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Zeng Wei Marshall[edit]

Physical description[edit]

Knights Errant Vest.jpg

Z was always large, and years of training and his bionic upgrades have turned him into a power house. His black hair is just short enough to keep it out of his eyes when he fights. His grey-green eyes are hard and his knuckles scarred from multiple battles.

The Knights all wear white leather vests, but Z's is unique because it has a hood. Predominantly white, the shoulders and and zippers are black, serving to highlight and outline the cut of the vest. The interior of the hood and the laces on the front of the vest are dark red, and a series of predominately red Knight Errant patches adorn the back and various other points.

Character Sheet[edit]


High concept: "Bionic Biker"

Trouble: "Punches over Proverbs"

Aspects: "Errant Ways" "2 2 2 2 " "3 3 3 3 "

Roles: Brawler, Wheelman, Bionic Soldier (Gonzo)


Fate Points: 2

Refresh: 2

Physical OOOO Mental OO
Mild N/A Moderate N/A Severe N/A


+5 Superb Athletics
+4 Great Fight
+3 Good Provoke
+2 Fair Drive, Shoot, Will
+1 Average N/A


Unstoppable Force (Brawler)

  • Gain +2 when you attempt to remove a situation aspect by shoving, strong-arming, or otherwise using physical strength.

Detroit Steel Skeleton (Gonzo Level 1, Bionic Soldier)

  • You have Armor:2 against bludgeoning attacks, such as fists and clubs.

Machine Muscles (Gonzo Level 2, Bionic Soldier)

  • When running, jumping, or climbing in a way that would require a roll, you succeed without rolling if your Athletics rating is greater than the opposition. In a hand-to-hand fight when you’re armed and your opponent isn’t, increase the Weapon rating of your attacks by 2. Z is always considered armed when this stunt is active.

Sweet Ride (Wheelman)

  • Z's bike, Big Red, is a massive hog. Its heavy, and packs a powerful engine... making it extremely fast. Anyone who drives it gets +1 to any rolls made to operate it. Once per episode, Z can spend a fate point to give his vehicle a third aspect with one free invocation that lasts until the end of the scene. This new aspect represents some hidden feature of the vehicle that hadn’t been revealed before.

Big Red[edit]

High Concept: "Famous Harley Duo Glide"

Trouble: "High Performance, High Maintenance"

A classic 1961 Harley Duo Glide, lovingly restored with a crimson paint job and chrome trim. Beyond mere appearances though, Big Red has been tricked out and suped-up over the last 2 decades, making it one of the best bikes in Gang City... if not the best. While it's performance is beyond question, it takes a lot of time and resources to keep Big Red operating at peak performance. The owner of the Big Red needs to be ready to pay the price of riding such a fine machine.

It started out as the bike of a renowned biker and street racer, Li Fang, of the Ten Tigers motorcycle club. When he was too injured to ride, he passed Big Red on to his best friend. The famous bike has changed hands several times over the years, sometimes via bets, other times via bloodshed. Z received it from a local mechanic when he saved the neighborhood from a gang riot. He's volunteered to keep iti n peak performance... as long as Z can fit the bill.


High Concept[edit]

Aspect: Bionic Biker

Z was experimented on by the government, his strength and resistance enhanced greatly. He eventually escaped, but was too ashamed of his earlier mistakes to return to the school. He took up with a vigilante motorcycle club known as the Knights Errant, who chose to fight back against the criminal gangs. Z always struggled with the 'pacifist' nature of the Master's teachings, and relished the opportunity to do some good. As far as the cops are concerned however, the Knights are just another gang.

Invoke: for a bonus when his greater than human speed or strength would be a factor, for knowledge about the various gangs in the city, or when the reputation of the Knights Errant carries some weight.

Compel: to have the cops go after him like he was a common criminal biker, to have the government look for him to retrieve their 'merchandise' to have his bionics short out or overload at a crucial moment.


Aspect: Punches over Proverbs

Z loved training at the academy, but he enjoyed the physical training far more than the mental lessons and philosophical discussions. He quickly grows frustrated and quickly resorts to violence. This is what happened when the Master sent Kyle (#1 pupil?) out to rescue a friend's daughter. Z followed, started a fight and almost messed everything up. Kyle was able to save the daughter, but Z was gravely wounded, and later picked up by the government for their experiments.

While the Star Wars Defense System was publicly announced, it wasn’t the first of President Reagan’s initiatives that was inspired by popular media. Initiated as soon as he took office, Project 00 was his attempt at creating bionic super soldiers. Initial test subjects came from the population that wouldn’t be missed, but many of their bodies were unable to handle the bionics while others weren’t willing to serve the government and fled. (like Z) Further tests were conducted on soldiers with proven loyalty.

Invoke: For a bonus when resulting to violence, as a bonus when taking quick action.

Compel: To have Z's impatience get the better of him, or to have his lack of philosophical knowledge hinder him.

Call to Action[edit]

Aspect: Errant Ways

Z likes to think of himself as a Big Damn Hero. He rarely misses the opportunity to help people in danger. This has gotten him in trouble on multiple occassions. He found a home with the Knights Errant who shared a similar code... they wouldn't stand by and let the gangs ruin the city. They even wore white leather vests with red markings to stand out... those this make sit easy for the gangs to single them out.

Invoke: For a social bonus in areas where the Knights reputation is good, to call upon the other Knights for aid.

Compel: to have him get in over his head while trying to help people, to have the gangs recognize him and come after him.

War Story[edit]

Aspect: ????

Z met Nikki before he actually ever met her.

He was hunting down a group of Necromancers... a gang that peddled a harsh deviant formula of meth that earned the streetname 'deth'. He was sneaking into their den but they heard him coming and started chasing him. When he ran back outside to make a getaway, his saw a grungy little slip of a girl trying to steal Big Red. She got away before he could grab her, and he was forced to jack one of the Necromancer's muscle cars and chase her down... all while trying to get away from the pursuing gang.

The girl was good and Big Red a powerful bike. Z stayed on her tail for a while be he really didn't stand a chance. She got away clean... leaving Z to deal with the Necromancers.

Z was battered and bloody from his skirmish with the peddlers of deth, and went back to the school to lick his wounds. He was allso pissed... knowing that he'd probably never have a bike that good again. Kyle, as acting head of the school, introduced him to one of their newest students... Z recognized the grungy little girl who stole his bike immediately.

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