Lord-Captain Dmitriy Vakarian Leitharos

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Lord-Captain Dmitriy Vakarian Leitharos is one of several Rogue Traders of the Leitharos Dynasty vying for the position of heir apparent to the family's Warrant of Trade. Tall and slender, the Lord-Captain was gifted a ship and limited access to the family's coffers in order to prove his worth to the Dynasty. Though his family's Warrant is old and well-renowned, Dmitriy has yet to make a name of himself outside of his family. Raised from a young age to succeed his forbears as a Rogue Trader, Dmitriy is a trained swordsman, carrying a beloved power sword given to him by his Uncle Vasily. Though not the best shot, and possessing no love for ranged combat, Dmitriy also carries a bolt pistol and plasma pistol in the interest of being prepared.

The Lord-Captain is determined to become a legend of the Koronus Expanse. He believes that he deserves the Warrant, and his honor demands that he does whatever it takes to keep it out of the hands of his cousins, who he's been at odds with since childhood. In his 20s, during an encounter with kroot raiders who attacked the ship he was serving on, Dmitriy's left arm was severed. Fortunately, his family drew upon its considerable resources to have it replaced with an exquisite augmetic with delicate gold and brass ornamentation. During the ordeal, he cooperated with Inquisition agents who had been investigating the kroot raiders, helping them discern where they might have gone.


Character Name Player Name Career Path Ship's Role Rank Experience
Lord-Captain Dmitriy Vakarian Leitharos Darth Illithid Rogue Trader ROLENAME Rank 2 7,000XP
Home World Birthright Lure of the Void Trials and Travails Motivation Lineage
Child of a Dynasty Vaunted Chosen by Destiny: Fated for Greatness Dark Voyage Exhilaration: New Horizons Born Into Wealth
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Wounds Fate Insanity Corruption
53 39 43 39 43 46 35 33 60 11 5 6 IP 1 CP


Untrained Basic skills

   Barter(Fel): 30
   Carouse(T): 19
   Climb(S): 21
   Deceive(Fel): 30
   Disguise(Fel): 30
   Gamble(Int): 23
   Inquiry(Fel): 30 
   Intimidate(S): 21
   Logic(Int): 23
   Scrutiny(Per): 17
   Search(Per): 17
   Silent Move(Ag):
   Swim(S): 21

Trained skills

   Awareness (Per): 35
   Charm (Fel): 60
   Command (Fel): 60
   Commerce (Fel): 60
   Common Lore (Imperium, Koronus Expanse, Rogue Traders) (Int): 46
   Dodge (Ag): 43
   Evaluate (Int): 46
   Forbidden Lore (The Inquisition) (Int): 46
   Literacy (Int): 46
   Pilot (Space Craft) (Ag): 43
   Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int): 46
   Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Trader's Cant) (Int): 46
   Trade (Explorator) (Int): 46


  • Air of Authority
  • Ambidextrous
  • Decadence
  • Enemy (unknown)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)


  • Dynastic Warrant
    • Add +3 to parties starting ship points. However ship points may not be exchanged for profit factor. Any extra Ship Points are lost.
  • Honor Amongst one's Peers
    • +5 to Fellowship tests to interact with high ranking Imperium officials and members of the Nobility in a formal setting.
  • Unseen Enemy
    • Gains the Enemy talent, however the GM alone knows who the enemy is.

Combat Stats[edit]

Weapon Name Skill Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Special Weight Rarity
Good-craftsmanship Bolt Pistol BS 39 Pistol 30m S/2/- 1d10+5 X Pen 4 8 Full Tearing, Reliable, Red-dot Laser Sight 3.5kg Rare
Plasma Pistol BS 39 Pistol 30m S/2/- 1d10+6 E Pen 6 10 3 Full Overheat 4kg Very Rare
Power Sword WS 53 Melee - - 1d10+5 E Pen 5 - - Power Field, Balanced 3kg Very Rare
  • Initiative Bonus: +4
  • Movement:4/8/12/24
  • Wounds: 11
  • TB: 4
  • Armor: 6 All Locations
  • Dodge: 43
  • Parry: 53



  • Equipment name
    • Equipment description
      • Flavor text


  • Weapon Name
    • Notes about weapon (upgrades, quirks, etc.)
    • Weapon Statline
      • Flavor text


  • Armor Name
    • Fun and exciting subsystems
    • Other notes
    • Power requirements, if any
    • Amount of AP provided
      • Flavor text

Force Field[edit]

  • Field Name
    • Field type
    • Protection Rating
    • Fails only on a (insert number here)
      • Flavor text

Other Equipment[edit]

  • Equipment name
    • Equipment type
    • Equipment description
      • Flavor text

Experience Spent[edit]

  • Exhilaration 200xp
  • Born to Wealth 300xp
  • Dodge 100xp
  • Pilot (Space Craft) 100xp
  • WS Simple 100xp
  • Int Simple 100x
  • Fel Simple 100xp
  • Ag Simple 250xp
  • BS Simple 250xp
  • Ambidextrous 200xp
  • Awareness 100xp
  • Common Lore (Rogue Traders) 100xp
  • Speak Language (Trader's Cant) 100xp
  • WS Intermediate 250xp
  • Fel Intermediate 250xp

Total Spent XP: 7000 Total Unspent XP: 0