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King Random,

You ask a great deal of your family to ask for an Article of Submission.

You may phrase it how you like, paint it as a formality, or force it on us as you will. But in the end it is to make us bend knee. Asking this of me does not anger me, as it does others, but it does make me sad.

In truth i have always been sad when i think of Amber. Looking up at it from beneath the waters and saw so much pain, so much distrust, and so much violence. Knowing that much of it was reflected below explained the work that needed to be done constantly to keep Rebma clean. But it was done by those of us that dwelt there. Again, in truth, despite my portrait in the Family Hall, i have always considered myself Rebman first, and Amberite second. Moire took me to task for that, and despite holding my fealty she insisted i not turn my back on you air-breathers.

You came amongst us once, in your youth. You brought the gaiety of Amber to our calm court. The men admired you and vied for your attention with hunts, and games, and explorations. The women swooned over you, and they vied for your attention as women often do. Even your older sister and her cousin Moire were not immune to your charms. It saddens me to know you had us both.

In the end though you swept a dear child up in your laughter and took her to your heated passions and she gave hers to you willingly.

I adored my niece Morganthe. She was warm in a cold place, lovely and lithe and charming. You ruined her. She left her life and her son behind because of your callous disregard.

Then you ignored your son. Moire and I raised Martin. When he left Rebma and began traveling shadows he received kindness from Benedict, neglect from you, and a knife from Brand.

Corwin told Merlin, regarding me, that, "It is sometimes pleasant to emerge from a conflict untested."

That shows how well Corwin knew what I had been through. My fault of course. I was rarely in Amber.

But i stood to battle, in my silver and coral armor, at the edge of the Abyss, for Patternfall. I saw the Unicorn choose you and i must trust she knows you better then I.

But I do know Vielle. As I write this in the dawn of your reign it will be a long time till you have known her as long as i have. She is deep, and wise, and kind and loyal. Her blindness in our watery land made her deeply sad. She cut a tragic figure amongst the Rembans and we loved her all the more for her grace. I trust her more then i shall ever trust you. I trust her heart. To my vast surprise I have seen the wonderful, kind, and sad woman she always was suddenly and unexpectedly bloom, showing strength of will and steady purpose since she was forced on you. I bitterly argued with Moire about her demand of you. I see now what Moire hoped. To see a smile on my old friends face is enough to set aside my anger to some degree.

So i will trust Moire, and Vielle, and I will begin trying to trust you. To that end, i will, as i did at the edge of the Abyss, bend knee and give my fealty in defense of Amber.

Princess Llewlla of Amber and Rebma

One last note. I was set to travel to Amber to give you this Article. Moire told me she had decided that i had been too long at sea, hiding from my kin and that i needed to be present in Amber as it brings this new age in. So I am to be the Ambassador to Amber from Rebma. I am cross at my sister, but i shall try to do her bidding.

Jeweled Amber