth was much worse. His Mom had made a "Trade with a Traveler" to help her do all the good she had in her early years. When the price came due, the travelers ensured she ruined everything she'd worked so hard for... and eventually stole her from him altogether.

Member of ARC: A thinly veiled attempt at re-branding to distance themselves from past actions, the Arcane Research Division created a subgroup called the Arcane Research Commission. Tasked with establishing more cordial relationships with Outsider factions, ARC has dedicated significant resources to building ties with human supernatural organizations as a way to buy good will.