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The Logrus that Manifests as the Serpent of Chaos.

The Logrus is the primal construct in the Courts of Chaos. It did not create chaos in the ways the Primal Constructs of Amber and Avalon do. It was created by the Serpent Directing its form through his jeweled Eye. The Eye of the Serpent was removed in battle with the Unicorn, at which point it became the Jewel of Judgment. The theory in the Church of the Serpent is that the eye contains zillions of writhing snakes of possibilities and when it was removed the snakes froze in the jewel. When the patterns of Amber and Avalon were created they inscribed on of the zillion potential images of reality.

The Logrus itself is a writhing ever-changing construct that embowers the one who assays it with great powers.


  • 45 pips Basic Imprint: Frame can hold 12 spells of any power level with great power.
  • 90 pips Advanced Imprint:Frame can hold 18 spells of any power level with great power.
  • 180 Pips Master's Imprint.: Frame can hold 24 spells of any power level with great power.
  • To assay for a 'Basic Imprint one must have have the power of shape-change in order react to the changing nature of the construct. Using an artifact does not work since the artifacts would be disassembled by the experience.
  • To assay for an Advanced Imprint one must have the power of shape-change at an advanced level.
  • To assay for a Master's Imprint one must have shape-change at a Master level.

Holders of a Logrus imprint may walk in shadow by extending tendril along lines of possibility. This differs from Shadow walking in the manner of pattern imprint holders by questing along extremely detailed specific desires and leaves not shadow trail to be followed.

The Sign of the Logrus can be used defensively.

The Logrus is an egotistical creation. It does not interact well with other imprints in a wielder and tries to override them if they are used.

The Logrus can empower high order sorcery. It also empowers a wide variety of Low Order magical systems through proxies in shadow.

The Logrus can manifest anywhere in Chaos and anywhere in Shadow in the presence of an imprint wielder.

Assaying the Logrus will erase magical damages, derangements, bindings, and other magical effects.