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The Lost City


Description: Fighters are experienced human warriors. They can be trained knights, barbarians from the wastes, swashbuckling pirates, unemployed mercenaries, or any other martial character you may wish to play. They are able to utilize all weapons and all armor in the game. Fighters are the toughest characters in combat with the best ability to hit foes, the best damage, and the best ability to absorb damage. Fighters with good Dexterity make excellent ranged characters, while those with high Charisma develop into exceptional leaders of hirelings and henchmen.

Prime Requiste: Their prime requisite ability is Strength. Fighters with a 13-15 Strength gain a +5% bonus to earned experience. Fighters with a 16-18 Strength gain a +10% bonus to earned experience. Likewise, Fighters with a 6-8 Strength suffer a -10% penalty to earned experience, and Fighters with a 3-5 Strength suffer a -20% penalty to earned experience.

Levels Title Experience Points Notes
1 Veteran 0 Great Blow(melee), +1 morale (non-elites)
2 Warrior 2000 +1 morale (all units), Lesser Foes.
3 Swordmaster 4000 Fast troop training.
4 Hero 8000 Force morale checks, Fast great blow. Improved Morale boost.
5 Swashbuckler 16000 Broad troop training
6 Myrmidon 32000 Elite Training
7 Champion 64000 Great Blow (hurled),
8 Superhero 120000 Force dire morale checks (-2)
9 Lord/Lady 240000 Great Blow (missile), Raise armies.
10 Lord/Lady 360000 Found an order.
11 Lord/Lady 480000 --
12 Lord/Lady 600000 --
13 Lord/Lady 720000 --
14 Lord/Lady 840000 --
15 Lord/Lady 960000 --

Attribute adjustments: Fighters may lower Intelligence and/or Wisdom by 2 points to raise Strength by 1 point. This process may be repeated, though Intelligence and Wisdom may not be lowered below 9, and Strength cannot rise above 18. These adjustments may only be done at character creation.


  Great Blow A fighter is taught to deliver a great blow when needed. They take -5 to hit, but deliver their Str as a damage bonus. 
     Great blows always land last, until 4th level. At 7th level, a great blow can be delivered with a hurled weapon. 
     A lord (9th), may deliver a great blow with a missile weapon.
     As an option, a fighter may learn the great blow for melee, missile or hurled weapons in different order, to simulate archer specialists or deadly, axe hurling dwarf skirmishers.

  Set Weapon: Fighters are able to set a spear (or some other weapons) against a charging opponent.  
  This attack happens just prior to the charger's attack, regardless of rolled initiative.  The spear does double damage. 
  Lance Attack: Mounted fighters employing a lance do double damage.
  Lesser foes:  Fighters receive a number of attacks per round against Lesser Foes (<= 1/2 Fighter's level) equal to the fighter's level. 
   For example, a sixth level fighter facing hobgoblins (1+1 hd) could get in three attacks a round. Facing orcs or goblins, they would have six. 
  Morale:  Heroes can force foes to make a morale check to face them.  This is modified by the circumstances of the encounter and the heroes charisma.
   Superheroes force a more damning (-2) check.
  Morale Boost Any 1st level fighter gives a +1 morale boost to non-elite troops they command (elite by second level).
   A hero (4th) can boost the morale of any unit. A superhero boosts the morale or armies.
  Training Any 1st level fighter can train troops, up to 10+ no of henchman per level. 
   Training troops allows them to use different tactics or gear, or improve their morale.
   A swordmaster (3rd) can improve training times or numbers by half/double.
   A Swashbuckler (5th) can train non-elite units in a day, with their training complete after one battle.
   A Myrmidon (6th) can train elite units in a week, with their training complete after one battle. Already experienced or above troops can become 1st level with the same
   training and battle requirements.