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Colchester, Moon of Londinium

Londinium was one of the first planets of the 'Verse to be colonized. It is heavily populated and covered in industrial centeres. Originally it was planned to have vast stretches of town shire based agricultural regions with central towns. It did not turn out that way. Instead several massive cities arose, kilometers tall and densely packed. The cities of Londinium are some of the most productive in the Verse. Everything from computer chips to zippers is produced here. Londonium's capital city is just called Parliament. But it is technically part of the Westminstershire.

  • Summer 2522 - Has seen regular protests at the House of Parliament against their military adventures outside the Core. These have been peaceful, but growing. Two messages are prominent: 1. no one wants to be in a quagmire far from home, and 2. domestic issues should be first and foremost.

Also, security has been stepped up, in particular in the areas surrounding the "blackout zones." Some have decried this as creating ghettos, but the demand for security from the well off has been loud.

Little Sister